“Shut your fucking mouth and take it, you faggot,” Drake hissed in my ear as he held me down on the bed and pounded the shit out of my virgin hole. He wasn’t just taking my ass cherry, he was pulverizing it. I only hoped the violent sounds of him jackhammering me with his big cock didn’t wake my parents.

    I’m 18 and was still a virgin before that night. I live with my parents but have a job waiting tables at a restaurant. Drake is the hot-as-fuck bartender at the place. He’s 24, straight, and has a girlfriend. He openly talks about fucking her, which always turns me on as I imagine taking his cock.

    I didn’t intend to be out to my co-workers at the restaurant, but that ended when I got caught sucking off one of the dishwashers in the back alley after closing one night. Word got out, and I was lucky I didn’t get fired. I’m sure Drake heard about it, which made me easy prey. He knew I often walked home after the restaurant closed, so one night Drake offered me a ride.

    “So what’s your deal?” Drake asked as we pulled up to my parents’ house. “You suck cock or something?” I nodded, knowing he had heard the rumors. “How about up the ass?” he asked next. “You like to get fucked?” I lied and said I did, but the truth was that I’d never been fucked.

    “So here’s the deal, bro,” he began. “I’m going over to my girlfriend’s place to fuck her after this, but I’d like to empty the chamber first. You follow?” I didn’t follow, and the confused look on my face must have been apparent. “Dude,” he continued with some exasperation, “What I’m saying is that I want to fuck your ass before I go fuck my girlfriend.”

    Finally aware of Drake’s proposition, I began to undo my pants so he could fuck me. “No, bro,” he quickly protested. “I don’t want to fuck you in the car. Can’t we go inside?” he asked as he gestured to my parents’ house. “I dunno,” I demurred. “My parents are asleep.” Drake laughed and said, “If I let a few sleeping parents stop me, I’d almost never get laid. Come on, bro. I need to get this big cock inside you.”

    So I caved and agreed to sneak Drake inside. I mean, how could I turn down the chance to lose my virginity to the hottest guy I know? “Nice panda painting,” Drake scoffed as I turned on a single lamp in my bedroom. I didn’t bother to tell him that I painted it in eighth grade. He wouldn’t care. He just wanted to fuck my faggot ass. “You got a condom?” I asked as we both started undoing our pants. “Why?” he laughed incredulously. “You worried you’re gonna get pregnant?”

    Before I had a chance to answer, Drake spun me around and pushed me down on the bed. I got a quick glimpse of his cock, silhouetted in the lamplight, and it looked fucking huge. “Get ready for it,” he whispered. Drake barely spit on his big cock before shoving it up my ass with one violent thrust. I wanted to scream, but was terrified of waking my parents.

    Drake grabbed ahold of my hips and began to jackhammer me. He hadn’t used enough spit, and it felt like he was tearing my insides apart. I tried to stifle another scream as he pushed me face down into the mattress. “Shut your fucking mouth and take it, you faggot,” Drake hissed in my ear as he held me down on the bed and pounded the shit out of me. The pain eventually subsided, and his cock was just starting to feel good, when his body began to convulse. Instantly, he was grunting his load up my ass. Like a salve, the wetness of his warm load inside my torn-up hole was a welcomed relief.

    “You’ve gotta hot cunt, faggot,” Drake praised as he pulled out of my wrecked hole and slapped my ass. He quickly dressed and left abruptly to go fuck his girlfriend as planned. I rolled over on the bed and jacked off thinking about his big dick going from my ass to her pussy. I bet he didn’t even wash his cock before slipping it inside her.

    Stories are fiction and intended for readers 18 and up. All characters are assumed to be legal, consenting adults.


    There has always been a special connection between us. Since we were young, I always stuck by Ethan. It was kind of funny. Every picture that one could find of him, I am always next to him, holding his hand.

    Even at a young age, he always made me feel safe. He always made me feel loved.

    We played together. We laughed together. We went to the lake and swam together. When mom got sick, he let me stay in his room,sleeping on the air mattress by his bed.

    When she passed away, I cried for days. He comforted me.

    He kept the bullies away.

    He always had time for me.

