You will be forced to accept what you are and when it’s all done you will thank him for it. Some boys get all caught up with what they see in the mirror. With what society tells them. Get over it. You will wear a cage. You will serve. You will submit. Then and only then will you be happy. There is nothing wrong with being a submissive pussyboy unless you’re pretending to be something else.


    Would a man ever let himself be collared? No, he wouldn’t. You aren’t a man. You know it. You may not like it but it doesn’t matter what you like. The truth compels you. It drives you. You might not want be a submissive but you are. You might not want to submit but you will. You might not want to wear the outfit of a faggot but it’s the only path to peace. Isn’t it boy?😁

    Domestic faggot Running An Errand

    The faggot drove the SUV to Oakland Airport and parked. Checking the time the faggot grabbed the envelope with the letters written in big black marker and went to the arrivals building and waited.

    It watched the flight board until it saw the new slaves trainee’s plane had landed. The faggot had seen a picture of the slave on MASTER’S computer so it knew who it was looking for. Still the faggot held up the envelope with the letters on it. It wasn’t a name, it was an abbreviation of the MASTER’S training facility.

    After a few minutes the prospective slave came through the exit. He looked like the picture and was dressed as instructed and carrying only a small bag. The slave trainee approached the faggot and said “you the ride?” The faggot nodded and opened the envelope and pulled out a sheet of paper and handed it to the slave.


    This is one of MY faggots. It does not have permission to speak. Here are the instructions:

    Follow the faggot to its car. Take a photo of the license plate and email it to the person who knows what the slave is doing for the weekend. Then surrender phone, wallet, cash etc. to the faggot. They will be placed inside this envelope and sealed. They will be given back at the end of the training session.

    Strip and get in the back of the car. The faggot will inspect that the slave is plugged and locked in chastity as instructed. The faggot will cuff it, gag it and hood it. The slave will be driven to the facility where it will spend the agreed upon period in the serious bondage training it has asked for. MASTER will commit to the limits the slave has discussed but there is no backing out after this point. The slave will not be released until it is time for it to return to the airport.

    If it agrees use the pen and sign these instructions. If not turn around and walk away.


    The slave looked up and took the pen the faggot was holding out and scribbled and handed the pen and letter back. They went into the manila envelope.

    The faggot turned and started walking out to the parking lot.

    The faggot purposely parked far out in a dark corner of the lot with no other cars nearby.

    At the car the faggot pointed to the license plate and the slave took a picture. Then did some stuff on its phone before handing it over.

    The faggot took it and powered it off and dropped it in the envelope. Then the slave, a little reluctantly handed over a wallet, some bills and coins and a set of keys.

    The faggot dropped these in and sealed the envelope closed and placed it in the glove compartment.

    Then pointing at its clothes to indicate it should strip.

    The faggot could tell the slave was getting nervous as the reality of its situation sunk in and how vulnerable it was making itself.  It was hesitating.

    The faggot looked around and then opened its fly and pulled out its dick locked in a cage. Then it opened the collar of its shirt and showed off the padlock chain. Engraved on the padlock was the word MASTER. There was also a dog tag that said faggot – property of MASTER.

    Seeing these symbols of the MASTER’S ownership of the faggot sort of unstuck the slaves brain and made it remember what it wanted and needed. The slave kicked off its shoes, pulled down its pants and pulled off its shirt. The slave was wearing a white jock and it started to pull that down. The faggot reached out and stopped the slave. Pulling the waste band out the faggot inspected and saw the faggot was locked in a Holy trainer chastity device.

    Then the faggot gestured for the slave to turn and the faggot inspected its ass and saw that there was a black rubber plug in place. The slave had flown for four hours plugged and locked.

    The faggot indicated for the slave to take off its socks and get in the SUV. The faggot opened the overnight bag and inspected the contents. There was a pair of ear buds. If the slave had followed the MASTER’S instructions it would have downloaded files from the MASTER to its phone and listened to them on the flight. There was also a bottle of water, some specific gear the MASTER told it to bring. The faggot checked for anything that the slave was not supposed to bring but it looked like the slave had followed instructions.

