faggot Defined

Using and/ or owning a faggot is a completely selfish and   one-sided activity. faggots exist for the sole and exclusive use of Superior MEN. faggots exist to be exploited for a Superior MAN’s personal sake and benefits.

A faggot is not companion, friend or lover. A faggot is not a sub, boy or even a slave. A faggot is lower than a slave. A faggot never sees itself as an equal in any way. A faggot recognizes the Superior MAN’s right to use it as HIS birthright.

A faggot is an inferior life form; a male animal, a beast of burden, thing or object. It is live-stock in human form that functions, acts, performs in whatever manner is required so that the Superior MAN can enjoy an enhanced and more comfortable lifestyle.

When the Superior MAN adopts the attitude that they have taken control of a faggot so that they can take possession of male animal that can be used in any way that suits HIS needs, satisfies HIS desires, and that the faggot is not deserving of any consideration whatsoever. The faggot is a thing, an object. The faggot is like a phone, car or anything else a Superior MAN might use as HE goes about HIS life.

There are on three primary reasons to have and use a faggot :

1.   Labor – put the faggot to work. The faggot is grateful for the opportunity to do work for a Superior MAN. All the chores that take time and prevent the Superior MAN from more interesting pursuits can be done by the faggot. Cleaning, laundry, yard work etc. Does the faggot have special skills – cook, handyman, etc. – the faggot’s skills are to be used and exploited. 

2.   Sex – a faggot can be used for sexual release. The entire sexual experience with a faggot is about a Superior MAN’s sexual needs. The faggot is really no more than a hole.

3.   Torture – there is enjoyment and gratification to be found in torturing a faggot. There is something satisfying in taking deep pleasure in the faggots suffering and see it come back for more. Craving YOU even more because of the things YOU do to it.

faggots exist to be used and faggots need to be used.

The faggot faces the reality of what it is; and understands without a Superior MAN to serve it is nothing, it has no purpose, no existence, no life. On the other hand a Superior MAN can have a rich, full life without ever using or owning a faggot.

The faggot knows and accepts what it is. A faggot accepts that it is inferior. That it is nothing but an object to be used and possibly discarded. The faggot understands that if it does not serve well, if it can’t be of use in any of the three categories than it has no value, no worth to the Superior MAN.

A faggot knows true contentment and has a sense of purpose only when it is being serving, being used and controlled by a Superior MAN. 

The faggot Serves, Worships and Obeys the Superior MAN

To the faggot the Superior MAN is SIR, MASTER, OWNER and God.