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    “—The gossip in Milan was that Callas / had swallowed a tapeworm. / But of course she hadn’t. / The tapeworm / was her soul … / —How her soul, uncompromising, / insatiable, / must have loved eating the flesh from her bones, / revealing this extraordinarily / mercurial; fragile; masterly creature … / —But irresistibly, nothing / stopped there; the huge voice / also began to change: at first, it simply diminished / in volume, in size, / then the top notes became / shrill, unreliable—at last, / usually not there at all … / —No one knows why. Perhaps her mind, / ravenous, still insatiable, sensed / that to struggle with the shreds of a voice / must make her artistry subtler, more refined, / more capable of expressing humiliation, / —Perhaps the opposite. Perhaps her spirit / loathed the unending struggle / to embody itself, to manifest itself, on a stage whose / mechanics, and suffocating customs, / seemed expressly designed to annihilate spirit …”

    Frank Bidart, from Half-light: Collected Poems; “Ellen West”