Plastic Porn Slut

I'm a filthy porn addicted slut who is looking forward to sinking ever deeper into depravity. 

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    Bouncing, bouncing, bouncing.

    Her chest had swollen up to test the limits of her straining shirt, but had never exceeded it in capacity. Likewise, her shorts were stretched, but not torn asunder. Instead, she was simply looping, bouncing, wiggling, wobbling, but never quite experiencing release. Her sensitive nipples rubbed against shiny, tight fabric. It was light enough, but strong and tight enough to give the undersides of her chest a constant, firm rub.

    Bouncing, bouncing, bouncing.

    But that wasn’t enough for her to actually go over the edge. The virus seemed to be perpetually stuck on her, overriding her mind in waves of hazy pleasure, but not enough for her to reach a crescendo. Not enough either to push her growth over the top, perhaps destabilize her. Not sensitive enough to cum, not big enough to run out of juice and not horny enough to see through the pleasure and go find her vibrator, she instead stayed. She waited, and she rode the wave of mindless, hazy enjoyment. Someone would find her eventually. Until then…

    Bouncing, bouncing, bouncing.

    Mmm I’d love to get dumber and hornier and bustier all day long hehe!!!