    The faggot looked at the naked slave. The slave was muscular and had the body of a wrestler. The slave was trembling a little bit.

    The faggot reached into the duffel bag on the front seat and pulled out a pair of Hyatt handcuffs. The faggot gestured for the slave to put its hands behind its back. The slave hesitated for a minute and then did as instructed. The faggot made fast work in securing the slaves wrists.

    The rest was easy. First came a leather hood over the slave’s head. The faggot lined up the nostrils and then laced the hood tight. The hood had an outer flap that zipped down over the lacings and the faggot secured that. The hood had no eyeholes so the slave was truly helpless now. The hood had an attached collar that went around the neck and was locked over the zipper.  Next came a rubber cock gag that went into the slaves mouth and was secured around the hood and locked.  The slave moaned as it was being gagged and the locked slave dick shifted under the jock.

    The faggot did not have the keys to the cuffs, hood or gag. The slave was secure until the MASTER unlocked it. The faggot just had to make sure nothing special occurred while driving to the MASTERS facility.

    The faggot helped the slave lay down on the back seat of the SUV. With quick work the faggot cuffed the slaves ankles and then connected them with a short chain to the bound wrists. The slave was now hogtied. At the top of the hood there was a D-Ring and the faggot pulled the head back and connected that with a short chain to the cuffs. The head restriction wasn’t too tight. It just made sure the slave could breathe through its nostrils or through the tube in the gag.

    With the slave secure the faggot took a pair of DJ style headphones and figuring out where the slaves ears were under the hood, put them on. The headphones were attached to an iPod. The faggot hit play and the slave was listening to the MASTER’S voice. The slaves training had already begun.

    One last thing, the faggot soaked a small cloth with poppers and held them to the slaves nostrils. Smelling the poppers the slave inhaled greedily and then began moaning , writhing and humping the seat.

    The faggot wanted a hit of poppers itself but it wasn’t allowed. Plus there was at least an hour of driving. The MASTER’S facility was on the peninsula, across San Francisco Bay.

    The faggot got in the front seat, shifted a little so its own locked dick and plugged hole were comfortable and then started the SUV and left the parking lot with the MASTER’S new object in the back.

    The drive was uneventful. The slave made occasional grunting noises from the back. The faggot didn’t listen to the radio or music. This was the beginning of isolation training for the slave. First it will lose track of time. The slave will have no idea where it is. MASTER does not give out personal information to slave trainees. They don’t even know what HE looks like. They come to be trained as objects, gimps and bondage slaves.

    This slave arrived Wednesday night at 10 PM and its flight out is Monday at 8 PM so for the next 114 hours, till Monday at 4 PM this slave will be an object. With every aspect of its existence controlled. With no way out, no safe word to stop the training.

    The faggot does not know specifically what the MASTER negotiated with the slave about limits but the faggot does know that the MASTER always keeps them in some form of bondage.

    There has never been a slave that was trained that didn’t beg to come back for more, for longer sessions and so many crave to live in permanent bondage, owned property of the MASTER.

    Once the faggot arrived at the facility it made quick work of freeing the slaves ankles, removing the headphones and disconnecting the chain from the hood.

    The faggot helped the slave out of the vehicle and had it standing, still cuffed, still hooded and gagged.

    The faggot clipped a leash to the front of the hood and grabbing the bag and envelope from the front passenger seat, led the slave into its new home for the next five days.

    In the main room there was a cage.

    The faggot led the slave to the cage and pulled down the slave’s jock. The caged slave’s dick bounced a bit now that it was free from the restrictions of the pouch. As the faggot bent down and helped the slave step at out of the jock it could see that it was as aroused as it could get and a clear stream was leaking from the caged dick. The faggot helped the slave get down on its knees and helped it crawl backwards into the cage. It was a small cage and the slave had to stay with its head bowed toward the floor of the cage with its cuffed writs behind its back near the top of the cage. The faggot worked quickly, first connecting the wrists with a chain to the top bars. Then the D-Ring on the hood connected to the bars on the front top end of the cage. Then the faggot closed and locked the door. One last chain connected the slave’s collar to the floor of the cage.

