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    I just wanna keep everyone updated since my last post.

    FIRST OF ALL: Thank you SO much for everyone who became a Patron, I hope the rewards you can get right away are enough to repay some of your generosity in this moment of fear.

    I wrote the last post in a panic attack, but make no mistake, there will be plenty supporters of Ja*r B*lsonar*o in my feeds telling you that im overreacting and spreading fake news. If you do your research im sure you’ll find plenty people, much more educated in politics, ready to explain you and show you endless proof that we elected someone who has 0 interest in the safety of the people, ESPECIALLY towards minorities.

    Yes, I already have a bunch of straights telling me “nothing is gonna change”, and I cant hope to make them understand that it wont change FOR THEM. And yes, even though the president might not release an LGBT-hunt right away, 10 minutes after his election we had instances of people barging into LGBT night clubs and causing ruckus and even being violent to the people inside.

    And here’s another thing worth mentioning, the president will make fire-weapons INSANELY more acsessible to everyone. Supporters of him will claim that “Weapons are still expensive” and blablabla, but we know how these things works. Once we have these guns circulating the numbers of casualities will begin to skyrocket.

    And Brazil is leading in murder rates of LGBT ppl. So if you still think I am overreacting, ok…

    Now I wanna add, im still here, im alive, but im in constant fear. I already live trapped inside my apartment but there are people in this building that align heavily with this candidate, and wouldn’t you know it, my direct neighboor, separated from me by a single wall, beats his family, had a temporary suspensions from entering this building for his violent behavior (he’s back now, I saw him today), and he already is bitter torwards me who barely interacted with him.

    Im doing everything I can to get out of here as fast as I can. And I will try to keep everyone posted as often too. But I will be AFK throughout all my digital platforms until I resolve this.

    Again, thank you for understanding, supporting me and sending me your good wishes. I have to hold my hopes that everything will turn out fine.

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    (PS: As a safety measure the Discord Channel invite link will only be effective for 24h. I will renew it when I can.)

    thank you.