    And when I turned 18, and he was twenty, we moved into our own place together.

    The first time our relationship took a turn was after he got dumped by Jamie Lancaster. Pretty girl. Looked a lot like Rose McGowan from Charmed.

    Ethan arrived. Drunk. Despondent. He sat on the couch and for the first time since mom's funeral, he wept.

    I hugged him. He clung to me. I kissed his forehead. He looked at me and kissed my cheeks. His hands moved. They placed themselves on my hips and he pulled me closer.

    "You're always there for me." I said. "I want to be there for you now too... If she won't be by your side. Can I be?"

    He was quiet for a moment and he kissed my forehead. Then my cheeks. Then he grazed my lips with his and he pulled me onto his lap.

    "Will you be at my side then? As a brother... And more?" He muttered, whispering those last two words in my ear. I felt a shift under me. He hugged me closer. Something hard pressed against me. My cheeks burned hot.

    "Yeah..." I nodded and he smiled and kissed my lower lip. Once then again and again and each kiss grew stronger. Then he ran a hand up my back, grabbed my head and kissed me deep. His tongue filled my lips. His other hand gripped my ass. I moaned.

    "You're mine and I'm yours." He smiled then kissed me again.

    Every night since then that was how we wound up... Me on his lap. Kissing. Until he wanted more. He needed more. As a man, he had needs... And I was willing to provide.


    Brandt’s Boy Jordan


    “Yeah, just like that,” my hot, tatted neighbor said as I cupped his balls with my left hand and slowly jacked his cock with my right.

    “When was the last you shot?” I asked while slowly increasing the pace.

    “Uh . . . five days,” he replied. “I fucked Julia before she left town.”

    “Damn,” I exclaimed. “You’ve got a big load saved up in those balls.”

    “Shit,” he exhaled while raising his arms above his head. “You know how to work a cock.”

    “Thanks,” I gloated. “Just a skill I picked up in my fraternity days.”

    “Fuck. I’m getting close,” he moaned as he closed his eyes and scrunched up his face in anticipation of shooting his wad. A thick blast of cum was soon shooting up his stomach as he grunted a slow, “FUUUCK.”

    “Damn, that was a big load,” I praised while wiping the cum off his belly with my hand.

    “Thanks, dude. I needed that,” he replied. His cock was still rock hard. “Uh, dude? Did you ever take it up the ass back in your frat days?”

    “Sure did, man. All the time,” I answered with a devious grin. “Why? You think you might want to tap this tight hole?”

    “Fuck YES!” he exclaimed. I quickly dropped my pants and began to work some of his cum into my hole as lube. “Damn, you’re tight,” he exhaled as he pushed inside me.

    Stories are fiction and intended for readers 18 and up. All characters are assumed to be legal, consenting adults.


    I fucked a few guys in my frat days, but I was always drunk. So I was not looking for a piece of boy pussy when my son was away at college and his best buddy Brent showed up at my door.

    “Sorry to bother you, Mr. Thompson. I’m locked out of the house,” Brent reported. “Can I stay here until my mom gets home from work?” I couldn’t ignore his pleading puppy dog eyes. “Sure, no problem,” I told the boy. We chatted for a few minutes. He said he’s at the local community college and likes it. I then put on ESPN for the boy and told him I needed a shower after a long day at work.

    When I got out of the shower, I found Brent stretched out on the window seat in my bedroom. He was naked but for his baseball cap. That tight ass was begging for my big cock to be inside him. Brent turned his head and gave me a cunning smile, inviting me to defile him. I should have said no, but I was powerless.

    My cock was soon balls deep in that boy cunt. “Fuck, you’re big,” Brent cried out as I split him in two. His hole was the tightest thing I have EVER fucked. “Fuck me harder,” he begged. “I want that daddy cum inside me. Fucking breed my hole.” I gave the boy what he came for, and fucking blasted his guts. My massive load spilled out of him as I pulled out.

    Brent then quickly dressed and started to leave. “Wait,” I began to stop him. “I thought you needed to stay until your mom was home.” He gave me a devilish smile and replied, “Nah, I have my key. I just said that so you’d invite me inside.” The devious little fucker.

