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    “I thought I’d film a little something that would drive you crazy while you’re at work. Given your hesitance about having kids, I honestly never thought you would agree to try and get me pregnant. Well, you certainly proved me wrong and just look at what you’ve done to my body! This is what you did to me and now I’m your own personal fertility goddess to worship and fuck. I didn’t think that I could ever be this turned on by my own body but as each day passes and I grow bigger and bigger with your baby my sex drive becomes more and more insatiable. I can’t wait until you’re home this evening and I hope you’re as turned on by my body as I am because I’m going to insist that you keep me pregnant for at least the next decade.”

    Requests #313

    1. While visiting Oscorp, a scientist runs into Mary Jane Watson (comic book version) and accidentally spills the contents of a test tube on her. The next day, he goes to the mall to get material for the article. When talking to a pregnant woman, the woman’s belly begins to shrink and MJ feels warm in her stomach. It turns out that the woman’s pregnancy was transferred to MJ. After the interview, the woman leaves her pregnancy forgotten, and MJ feels the need to interview a pregnant maternity store

    2. A 20-year-old girl gets a mysterious package with a beautiful necklace. Wanting to find a nice outfit to match her new jewelry. She walks into a shopping mall full of pregnant women, unaware that the necklace transfers every pregnancy to its holder.

    3.  Since we’ve came up with the idea of the Army using its own men and women to reproduce more soldiers, what if big companies use their own coworkers to reproduce their own employees? And in terms of science fiction, this can also be applied to generation ships traveling through space and space colonies populating other planets.

    4. A sterile 21-year-old woman seeing that most of the women in her job are in an unplanned pregnancy and treat their children as punishment. Being at the fountain, she wishes these children would find a good home. At the same time, she thinks about how she and her husband wanted a family. The fountain chooses it. In this way, every time unborn child she sees enters her womb. But in her job are many pregnant womens with unplanned childs.

    5. Hey I don’t know if I asked before but could you do a birth in clothes storie. The mother to be has strong panties on and a thight dress so she can’t really spread her legs and the panties and her position make the birth very hard.

    6.  Criminal steals a priceless artifact to sell for millions. The only way to steal it without being caught is to put it inside her. Her body treats it as an actual pregnancy, providing amniotic fluid, birthing it, etc…

    7. A UFO crashes near the farm. A curious girl goes to the crash site and sees a pregnant alien who informs her that he has come to this planet to find a person who could save his race. The girl immediately agrees, and the alien transports hundreds of her eggs into the girl’s womb, making it look like she is pregnant with eight children. The alien informs her that the eggs are growing very fast and that a second alien of his race will come later to do the same.

    8.A 19-year-old girl, in order to increase the amount of food in poor countries, is injected with modified cow semen. As a result, the girl goes through a quick pregnancy with several cows in her womb.

    9. Story request: No longer worshipped in the modern day, a fertility goddess decides to retire and live in the human world, making her living as a prostitute in hopes of finding a husband among her clients. She has trouble finding customers, though, being a seven-foot-tall permanently hyper-pregnant woman. Can include whatever sexual acts you want in it, and you can choose whether it ends happily or in a ‘the search continues…’ manner.

    10. A woman can get pregnant while she is already pregnant. When this happens, her older child stops growing so that the younger one can catch up with him. Thus, a woman may be pregnant for a very long time. Add to that the hyper fertility of her and her husband, both of them with a fetish of huge pregnancy bellies. And the rapidly growing babies in her womb, the result can be very interesting.