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    i hate when ppl mock “gsa kids” and “baby gays” bc,, like i would literally do anything to go through the early stages of discovery again. Back when i just got so excited at the idea of anything with rainbows, and was excitily telling everyone that i was going by a new name and buying pronoun pins by the handful. And then i found internet discouse and immediatly decided to stop being so gay bc if i did- i would be mocked. i literally hate u all so much for acting like being new to the community and genunily excited is something bad or cringy. Theres literally nothing wrong with a teenager identifying with sixty labels and talking loudly. You know what happens if they realize they’re not ace, or nonbinary, or whatever else you think is fake? then they realize that they’re not that- and if you chose to support them- they also have a lot of good memories of their experiences in lgbt spaces. It’s literally that easy.


    Can 2021 be the year white pagans stop pretending they’re oppressed just because people sometimes think they’re weird 🙄


    I’m not sure I’m following here, but I’d like to understand better. Are you saying that White Pagans don’t face the same kind of oppression as BIPOC Pagans or that there’s no such thing as religious oppression?


    I’m saying white pagans are not oppressed in the way that BIPOC, queer folks or disabled folks are. Religious oppression exists, but it applies more to majority POC religions.

    White pagans constantly center themselves on EVERYTHING and play the victim when told not to appropriate culture, or when told the symbols they wear are also symbols used by white supremacists


    As a POC pagan, yeah. It is extremely frustrating to see white pagans bitch about being seen as weird or heretics or whatever when the religion I was born into (Hinduism) is constantly appropriated by white people and when the religion I am a part of now (Hellenic polytheism) often ignores or denigrates POC because some of the white members seem to believe that HelPol is only for white people or can only be practiced in a specific way

    I need to collect consumer research for my capstone project! I would really appreciate any answers to this form as well as reblogs so more people see it!

    hey i don’t know who needs to hear this but your pain is bad enough. when you are used to pain, it’s easy to think that only a 7/10 or higher is reason to rest or be kind to yourself or even just to count as bad. your pain does not need to be the worst you’ve had to deserve treatment. your pain does not have to be as bad as someone else’s to deserve treatment and compassion. if you are in pain enough to be thinking about it, you are in pain, and that pain deserves compassion.


    word of advice: don’t say “my preferred pronouns are” or “i identify as [gender]”. instead, try saying “my pronouns are” and “my gender is”. cis people transmeds & terfs will hear “preferred” and “identify” and think your pronouns are optional and your gender is a choice, and will actively misgender you because they choose to see you as your agab. taking away the optional aspect is more assertive and more affirmative. for example, a trans man telling somone that they identify as a man vs telling someone that they are a man can make a difference in the way they are perceived.


    valid BUT some people just like it better to say “my preferred pronouns are x and I identify as y” and that is completely fine too.

    For example me. Several sets of pronouns work for me but I prefer they/them so that’s what I say

    Terfs and transmets attacking me for it may happen but that is not my fault for phrasing it like that, it’s their fault for being assholes.


    you know what? you are absolutely correct. if you want to continue to phrase it this way, that is absolutely valid. it’s not your fault that terfs/transmeds/certain cis ppl are transphobic and actively choose to misconstrue something that a trans person tells them. it’s a behavior that needs to change in transphobic people, not trans people, and i’m sorry i overlooked that when i originally wrote this post!


    US things that I only know from the internet/tv and that i won’t believe until i’ve seen them with my own two eyes: 

  • girl scouts selling cookies
  • garbage disposals
  • regular school assemblies 
  • PSAs
  • coupons
  • athenastudying

    can’t believe i forgot 

  • cheerleaders
  • serious school sports teams
  • spirit week (still not convinced this isn’t a myth)
  • winterbirb

    I can’t believe, in an industry ripe with falsehoods, you managed to list everything that actually exists


    If I may be so bold, you look like you're great at cuddling

    aight see this here is that doodoo booboo nonsense. 

    yes, i am fat. no, i do not want you to touch me. so stop it with the “good at cuddling” or “huggable” or “pillowy” or whatever kinda creepy touchy baloney “compliments” you wanna give. 

    i’m a person, not a fucking mattress, learn some dang boundaries.


    I'm not even going to do this in the tags, I know my take is important.

    This huggable pillowy touchy this is a huge issue for me in fat positive spaces, I feel like it is often used as a "pro" of being fat. Fuck that. Being fat is ok because it's a natural way for a body to be. It does not need a reason to be ok or a list of pros for a fat person to feel like they deserve life and human decency.

    I'm very bothered by cuddly pillowy soft chubby infantilization of fat people also as an aesthetic because I'm not a cloud or a stuffed animal or anything, I am a grown woman with a sense of style that is very much not childish and I don't want to be treated like an uwu soft huggable pillowy cherub cuddle-provider. I'm completely fine with people who DO want to be perceived like that, but this should not be a default approach to fat people.