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    i am a:

    ⚪️ man

    ⚪️ woman

    <> person with adhd

    and i am seeking:

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    ⚪️ women

    <> meals that can be prepared in under 5 minutes

    Here’s a low spoons meal plan that I made as an autistic, mentally ill person, mostly made for a good friend with ADHD and chronic pain.

    All of the recipes don’t require any more cooking than a microwave or toaster, and don’t require any utensils other than a fork or spoon. I tried to make as many ingredients as possible shelf stable so that you can pick and choose as needed. It’s made to minimize dishes, time, and gross motor skills required.

    remember when tumblr used to have the format for reblogged additions on posts be indented instead of vertical and if the post had enough additions to it (which happened frequently because no one on tumblr can shut their fucking mouth) it would just push all the text off the side of the post completely and it became unreadable. it would get so far pushed over that it would just be exactly one character per line and you had to read the post like that. that was a real thing that happened

    If you view posts on my actual blog page this still happens because the theme still includes the coding to do this and it makes some posts funnier and others illegible

    Found important lore on tiktok of all places

    OWCA deadass said “yo Heinz we’re sending a platypus to kick your ass. his name is Perry xoxo”

    I always assumed that it happened like this:

    <>Perry: (crashes through window)

    <>Doofenshmirz: A platypus?!

    <>Perry: (puts on hat)

    <>Doofenshmirz: A—platypus wearing a fedora?!

    (Perry hands Doofenshmirtz a business card. Doofenshmirtz puts on his reading glasses.)

    <>Doofenshmirz: (gasps) PERRY the Platypus!

    I hate how in-character this is