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    So at work there is a soda delivery guy who comes in almost everyday to restock and though we’ve barely said a word to each other, we definitely Know Of each other. Well this morning I finally got a shift where I could sleep in but my dad was like Hey the cable guy is coming at 7 to replace the cable boxes and I was like alright whatever I’ll just sleep in but forgot there was a cable box in my room. So it’s 7 in the morning I vaguely hear my dad let the cable guy into my room to just swap the box and I wake up to see??? Soda Delivery Guy???? in my room???? Turns out his second job is working cable but wow here Soda Man is standing in my doorway and I’m wrapped up in a pink bunny blanket surrounded by stuffed animals like

    This is not related to my blog, but it's personally important. Please read it.

    It breaks my heart to know that I'm so unwelcome in my own country. So far I've wanted to leave for an opportunity at a better life, because it's becoming impossible to be well off financially here. But now I want to leave out of fear for my safety. This enables homophobic and transphobic attacks.

    I'm out publicly, people know of my identity. I live in a small town inna bigoted country, it was dangerous enough already to come out like this. But now? Now that the aggressive people see that the government is with them? Now I'm truly terrified. I can only hope I will be lucky enough not to be targeted, but I know many, many others will become victims. This is not okay.

    It just adds insult to injury that they do this during pride month of all times.

    I've already started saving up to move away from here, so if you wish to donate and help me get the money faster, my paypal is linked here.

    Thank you all for reading this.


    TV show: This is a TV show called Shits&Farts. It is about shits, & farts. The main characters are two men named Shit, & Fart. They tell shit & fart jokes to each other for the whole twenty-minute runtime.

    at least one person you follow on tumblr, instantly: omfg im WITHERING from last nights ep….. the dynamic between shit & fart is so fucking  tense and erotic……im still fucking sobbing i hate my sweet babies….. why do they treat each other like this im fucking BATHING IN ACID….. its so good…….. im EMBALMING MYSELF and then DESECRATING MY OWN CORPSE…..