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    imagine your first fictional crush fighting your most recent fictional crush

    i was tagged by @cap-n-stuff - thank you!! 

    i had a really hard time pinpointing my first crushes bc i didn’t really register things as crushes until a lot later, but i did this for both men and women :)

    as much as i love mulder, i simply don’t think he could win here lmao

    i think dottie has the upper hand, but i also don’t think hermione would make it easy

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    LOVE this idea!!! Thanks for the tag Tori!! Also, you have excellent taste in fictional characters 😂

    Honestly, I feel like Luke would have a shot with all that sword stuff, but Torres seems like he could definitely hold his own. And yes, I do quickly get very attached to side characters. What about it? 😂😂

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    poor will would lose 😭 but he’d go down fighting

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    my mentally ill brain says make aragorn and loki fight over me 🥺 aaaaaaa

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    So I decided to do animated and non-animated fictional characters.


    First crush Dracula vs. Current cursh Aurther Curry

    This is a close call because they are both supernaturally inclined but I would have to say Aurther would win.


    First Crush Yami vs. Current crush J19 Zeta 7 aka Doofus Rick

    My current crushes are two for two because I have no doubt my loveable sweet man D. Rick would swiftly take out Yami. This man is too intelligent to be taken down easily.


    2D Crushes:

    Past: Goliath

    Present: Tora

    If you read this comic you understand why the realization of this amuses me. lol However I have to give the win to Tora... not because he's stronger but because he's not afraid to fight dirty.

    3D Crushes

    First: William Riker

    Present: Lance Tsosie

    I give this to Lance because I still can't believe a man like him exists in real life. Inspiring. Heroic. Moral. Intelligent. With the additional bonus of being handsome and athletic. I'm sure he's not perfect but about as close any living person has come by my personal standards.


    “Don’t call Trump supporters nazis, it hurts their feelings.”


    Yes, this is real (link to tweet). Yes, Tucker Carlson is literally repeating Nazi propaganda that aided the genocide of the Romani during the Holocaust. Yes, I am furious. 

    (Also, although there is a large population of Romani in Romania, they aren’t indigenous to Romania. They’re a diasporic group originally from northern India.)


    Romani and Jewish have been screaming at the top of their lungs for years about neo-fascism in Europe, and Americans were totally aloof.

    Then neo-fascism reared its head in America, but Roma and Jews were left out of the conversation in terms of people being impacted, because our oppression was “over.”

    Now Tucker Carlson is on live TV using slurs and Nazi propaganda about Romani people, and I’m 90% most people on the left are just going to ignore it.


    It’s fucking starting y'all. It’s happening again.

    If you’re not Jewish or Roma PLEASE BOOST THIS.

    “Natural Attraction” Nick Jakoby (from Bright) Imagine/Story Nick Jakoby x plus size reader

    Nick had lived across from you for four months now.

    He’d barely spoken to you at all…but my god, did he want to.

    The most he’d ever said to you was hello as you passed each other on the walkway.

    Your homes were right across from each other so he could see right into your window on most nights.

    Because god forbid, you ever draw the curtains or anything.

    He hated to admit that it worried him.

    You were kind of a free spirit with a kind hearted nature.

    He thought that you trusted too easily…but he also thought it was one of your sweetest traits.  

    However, Nick seemed to think everything about you was great…even your obvious flaws.

    It was easy to forget flaws when you didn’t really know someone.

    It was an endearing quality of his though.

    You were a larger girl- always had been and he often wondered what it would be like to feel you.

    It didn’t even have to be in a sexual way- well, he wouldn’t lie and say that he hadn’t THOUGHT about that but he just wondered how soft you were.

    What it would be like to hold you, to hug you and to have you in his arms.

    You liked to bellydance…which was just about the death of him.

    The poor man could barely even tend to the vegetables in his garden because of you sometimes.

    You liked to try new things and tended to have new hobbies and activities like you changed your underwear.

