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Self taught siliconer hoping to encourage the community to go bigger.

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2018-03-09 20:35:04

    Updates and Happy New Year

    Hello everyone!

    Sorry for my absence, i’m still around.  Since my last update I’ve graduated college, bought a new car, bought a new phone and I’ve started a business and am making decent money so far.  I’ve started bodybuilding again and between all that Christmas season came and went!  Needless to say I’ve been slammed! Even while so busy I’ve still managed to add another 18 ml to my balls!

    Thank you to everyone who’s sent well wishes and for being so patient.

    More content is on the way!  I’m not going anywhere!  Love you guys!



    Just saying that you are incredible. Your dedication is amazing, knowing that you want that already gargantuan package to grow; it's exhilarating. Incredible. Inspiring. I've only ever appreciated a mass such as yours but you've got me on the edge of taking the plunge myself. Thank you sir for being you. grow, and grow some more.

    Thank you so much!



    Given as much silicone as you have in those humongous balls (~2.5 liters), would you say the weight is comparable to having a two-liter bottle of soft drink hanging from your crotch?

    Thanks for the question @houseofsize!  It in fact feels like quite a bit more than a two-liter :O  Iv’e added 2 - 2.5 liters of silicone but grown at least another half to whole liter of my own tissue to hold it on top of that.  The marvels of encapsulation.

    Here’s a good pic for reference:  A two liter in the middle.



    How is jacking off with the beast? Has it become more pleasurable or more sensitive at all?

    Thanks siliconemeup!

    Q:  How is jacking off with that beast?A:  Exhausting But sooooooo good!  :P


    Has it become more pleasurable or more sensitive at all

    A:  I believe it has but let me explain...There are only so many nerves in a package.  When that package is grown those nerves don’t multiply to fill in the new mass.  This leads some to conclude that the more cone you add the duller the sensations are - I however have found this to be incorrect.  What these people fail to take into account is the package grows it becomes heavier pulling down on all sorts of new parts and nerves. The scrotum now covers the thighs bringing those sensations and nerves in to play too.  Your package doesn’t become less sensitive at all - It’s precisely as sensitive as when you started just bigger now.



    Hi Pounds, This is my first message to anyone on Tumblr. Thanks for being so open about your journey. Finding your Tumblr, seeing your pics is one of the best finds this year. Love your enthusiasm about being a size freak. You're well on your way to filling GReg's sweatpants. My questions for you are: Is there a set amount or schedule you adhere to or do you just inject as you feel the urge? What image do you picture in your mind when you get that urge? Thanks for your time.

    You bet bushhick!  I’ll gladly answer some questions here...

    Q: Is there a set amount or schedule you adhere to or do you just inject as you feel the urge?

    A: Every time I inject I always try to keep ‘best results’ in mind.  ‘Best results’ is a term I feel like I will use often to describe my overall objectives with silicone.  ‘Best results’ is an overall optimum for; size, shape, looseness as well as its general ‘extra-healthy’ appearance.  Best results is effected by many factors.  Understand through this process you are dealing with a human body and human bodies don’t take kindly to changing fast.  Consider your package as a bonsai tree, adding silicone is the slow process of training and tending a living object into a sculpture.

    Because of a number of factors, namely ‘encapsulation’, I’ve found applying a very large number of injections and using as small of volumes of silicone as possible per injection yields best results.  I will cover ‘encapsulation’ further at a later date as there is a ton to talk about.

    I’ve established these notions over hundreds of injections - trying new techniques as I’ve gone and learning the whole time.

    Do I have a schedule tho?  Not currently.  As long as I keep my injections to less than 3ml per spot per week I can come and go with my injections as I please.

    I once adhered to a 3 month binge of almost 9ml of silicone, ( 3ml in either nut as well as my cock), once per week for three months.  That was a trip growing nonstop for 3 months strait at a constant rate.

    Q: What image do you picture in your mind when you get that urge?

    A: The image in my mind looks like my cock and balls do now but much larger.  Sometimes I picture my own hands failing to command that huge mass - fumbling for purchase on its perfect curves...   



    Pounds of Curiosity:

    Thank you!  Thank you to the whole community!

    I’ve been getting tons of great feedback from all around the world these past few days!  All of you have questions too and I love it because I’ve got answers!  I’ve noticed a lot of people asking the same questions.  To be most efficient I will gather these questions into a kind of FAQ post later on in the week to answer a host of burning questions.

    I’m doing my best to quickly get back to everyone who’s messaged me, your enthusiasm is amazing, just remember I am but a man. If I don’t get back to you quickly look to the FAQ later on to see if I’ve answered your question there.


    2.5 liters is like 2500cc. How big are you going to go in total? Going to post a video of it at all?

    Q: How big are you going to go in total? 

    A: Hard to say yet but I want to take it really far.  (Well below the knees)

    Q:  Going to post a video of it at all?

    A: Absolutely at some point.  I plan on trying to make a how to documentary that would highlight the process and some technique stuff too.