    “You’re an even better fuck than your son,” Brent shared as he was almost out the door. I should have known those two boys were fucking. I’m thinking a three way is in our future when my son comes home on break. I want to fuck Brent with my son’s sloppy seconds all up in there.

    Stories are fiction and intended for readers 18 and up. All characters are assumed to be legal, consenting adults.


    Name’s Carlos. I’m a career criminal. Never did I imagine I’d get caught by the sheriff’s deputy and that the deputy would be half my age.

    Even more shocking was ending up, ass up, in the desert sun, mounted like a bitch, getting my hole cunted out by him as he dug his fat nine inch bull cock into my guts, gripping my hips and pile driving it into me or slot fucking it in deep slow thrusts while pinning me down.

    I was full. Stuffed. I almost felt him in the back of my throat. I couldn’t speak just grunt, groan, pant, and gnash my teeth as he hit something deep in me that sent electric shocks through me.

    “Like this dick, huh? Like getting fucked by me? Young enough to be your son. You got a sweet pussy, Daddy. Like this? Like getting fucked?”

    He didn’t expect an answer. I almost couldn’t give one. Almost. “Yeees yeees yeees fuck. Fuck me fuck me fucking fuck me. Core my hole. Give me that fucking verga deep in me, cabron. Make me tu puta. Ugh don’t stop.” I didn’t want it to end.

    “I won’t, daddy. I own this ass now. Now stop talking and just moan for me.” He slapped my ass hard. It stung but it hurt so good.

    And moan I did. Loudly.


    “You like my tight pussy?” he asked with his muscular, tatted legs outstretched as I pounded his meaty ass. I was wasted, yet still fully aware that my dick was inside a dude for the first time. I nodded and said, “Fuck, man. Your hole feels awesome.”

    Almost every athlete has a superstition, some unfounded thing he must do to bring good luck to his game. Some guys have to eat a certain meal, or wear a certain pair of socks. I play college baseball, and my superstition is that I have to get laid the night before a game. I know it’s crazy, but I firmly believe getting my dick wet helps me to play better. It takes off the edge. And no, jacking myself is not enough.

    I’m lucky that I’m a fairly hot guy. Good looking. Muscular. Hung. It’s easy for me to score pussy. Thus, my pre-game superstition has never been a problem. I can always get laid. Until last night. I went to a club near campus with a few buds from the team. I always score at this place, so I was feeling no pressure.

    A slutty bitch who I had fucked before made a pass at me early in the night. “I want that big cock inside me again, stud,” she moaned with tequila-laced breath in my ear. I turned her down. It was still early, and I wanted to hang with my buds more. Plus, I already had her pussy before, and prefer the challenge of a new conquest. My arrogance would be my defeat.

    I don’t know what happened. I got lost in the energy of the place, and suddenly it was closing time. My buds had all disappeared, probably already balls deep in pussy, and I hadn’t yet scored. I took a quick survey of the place as the DJ announced last call, and the pickings were slim. The slutty bitch from earlier was already gone, likely getting boned by any dude with a dick. And every other girl remaining was already paired off with a guy. However, there was a dumpy sorority girl alone at a table nursing the dregs of a watered-down rum and coke and watching her friend grinding with some dude on the dance floor. I sidled up next to her.

    “No, thanks,” she said as her hand went up in my face. I hadn’t even begun to put the moves on her. “I’m on my period,” she informed me. Undeterred, I gave a sly smile and said, “Come on, babe. I don’t mind surfing the red tide.” She tossed the remnants of her drink in my face and told me to fuck off. Damn fucking bitch. I went to the men’s room to dry my shirt with some paper towels. At the urinal was a muscular, tatted guy. I recognized him as one of the bouncers from when I had arrived.

    “Rough night?” he asked while stuffing his cock in his pants and zipping up. I could hear the music cutting off on the dance floor. The place was closing down. “Shit, man. You have no idea,” I answered the bouncer. I then told him about my superstition and how I really NEEDED to get laid tonight. “Damn, man,” he consoled. “That really sucks. But I think I can help you out.” I knew where this was going.

