Anti wolf heck collar

    “The purpose of the collar is to protect the dog wearing it when it has to fight the wolves. The collar base protects the dog’s throat and carotid arteries, while the spikes are intended to deter bites to the neck or even injure wolves trying to do so.”


    “And what do you get from serving humans that you do not get from running free?” sneered the wolf.

    “Free food, unconditional love and tactical upgrades,” replied the herding dog.


    I see your anti-wolf dogs and raise you Spanish War Dogs.


    I see your Spanish war dogs and raise you the Tibetan Mastiff, which was actually bred to fight tigers and has fur so thick that it doesn’t need armor

    They’re also what I like to describe as ‘fuck you’ big


    you want a fuck you dog ok i see your tibetan mastiffs, and raise you the caucasian shepherd dog 

    they were bred to hunt bears, and they are fuck you dogs.


    All I see are Good Pupps. 


    All I see are Fereldans trying to one up each other on their knowledge of dog breeds


    ^ If you live in an area with coyotes I actually recomend those


    Reblog to make your puppets heckin punk AF


    And then there’s this guy


    The above cat is @cat-cosplay

    Please give credit!


    We’ve done functional armor too.


    @carnalreincarnated @climbermedic well this went in a bunch of directions.


    “Cry ‘Havoc!’, and let slip the cats of war!”


    What the hell does " pro-veteran anti-military " mean?

    it means i can oppose war, american imperialism, the military industrial complex, and the cult of male violence without discounting the myriad factors that contribute to someone enlisting, including but not limited to millions of dollars spent annually to recruit children. 

    also means i’m disgusted with a culture that superficially venerates veterans for nationalist and capitalist purposes while simultaneously fucking them over re: housing and healthcare and suppressing veteran voices should their experience as a vet happen to inform anything resembling anti-military sentiment 


    This 👆👆


    I still think that my favorite urban legend/folklore fact is that there are certain areas in New Orleans where you cannot get a taxi late at night not because it isn’t safe, but because taxi companies have had recurring problems of picking up ghosts in those areas who are not aware that they are dead and disappearing from the cab before reaching the destination and therefore stiffing the driver on the fare causing a loss for the company.


    An occupational hazard of cab driving I had not previously considered


    I love that the nola problem here is not “ghosts in my taxi cab,” but “ghosts are FUCKING BROKE DEAD BASTARDS & I GOT BILLS”


    Horror is when ghosts get into cabs and scare drivers Magical realism is when cab companies have to develop policies to prevent ghastly fare-theft


    In a book about the tsunami in Japan in 2011, the writer talked about how there was a huge increase in reports of ghostly activity. Apparently in Japan treating ghosts rudely is basically considered the stupidest thing you could possibly do. For months after the tsunami, taxi drivers would pick up a passenger only to have them give an address in one of the devastated areas. The cab driver often looked up halfway to the destination to find their fare had disappeared. Not wanting to be impolite to the person (even if they were dead) they’d drive to the address, open the door to let them out, then drive away.


    Yeah this all checks out


    Good stuff.


    This. This is good fiction writing advice. I really appreciate how it was formatted as “this is a common problem, here is a solution to try in your own work” and not “oh god, don’t do that!” without any extra help. And I extra appreciated the “don’t rely on adverbs” bit, because they do have their place but they aren’t the only way actions can be emphasized.


    Image of a text that reads: In conversation with some coworkers, today, one of them said that homeless people should have to work for their meals just like the rest of us.

    I said, "Okay, I know a man who is homeless. He'd be happy to work. He's got a business degree. He would be happy to come clean your house, do your yard work, or help you with your filing, walk your dogs, babysit your kids, or just about any office job. What time tomorrow should he come see you?"

    They all just looked at me.

    I said, "Mind you, he's homeless, so he hasn't showered in a while and the only clothes he has are the ones on his back because he lost all his stuff last week when ge got picked up for vagrancy and they wouldn't let him go back for his bag. It would be a few weeks before what you are paying him is enough to get shelter and such."

    And still they stared at me.

    I finished, "See? It isn't that easy. He can't get a job because he's homeless with no access to hot water or clean clothes. He can't get access to shelter, hot water or clean clothes without a job. You want him to work for his meals? Give him a hand out of the vicious circle. Stop pretending that all he has to do is get a job."


    Unhoused people are not intruders into our communities, they are our communities’ failure to take care of their own.


    I love this. Because not only does the dog clearly enjoy the feeling of all that heavy hair being loosened and blown away, they’re doing this outside and you know the local bird population is just gonna go absolutely BONKERS for all the fluff as nest-building supplies.


