Project Helius
Last update
2020-08-31 23:47:24

    Galatea, one of the firstborn experimental cyberdoll prototypes. Field investigator, hacker and incident response specialist. One of the playable characters in the game Fallen Doll: Operation Lovecraft.

    Please note that from July, to acquire the Steam Key after Operation Lovecraft enters early access around end of this year the accumulative Patreon pledge amount bar will be raised from $24 to $36

    With the brand new Chaos physics system we can finally achieve something we have long been hoping for: the real-time touch response mechanism and non clipping hair/clothing simulation. Cums can be rendered as dynamic fluids (so yeah, the semen dripping y'all hoped for) using the new particle system, and with global illumination we are another step closer to photo-realistic graphic.

    We were among the first a few devs who utilized UE4 to create a hentai game, and we will definitely keep up the pace and spirit in the future.