Important fact 1:

    the Digimon franchise has a tradition of “failure” digimon, who were poorly raised or so over-eager to achieve a more impressive evolution that they badly screw it up and evolve into sometimes literal trash:

    Important fact 2:

    a lot of other Digimon, regardless of what they originally are, evolve into them big titty anime wifes:


    these two things are more than 20 years overdue to intersect and here is my hastily doodled idea:


    fun fact about me is that when i was a kid id write capital E’s with as many of those little horizontal lines as possible and id call them ladder E’s and adults fucking hated them


    artistic rendition


    All capital letters should have a leveled-up form

    So far I’ve got

  • ladder letters: A, E, F, H, T
  • humpback B’s and P’s get as many bumps as you think they need
  • circle O’s, you just keep spiraling in til you feel like you’ve made your point
  • tree letters branch into smaller versions of themselves ad nauseum: X, Y
  • spider Q’s, so many legs
  • Please add your own unsettling godtier capitals!

    All letters of the alphabet, rendered as abominations.

    New alphabet dropped!

    This is not a place of honor.

    oh my god, it’s beautiful

    (future handwritten notes are gonna be so wonderfully cursed now, thank you! :D )


    well it’s going to take some getting used to, @ceekari (don’t mind the redacted letter between T and U)


    But I think i’ve taken a real shine to it! 



    some Just This Side Of Too Saucy pics of my boy Milonne from patreon. here he is trying to shift into something a little more human shaped and being super bad at it. he is, of course, still ethereal and stylish (like many of my oc’s, Mil wakes up every day and chooses Violence when it comes to fashion) but he’s not fooling anyone. something about shifting to two legs is super weird for him. a lot of long dormant angelic traits start making themselves known when he ditches the hooves.

    also no, he doesn’t own any modest tops. Titty Out Looks Only for the goth marshmallow incubus. 


    I will have what she is having


    She enunicated this SO PERFECTLY and completely in a single tweet. A whole informed essay in a single tweet. Your fave could never!


    Same problem we have with cops. Police are more likely to have certain characteristics and personality flaws not because becoming a cop makes you that way, although that may amplify the effects, but rather, men with these problems gravitate to the position. That’s why so many bullies end up becoming cops


    You pointing out the cops means I need to point out; Female bullies tend to go into nursing! A position that puts them in power, and gives them control over people. If you knew a girl in highschool who was just an awful human being but thought she was great? Chances are she went into nursing.


    That addition to this post made me look up one of my worst bullies from school and GUESS WHAT


    THE SHAPE OF WATER (2017) dir. Guillermo del Toro


    These are the best tags @puddle–wonderful


    Those tags are kinda at the heart of a lot of Del Toro’s work. The real “villain” of his films are not the monsters or the Eldritch creatures; its people. The monsters serve the purpose of personifing the anxieties of the characters, and the acceptance of that otherness into their hearts and lives.


    I think toy doctors are so nice actually like i remember being a little heartbroken kid when one of my beloved stuffed animals got old and torn up and my mom just threw him out. And i know what it would have meant to me, to have someone lovingly stitch him back up instead so i could love him just a little longer. And I'm really glad there are little kids out there who get to see pictures of their stuffed animals and dolls with little fake hospital beds and casts as they "rest & heal" before returning to them good as new. Like what a sweet thing to do with your life.


    This is so nice 🥺


    It’s also so good for normalising the idea of illness, hospitals and recovery not being bad or scary places, even if sometimes they’re not very nice, because the people there are doing kind things to make you better so you can go back home. No one knows which kids are going to end up dealing with major traumatic illnesses or injuries, and having a safe framework for the idea of a hospital, a safe, painless, vicarious hospital experience is such valuable preparation


    Why am I tearing up at this, what the fuck


    Is the “fluffy one shot” pig doing whip its with those cans?  Cause that feels accurate.



    Then… where do I go? I’m just at home muttering

    into the void of an open word document.


    @valkyrien Oh but there’s more to this party than sugar and sweets~ ♥︎

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    Where’s the lemon buffet


    Third Comic, featuring the citrus-themed juice bar~ @alltheusernameiwantistaken

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    Wow this is the best thing I’ve ever seen


    [Canon divergence, Rule 63, fantasy AU, wingfic, self-insert, neko, and slow burn comic.]

    [Crack fic and plot bunnies comic.]

    I love how people catch the silly little details. So far everything I deliberately put in has been commented upon in some way except for one, that I know of. XD

    “They were roommates”, “slice of life” is a slice of cake, hurt/comfort is a checkerboard cake and there’s a knife stabbed right into it, angst is someone’s “jam”, the pining section has pine tree shaped cookies, the vampire AU is a bloody mary, red cup is a “solo” cup, the “Add Shots” menu lists “protein” and “facial” as the top two items, and the concentrated citrus the bird-tender offers is a carton labeled “Only One Bed”.

    The only thing I haven’t seen hashtagged or commented on is that the drunk sex is angsty because the relationship is “on the rocks”.


    If you and your partner practice frequent, non-sexual consent, your relationship will be healthier and easier.

    “Are you comfortable with me ranting about my day for a few minutes?”

    “Oh, this is your poetry? Would it be okay if I read it?”

    “Do you mind if I use your phone for a few minutes?”

    “Wow, your meal looks awesome. Could I try some?”

    It will save a lot of grief, especially in a developing relationship. Eventually, with consistent “yes’s” and “no’s” you can figure out more permanent boundaries and guidelines.

    “I need to ask before ranting about my day or taking their food, but my partner is okay with me using their phone whenever. However, my partner does not like me reading their poetry unless they offer first.”


    And this goes for friendships too! Even just stuff like “do you mind if I leave this door open?” 


    …I never fully realized it before but this is a big part of why my relationship with my husband is so conflict-free. Both because him doing this all the time made it easy to trust him, back when we were a new item, and because it helped ME break out of the toxic idea that you should never ask about a partner’s preferences because if you Really Loved Them you should be able to intuit what they want, all the time, about anything. 


    my one son is autistic so I ask ‘hug or no hug?’ I always knock and wait to be acknowledged before opening my sons’ bedroom doors (not just because I respect their privacy but because they’re teenagers and I don’t want to walk in on any personal activities) I don’t go into their rooms without asking I don’t touch their phones without asking (I’ll pick one up to take to them if I find it in another room but I won’t go through it) yesterday, my younger son walked into my room, stopped, said sorry and walked out to the hall and knocked on my door ‘because if I have to knock on his door, he has to knock on mine’ because their trust is important and I want them to know I respect their privacy


    Consent is not just for sex. Consent is not just for sex. Consent is not just for sex.


    !!!!!!!!!!!!! Growing up, there wasn’t a lot of boundaries respected by my parents and it warms my heart to see a re-blogger practicing this with their kiddos 💖 So important for every relationship in life.


    We do this with my daughter as well. We ask if we can give her a hug or kiss and if she says no we say “okay. I love you!” She’s still learning on her end because she isn’t yet two but making great strides.


    Humans, unharrassed, actually LOVE to learn. About anything and everything.

    What high schools (in the USA and possibly elsewhere, I’ve only been to school here) do is make something so exciting and natural- learning- into pain and drudgery, hours and hours of mindless busywork for very little actual information received, pure regurgitation without understanding, with taskmasters to monitor and punish you if you do it in any way they don’t like.

    Left to ourselves, without pain and punishments and enforcers grinding our noses, we seek out learning like bees to flowers.