    The faggot went around the back and connected each ankle to a corner of the cage. Finally a small chain went around the slave’s balls and that too was connected to the bars of the cage. The MASTER had all the keys so the slave wasn’t going anywhere.

    The slave was immobilized, kneeling, waiting for the MASTER.

    The faggot gave the slave another hit of poppers and then put the bottle on a counter along with the slave’s possessions.

    The faggot knelt on the dungeon floor, near the cage,head bowed, hands behind its back and waited.

    Silently the MASTER came in. HE looked at the slave in the cage, moving silently around. HE was not ready for the slave to know HIS presence.

    HE gestured for the faggot to follow HIM out of the room. HE walked down the corridor to the isolation cell.

    He made quick work of putting the faggot in a straight jackets and then heavy chains. A large gag and muzzle went on the faggot’s head. Aside from giving instructions HE said nothing.

    In short work the faggot was sitting on the floor of the cell. In a heavy straight jacket, ankles shackled and attached to a ring in the floor. Leather muzzle with a cock gag locked on its head. A heavy collar around its neck and attached to the wall. The straight jacket wrapped in chains making it even more restricting. The faggots locked dick swelled in its chastity device and it its hole tightened around the base of the plug. The faggot craved bondage training by the MASTER more than anything.

    The MASTER turned and picked up some things off the floor. The faggot saw what they were. It was the last things the faggot would see for a while. The MASTER held the padded blindfold and the leather bag. The bag was unique. It was cut for the faggot’s head. There were two rubber tubes where the nostrils were. First MASTER put on the padded blind folded. Then the faggot felt the internal ends of the tubes go up its nostrils. The bag was then pulled over the faggot’s head, over the muzzle and blindfold, pulled snug at the back and then locked closed by placing a padlock through two grommets at the rear base of the hood.

    The bag was snug but not form fitting. If the faggot breathed through the gag in its mouth and the muzzle it would get very warm in the bag. But the nostril tubes always made sure the faggot had a fresh air supply. Or a supply of whatever else the MASTER wanted it to breathe. The other unique feature of the bag were the headphones sewn into the sides.

    Suddenly MASTERS voice filled its head. “it is a faggot. it is an object” “it exists to serve” it exists to be used” “it exists to Worship” “it exists to obey”.  It listened to the MASTER’S Voice on an endless loop, repeating, training its mind, programming it.

    Then the faggot realized in was breathing in poppers, hit after hit of poppers as the MASTERS voice filled the blackness. The faggots mind and spirit raced with a rush of positive emotions. it was only given poppers when MASTER was pleased with it. The faggot had done well and the MASTER approved. These thoughts filled it with a sense of purpose and well-being.

    The faggot vaguely realized that the inner door and outer door of the isolation cell had closed. It was alone, isolated in the blackness, the place created by the MASTER for it.

    And this is how the faggot was kept for the next few hours as the MASTER began training HIS newest slave prospect.

    The faggot was in the blackness, existing for the MASTER, an object, property, with only a single thought….

    “The MASTER is everything, it belongs to the MASTER”.

    ……… To be continued.



    Part of becoming the real true you, is pushing boundaries to be the best you can be. As a faggot, you were born with a need to submit to a worthy MAN. In this service, you find purpose, pleasure and peace.

    A good Domiant will open new doors, show you new possibilities, new challenges. In achieving new skills and perfecting techniques, you become better.

    You do not need you clitty, so let’s cage it and see how much we can shrink it.

    You do use your pussy so let’s see train it to take hours of pounding.

    See. Be a better faggot.


    it is a male animal faggot that exists to Serve, Worship and Obey Superior MEN