    “Thanks, bro. But I don’t fuck guys,” I informed him. He laughed and said, “Nah, man. Nothing like that. I was gonna offer you my girlfriend’s snatch. I get off on being cucked and watching her take another guy’s cock. She loves it, too. You hung?” I nodded while realizing my fortune had changed. I didn’t even care what the bitch looked like. I just needed to get my dick wet. “Perfect,” the tatted bouncer exclaimed. “Let’s do this.”

    Twenty minutes later we were at the bouncer’s apartment near campus. His girlfriend wasn’t there. “Shit, man. She must be out with one of her friends. I’ll text her to come home. In the meantime, go ahead and strip down and make yourself comfortable in the bedroom. She’ll be here soon.” Following his directive, I stripped down and stretched back on their bed. My cock was rock hard in anticipation of his girlfriend’s pussy.

    “Fuck, man,” the bouncer exclaimed as he entered the room and saw my cock. “You’re fucking HUGE. Damn.” I gloated in his praise, for it was not unusual for my cock to get admiring looks in the locker room. Then his face fell. “I’m sorry, man. I’ve got bad news. My girlfriend can’t make it. She’s crashing at her friend’s place tonight.” I was crestfallen. “Fuck, man,” I exclaimed. “I gotta get some pussy tonight. You don’t understand.”

    “How about my pussy?” the bouncer offered. “What the FUCK, man,” I exclaimed while rising off the bed and reaching for my clothes. “I’m not gonna fuck you. I’m no faggot.” As I started to pull on my clothes, he dropped his pants and spread his legs on the bed for me. His shaved, smooth hole looked like a perfect, pink pussy. My cock was getting hard, and he noticed.

    “Come on, man. Just slide it in me for a minute,” he egged me on. “If you don’t like it, you can stop.” I was motionless. My cock wanted to be inside him, but my brain was still saying no. “You said you have to get some pussy, so here’s your chance. Fuck my man pussy. There’s no difference,” he assured me. Two seconds later I had my hard cock inside him. He had lied. There was a difference. His ass felt way better than pussy.

    “Yeah, that’s it,” the bouncer moaned as I got my cock all the way inside him. “Yeah, fuck this tight cunt.” Holy fuck, was he tight. His hole felt incredible. Most girls can’t handle my 8.5 incher going balls deep. I’m always knocking against their cervix. But this guy could take it. His hole was like a deep chasm with no end. “Deeper,” he ordered me. “Fucking give it to me.” So I did. I began to pound the shit out of the tatted faggot.

    “You like my tight pussy?” the bouncer asked. His muscular, tatted legs were outstretched and his toes were curling. “Fuck, man. Your hole feels awesome,” I confessed. “Good,” he moaned as he grabbed my ass and pulled me in deeper. “Because I want you to fuckin’ breed my hole. I want to feel you shooting inside me.” It was like my balls heard him, as suddenly I could feel them tightening in anticipation of dumping my load inside him.

    “Shit, man,” I began to warn him. “I’m about to bust.” I could feel my nut rising in my shaft. “Yeah, fuckin’ breed this cunt,” he urged as I began to let loose my load inside him. “FUCK,” I grunted while my cock swelled and blasted his guts. “Aww, fuck,” he moaned. “I can feel your warm load inside me. DAMN.” I gave his hole one last, deep thrust as the last of my cum departed my cock. I was suddenly weak, my power drained from me, and collapsed on top of him. I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and satisfaction knowing I had gotten laid. I had once again satisfied my superstition.

    “What time’s your game tomorrow?” the bouncer asked as I pulled out of his hole and rolled over next to him on the bed. “It’s at noon,” I reported. “Why?” He gave a deep exhale as he playfully fingered his used, cummy hole and said, “I was thinking maybe you’d like to come by and fuck me again after the game.” My softening cock was suddenly hard again at the suggestion. “That would be hot,” I answered. “But what about your girlfriend? Won’t she be home by then?”

    The bouncer reached for my hard cock and gave it a teasing tug. “I don’t have a girlfriend. I just said that to get you to come home with me. Are you mad?” Without saying a word, I rolled back on top of him and began to work my hard cock back into his used hole. Fuck, it felt good. I then finally answered, “I’m a little mad that you lied to me, but I’ll just punish your ass with one more round to make up for it.”

