A Bunch Of Bloated, Greedy Piggies 🐷🏅
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2020-10-27 20:54:44

    Do you ever get turned on thinking about how much machinery it’s going to take to move your massive corpse from your feeding room once your poor, overtaxed heart finally gives out? 😏

    OBVIOUS DEATH TW: man this is a callout post bc I won’t lie I’ve definitely thought about the potential difficulties in my burial and it’s definitely hot if I’m in one of those moods...

    One of my really good friends works at a funeral home and was talking the other day about a really huge man they had to embalm and everything, and I never thought about how people would interpret me even after my death until then. 

    I was going to say I’m not sure if I want a traditional Jewish burial or if I want to donate my body to science, but upon looking it up, it appears that I am already too fat to be useful as a gross anatomy study lol. There goes my visions of horrified med students. But anyway yeah, the thought of my body having to be hoisted out of wherever I am with a crane, a specially ordered giant coffin, etc.

    Traditionally in jewish burials, pallbearers will pause 7 times while carrying the coffin to the burial site. This is supposed to be to symbolize the unwillingness to bury the dead, but I’d like to think in my case it’ll just be because I’m so fucking heavy...also thinking the traditional 6 pallbearers might be a little slim


    So uh, I know this isn’t for everyone but... the idea of knowing exactly where a lifetime of gorging yourself on fattening junk will lead you, but still being unable to stop or even slow down? 🥵🥵🥵

    I want it to be Thanksgiving like, right now. Just tables of food set out all day to graze on and get stuffed before the main course even begins, then struggle to force down a few plates of that becsde God it's just so good and everyone else is doing it anyway..then massive plates of dessert. More grazing between dinner and dessert. Just literally eating all day long, feeling my belly bloat out heavily from my leggings or skirt or whatever thing I chose to wear (obviously with a stretchy waistband)...God im just so food horny. I wanna hoover absolutely everything up into my greedy little mouth