    Huskies have enough fur for a second dog. My parents did this with our (brushed outside not the hair blower) and birds would GATHER and wait for the humans and dog to leave, then swoop down and take the floof for their nests. We’re talking dozens of birds going Gaga for doggy floof.


    @mick8403 lol myka needs to be leaf blowed hahaha


    Tell me this ain't Nicky and Joe. I dare youuu


    I have never seen Islam shown so humanized, so relaxed, so innocent and pure. That’s brilliant and funny. 


    This feels like the equivalent of the school girl running to class with toast in her mouth but prayer


    You all deserve to know dude in the foreground is Jewish, and has done his own version of this with Chanukah where he's literally just. Running out the door reciting his prayers in Hebrew and it's wonderful


    The look on her face when she realizes


    Here’s what they said if you didn’t understand-

    Interviewer: What do you think about starting an initiative on campus here at UK, to be more inclusive to women who have penises? So we can put urinals in the womens restroom for them.

    Student: Sounds fantastic.

    Interviewer: Oh, does it?

    Student: Yeah.

    Interviewer: What about- Let’s take it one step closer, y'know more- for inclusivity here on campus, but free tampons and pads in the mens restroom for men who have periods?

    Student: Sounds great.

    Interviewer: Ok- You dont see anything wrong with those statements?

    Student: No.

    Interviewer: What men do you know with periods?

    Student: I generally use- ones like in Willy T* have pads, I use them pretty often.

    *(Willy T is the college nickname for their library I’ve heard.)


    I attend this school and I can confirm 2 things. Yes, our big library is indeed called Willy T AND the day that this stank bitch came to campus everyone was losing their MINDS and kept walking by in hopes of getting chosen to call her out. Immaculate.


    i. am on the floor. wheezing. the moment she realizes that not only is she talking to a trans man,, but that SHE COULDN’T CLOCK HIM,, this is high art and i want it written in Big Wedge sharpie on my wall


    Don’t get your sex ed from fanfiction!

    Get it from



    Not even joking, y'all, Scarleteen is an amazing resource that deserves attention and (if you've got the cash for it) donations so they can keep providing thorough education about sex, consent, relationships, etc to folks of all ages who need it.


    @sage-derby Yes!!!

    Here’s a rundown of their general policy, from literally the first article I clicked on just now:

    As you might be getting from that, they’re pretty intersex inclusive, too. Here’s a sample of something that’s a little more directly about sex-specific stuff in case you’re thinking “well but they said that was just about pleasure tho”:

    They have a lot of sections on their site, but number two is Gender:

    “That’s probably just like hetero gender dynamics stuff tho...” Nay nay! Here’s a few of the articles from the first page of their “Gender” section:

    Scarleteen was a huge help to me as a trans person. They have a live chat that has sex-ed type folks giving real-time answers, and even just the staff+volunteers who happened to be attending to the live chat were able to help me with weird niche trans problems - a decade ago, when trans people, it seemed, damn near didn’t exist. They are EFFING AWESOME and want to help you!!!!


    In addition to LGBTQ+ positivity...

    They have a disabled section with stuff for chronic pain. There was a link about navigating consent with non-verbal partners. This is an awesome resource, I've never felt so included.

    Thank you for introducing me to it!


    As a parent this is an invaluable resource because lets be real. No matter how close you are to your parents sine things are UncomfortableTM to talk about with your them

    So acknowledging that and telling my kid "You can ask me anything but if you're too embarrassed to ask me something this is a trusted source you can go to" is super important


    Yeah, honestly I don’t even think it’s embarrassment as much as just... boundaries and privacy, that means teens don’t want to walk up to their parents like, “Dad, what should I keep in mind if I want to give oral sex to my partner?”

    Sexuality is one of those areas where kids should be developing the ability to figure out their own tastes and preferences beyond what their parents have defined for them. it’s also part of them building relationships outside the family home, and generally learning to operate autonomously. It’s great if kids have a good base of support to fall back on, but honestly it’s healthier for parents and caregivers to say, “I’m going to give you the tools and resources you need to explore this on your own, so you can practice independence, though you can come to me any time you want.”

    Like, this whole process of forcing kids to rely 100% on their parents for knowledge about how their bodies work and what sexual pleasure is like is in itself really unhealthy and creepy. It commonly forces kids to secretly go to sources of dubious reliability or trustworthiness, which makes them really vulnerable, especially if telling their parents about any problems they encounter means they need to confess that they broke the rules.  It is so much safer to let kids know where the good resources are, and that they’re allowed to access them.