    Stories are fiction and intended for readers 18 and up. All characters are assumed to be legal, consenting adults.


    Chris Evans, Real Or Not?


    He couldn’t believe it. Chris Fucking Evans. Captain America. Was in his bed. Ass up. And what an ass. Thick. Thicc. Luscious. Juicy. Plump. Fuck. Sebastian Stan licked his lips hungrily. His pants felt tight. And his heart was beating hard almost behind his ears.

    He slapped that juicy ass. That earned a panting moan from the blonde Avenger.

    “Like that, baby? You’re gonna get a lot more… Ooh I’m gonna beat that sweet ass red… Hnffuck…”

    “Language, Bucky…” Chris said in a coquetish tone.

    “Hehe. Oh? What are you gonna do about it?” He slapped that ass again.

    He leaned in and was surprised when Chris grabbed his head. Fingers tangled in his hair and pulled him into his ass, face buried between those thick cheeks.

    “Punish you… Hm… Go ahead… Use that dirty tongue for something good…”

    And he did. He groaned and slurped and drooled and devoured. He pulled away from that drool slathered ass crack long enough to get a breath. “That is America’s ass…” Then dove back in.


    "Fuck! You really are packing," I told my brother-in-law as I stared at his huge dick.

    "Yup," he said cocky. He crossing his arms and looking down at his bulge. "You think you could handle it?" He asked.

    "Seriously?" I asked surprised.

    He always seemed like a nice guy, I couldn't believe he was actually going to cheat on my sister with me if I wanted.

    "Yes, seriously," he said, pulling down his underwear.


    When Dad left for work he told me and Jeff that Mr. Thomas was dropping by to install the new garage door opener and he expected us boys to help him out. Groaning we got out of bed and got dressed. So much for a day of lazing about. About 10 Mr. Thomas got there and we escorted him to the garage. “So your Dad says you two are gonna be my assistants, huh?” We nodded. “Probably be as useless as my own boys.”

    “Do you know what to grab when i ask fornit?” Jeff looked a little worried as he gave me a frightened glance. Guess he was as clueless as I was. “Hose clamp. Vise clamp. Ratchet drive. Hex screw.” I could see this was gonna be embarrassing. “You boys don’t know shit about tools either. What are they teaching you in school?”

    Taking off his shirt he looked at us and sighed. “Bill said you two were gonna be my helpers so I guess I can teach you what I want. I don’t think you’ll be much help with the door, but you two can at least lower my stress level. I want you to be a tit clamp for me.” He grabbed Jeff and brought his mouth up to his right nipple. “Yeah thats it boy, suckle on it. You do it right and you’ll feel a big surprise in my pants.” He barked at me to watch carefully as my turn is next. He was expecting me to do it much better since I’m older.

    “Go ahead and pull it out boy.” I watched as Jeff fumbled with his fly. As he got it opened and reached in he mustve released it because it swung up from his pants and hit Jeff across his cheek. Mr Thomas laughed and told Jeff to put it up against his face. “If a dick don’t reach your ears as it lays against your face, its too small. Throw it back. As you can tell, mine goes well beyond your ear. Now your goal, son, is gonna be to swallow every fat inch of it down your throat before i unload my jizz in your mouth. You ready?”

    Jeff muttered in awe as he beheld the big tool, “Yes Sir.”

    “Good answer! And I didn’t even have to teach you to call me Sir! ” With that our training began. Jeff and I practiced for the next three hours with a lot of coaching and guidance from Mr. T. That first day neither of us got all of it down our throats, but we sure swallowed a lot of jizz. Sir was extremely relaxed and pleased with our efforts.

    Nothing had been done by the time Dad got home but he and Sir had a conversation about it. “Bill those boys got first hand lessons today on tool handling and respecting. I’ll be back tomorrow to work on that door. ”

    “Well Hell Frank, take your time! You ain’t charging me. Besides it’s a boon for those boys to learn some useful skills under the tutelage of a real master!”

    “If I had the whole summer with them, I bet I could probably sell their services. Ha ha ha!”