    So there was no telling what he might come home to at any given moment and see you doing in our backyard.

    Like right then…when he was convinced that God had either blessed or damned him.

    Either way…he was good with it because at that particular moment you were hanging from silks attatched to the rather large tree in your backyard.

    From what he had heard of your conversations with your friends, you’d recently taken up aerial silks.

    Yes, he eavesdropped.

    It wasn’t necessarily intention.

    He just had really good hearing.

    And he didn’t try too hard NOT to hear things that pertained to you.

    But there you were, dangling in the air, soft skin EVERY WHERE ….just begging to be touched.

    He’d never do it of course.

    Nick wasn’t like that.

    However, apparently he’d been staring too long because you smiled at him.

    “Hey, Nick!”

    God, you had the loveliest smile.

    He jumped a bit before waving at you.

    “Hey.” he said simply.

    ‘Hey… really, Jakoby?’ he thought to himself. 'What a scholar….’

    He opened his mouth to say something else when you turned and went plummeting towards the ground.

    He jumped into action and leapt over the side of the fence to catch you.

    You landed into his muscular arms with a surprised look on your face.

    Eyebrow quirked over sparkling eyes and chubby cheeks pulled in an amused smile.

    “Um, not that I’m not appreciating the position of anything but…what are you doing?” you asked him as he sat you down on your bare feet.

    “You were falling.” he said with those wide golden eyes of his.

    You chuckled, “Oh, Nick, honey.   I’m ok.  That’s just a spin out.   I was just getting down.  However, I gotta say I’m impressed. You were wicked fast and you didn’t even budge when I hit you.  I know I’m heavy.”

    The way he fidgeted at your praise was ADORABLE.

    “You felt just fine to me.” he said softly.  "And I was just doing my job.“

    "Are you one of those cops that’s on duty all the time?” you teased him, not able to bring yourself to the point of actually stepping away from the close proximity you’d acquired.

    “Kinda.” he shrugged with a sweet, nervous little laugh.

    “Well, Officer Jakoby.” you said, playing it up.  "Wanna come inside for some supper? I’m making pasta.“ you smiled before it faltered. "Well, I was.  Damn it, I need to go to the store.  I’m out of tomatoes.”

    He grinned at you, “I can fix that.”

    He made his way back over to his home and into his garden.

    He came back, basket it hand and presented you with several delicious looking tomotoes from his garden.

    “Aw, Nick! You’re a godsend!” you gushed, rocketing towards him and hugging him fiercely.

    He’d be lying if he said he didn’t melt into right then.

    You had the best hugs.

    The kind of hugs that made his brain go all fuzzy in his head.

    He never wanted to let you go?

    Part Two

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    Covid19 Entertainment Masterpost


    Don’t die from the cuteness y’all because I most certainly did!
    1966 Commissioned me to draw my ROT boys being cute with her OC Vivian’s fur-babies, Dustmop and Lurk!! Which btw…Vivian is the one to have taken the photos of these four being soft. ;D
    Donatello and Michelangelo obviously have a soft spot for animals, look at those smiles! Leonardo is more quiet on showing that he enjoys the attention they are giving him while Raphael is more annoyed (WORRIED) that these guys are gonna get hurt from playing with his dumbbells. Although Big Red has more of a soft spot for dogs (especially Pittys), he would grow to like these two “troublemakers” definitely. <3

    Thank you again for commissioning me friend!!


    the universe: okay, you’re a human. I gave you free will and a conscious mind, so you’re free to do whatever you want. So what do you wanna do?

    human: GO FAST

    the universe: well, you’re a perfect pursuit predator but if that’s the way you want to evolve, go ahead.

    human, climbing on a horse: GO FAST

    the universe: wait what

    human, inventing the carriage, the car and the bullet train: GO FASTER

    the universe: I IMPLORE YOU TO STOP

    human, trying to figure out lightspeed travel: FAS T ER




    the universe: