Preg Guy

29yo. RP and fantasy blog from a trans guy with a pregnancy fetish. Open to friendly and kinky conversation. Fill me with cum until my belly is big and round with your babies. !!The contents of this tumblr are strictly RP!! kik: preg.guy

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2021-03-03 02:29:09

    Recently I’m very into the idea of being impregnated. I want to be so obviously owned by someone that my body changes to accommodate part of them. I want to feel him cum deep in my cunt, holding me down and open. That feeling of being spread out, penetrated, and filled with a man’s seed gets me so hot. I want to be a vessel, an object fulfilling the higher purpose of giving a man his child. I want to wear a collar and leash and be pregnant for the rest of my life. I want my body and mind permanently changed by the man who owns both.


    Tell me how you want to rape a baby into my boycunt.

    Tell me how to want to breed me until I’m so full of cum I start crying.

    Tell me how you want to force all your fertile seed into my uterus and call me your whore.

    Touch my tits while you fuck me and tell me how full of milk they’ll be when I’m pregnant with your rape baby.


    I want nothing more than to be fully owned by a man who’s raped a baby into me.


    If you were my cuntboy I'd wrap a chain around your neck and take you to the park to meet my burly friends. They'd take turns raping your man hole until it's loose and pulsing, fucking it so hard you wouldn't be able to see straight. I'd film the whole thing and get some great shots of your ruined pussy, then take you home and make you watch the tape while your arms are tied up and a big plug is stuffed in your sore hole.

    Fuck that would be hot.

    Wrap the chain around the leg of a park bench or a tree like I’m a dog. Even if they left me unattended there’d be no getting away. I’d be yanked back into position and punished for being bad.

    Fucked on all fours like a bitch in heat.

    Make me yelp and whimper as I’m stuffed with their cocks.

    Make me do tricks. Sit, lay down, roll over, beg, speak.

    I’ll be barking, begging for your cock until one is forced down my throat to keep me quiet.