For the love of plastic & bimbofication
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2021-02-28 16:44:59

    I can try to dress normally, but the implants you had installed will still make me look dumb and trashy. Look at that strap gap, nobody will take me seriously. It’s far easier to stop fighting it and just be the bimbo to match the body you installed.


    So totally right. Don’t fight your objectification. Don’t fight that you’ve become a fuckdoll, an overinflated toy that’s solely made for being used. As if anybody would start a serious discussion with you. Anybody that approaches you will either stare at your massive implants or will directly grope your tits. And that’s exactly why we had them installed.


    pleas grope my tits!!!


    Of course! Every man should be invited to grope them. Your massive fuckbags are public goods, ready to be used by everybody feeling horny. And don't you love it? Doesn't it nave you wet, how you get groped again and again, being used as a fucktoy, an object solely made for pleasure...