Plug and play

NSFW, I'm a male sub living in Sweden, owned by and in love with my Mistress. Hopefully we'll add our own content in the future. Leave a message if you want, great to chat with like minded people :)

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2021-02-08 05:22:01

    I created this blog for a couple of reasons, to get inspiration and feel like I have some connection eith my kinky side in everyday life. Coming home after a long days work, I find a lot of my energy here. What I didn't expect was that I would get lots of followers. Thank you to all of you 457, as the Swedish saying goes "no one mentioned, no one forgotten". You all have made me stop questioning my kinks and made me feel like I belong. Hope more of you will message me, I like having an outlet for kinky discussions. And I still hope we'll add more of our own content in the future.

    Thanks again!

    Got these as well πŸ˜‹ looove both of them, the plug makes my legs wobbly 😊 Entered subspace really quickly when Mistress had me cuffed, on my stomach, sat on my back and the forced the gag in 😍🀀

    Also, we haven't had the time to have a session for a while but tomorrow's the day!

    We'd like some inspiration on humiliating dirty talk, punishments, tips on how to reach an anal orgasm through pegging, humiliating-netflix'n'chill...

    We're not bored but new ideas are well... new :)

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