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    If there was a sci-fi novel with a megalomaniac billionaire who was the son of an Apartheid emerald mine owner, and he was privatizing space exploration so the public no longer has a say in it...you know that would be considered bad, right? The heroes would fight to stop SpaceX.

    The fact that anyone considers SpaceX as anything other than a continuation of the transfer of public sector science, that was run for the public good, into the hands of billionaires is a testament to our propaganda. Having space exploration controlled by one billionaire is bad.

    Remember in the 60s when rockets launched and the credit was given to the scientists and astronauts that actually made it happen?

    Now it's given to the billionaire who pillaged NASA tech and is now using it as his playground and promotion for his cars. That's bad. SpaceX is bad.


    This is basically the plot of Space Sweepers, so if you haven’t watched it yet...


    Good Omens, also, got very minimal backlash even for being a complete twist on the Christian mythos and even including what is very arguably a same-gender romance between an angel and a demon and a ton of other very ‘blasphemous’ shit. You know why that show didn’t get as much backlash from conservatives as a 3 minute music video by a musician? Exactly, because the main two actors were white and the book was written by a white man.

     Lil Nas X getting backlash for his song is absolutely about race bc I’ve seen so many retellings and manglings of Christian belief that got off mostly scott free from religious fanatics, because they weren’t made by PoC.


    You know what Good Omens did get backlash for from Christians? Casting black actors as Adam and Eve

    As a gender nonconforming cis dyke, I’ve received a lot of weird hostility in bathrooms. Like, a lot. The mild but frequent stuff is when people see me, do a visible double take, and go check the sign again. The not entirely common, more aggressive stuff is when people verbally question why I’m there. More than once I’ve had someone call me “it” or confront me about my gender in public settings. I’ve had people try to tell me to leave.

    But the only place I’ve had someone physically try to remove me from a bathroom was in London.

    Some random middle aged woman thought that she had the right to put her hands on me simply because I don’t match her ideas of what femininity is, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this happened in a place where transphobia is running rampant. Of all the weird stuff that’s happened to me in pretty conservative parts of the US, they simply are not as emboldened here as they currently are in the UK; but don’t think for a moment that they don’t intend to get there.

    Trans people are reason enough to fight these bigots. It’s a good enough reason. Trans people deserve respect, dignity, compassion, and protection. But if you think they’ll be satisfied with only pushing trans people back into the closet, you’re utterly deluded. They want absolute conformity, simple as that, and they’re increasing their push here too.

    Any lesbian who aligns herself with transphobia is a traitor. Simple as that.

    one of my history professors has been trying to point out why 'cancel culture' is toxic for almost 2 semesters now and i kept rejecting his arguments because i still thought canceling people had some tangible benefits despite sometimes hitting the wrong targets or going a little overboard, i insisted there was room for nuance and it could be 'done correctly' and that it was actually about ~holding people accountable~, but watching lindsay ellis be forced to publicly relive her rape because a bunch of strangers on the internet demanded she suffer in the name of Wokeness has finally broken me. we're retraumatizing queer women and for what.


    “Another myth that is firmly upheld is that disabled people are dependent and non-disabled people are independent. No one is actually independent. This is a myth perpetuated by disablism and driven by capitalism - we are all actually interdependent. Chances are, disabled or not, you don’t grow all of your food. Chances are, you didn’t build the car, bike, wheelchair, subway, shoes, or bus that transports you. Chances are you didn’t construct your home. Chances are you didn’t sew your clothing (or make the fabric and thread used to sew it). The difference between the needs that many disabled people have and the needs of people who are not labelled as disabled is that non-disabled people have had their dependencies normalized. The world has been built to accommodate certain needs and call the people who need those things independent, while other needs are considered exceptional. Each of us relies on others every day. We all rely on one another for support, resources, and to meet our needs. We are all interdependent. This interdependence is not weakness; rather, it is a part of our humanity.”

    — AJ Withers, “Disability Politics and Theory” (via vulturechow)


    Do you guys want to know a cursed fact?


    Almond milk existed in medieval Europe and was used almost as much as cows milk


    It was occasional refereed to as “the Christian drink” because of how much Christians drank it especially during Lent.


    This is an almond cheese recipe :)


    Reading Medieval English is possible for someone who reads Modern English but it gives the brain an odd sensation, like you’re running uphill with jello in your shoes. You’re getting there but it’s very odd.

    oh god it's that time of the year again, so here are some quick reminders:

  • The content allowed on AO3 is legal according to American law. This is a sensible place to draw the line when your explicitly stated aim is to have a fanfiction site where the content is not subjected to random purges for obscure reasons
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  • "Fiction affects reality" yes but the fiction that actually has a societal impact is the latest heteronormative, subtly racist, mass marketed drivel from Disney, not that one properly tagged incest PWP fic with 150 hits and 40 kudos on AO3
  • watchmakermori

    I know everyone’s making jokes about it but also as a british citizen it is just so Fucking weird to see how the country stops when a royal dies. this man was almost a hundred years old. the news story begins and ends at ‘very elderly man dies after being ill for a long time’. and yet it’s EVERYWHERE. as if it was remotely unexpected. as if it actually affects the people in this country. every kind of broadcasting stops in its tracks and talks about this and only this, on and on, tributes, memorials, the same things again and again. when all that’s happened is an old man has died. and people consider it disrespectful if you’re not interested in it - disrespectful, to not grieve for a complete stranger! to treat his death with the exact level of engagement you would any other person you didn’t know!

    it just kind of feels like a wake-up moment to how fucking backwards this country is. you realise that every single media outlet has been feeding you the idea that these people are more important and monumental than anyone else. you realise they’ve been pushing that on you for your whole life. in the year of 2021 we are still their subjects and we are still expected to care about the royals as though they have a single fucking thing to do with us


    Jeremy Corbyn is the ex leader of the Labour Party, in case you thought he tweeted something rude about Prince Philip, he didn’t. This was the tweet in question:

    Its simply not about Prince Philip. And it was posted after the news had broken, and that is the reason for said backlash. It has been reported in multiple national news papers that Jeremy Corbyn tweeted about something else after the Prince was already dead.

    We have now entered into our 8 day mourning period, and the government will soon offer guidance as to how public bodies should proceed. Yes you heard that correctly we all need governmental guidance for dealing with the death of a 99 year old most have never met. The standard rules involve local governments ceasing operation during this time.

    It is absolutely everywhere, every single radio station, news report, newspaper, magazine, television show HAS to be talking about it 24/7 right now. Went to watch BBC iplayer last night and every recommendation is about Prince Philip.

    I feel like a broken record but I really cannot stress this enough, he was 99. You don’t even need to have any negative sentiments towards the royals to realise this is not actually a particularly dramatic or tragic occasion. And yet it brings the whole country to a ridiculous standstill.