Prose for the Poet

A 20-something with nothing better to do.

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2020-07-23 11:55:26

    Shameful shrines, solid stone slavers shine.

    Silent sordid subjugators scanning shops.

    State statutes state such statues stay,

    Solidarity screaming status stones should stop.

    So simple selecting sides, seeing sinister sellers.

    Sinful stories still standing, spreading sentiment.

    Shadowy symbols sprinkling sovereign seeds,

    Silenced, severely scrapped, slivered sediment.

    When everything around you is rushing,

    When the incessant noise just doesn't stop,

    When things move so fast they blur into one,

    Take your time. Focus.

    Pay attention to your surroundings,

    Or you might miss the beauty of life.

    The bird singing in that jumbled cacophony,

    Or even the person of your dreams,

    Standing out in the indistinguishable mass.

    It's like I'm not allowed to be happy.

    Every time I am, I think of you,

    Just to stop myself from having a good time.

    As though I don't deserve to feel this way.

    As though I don't deserve to be happy

    If you're not the one that causes it.

    As though I'm not allowed to enjoy my life

    If you don't happen to be a part of it.

    Is life easier with or without a purpose?

    Before I met you, I don't think I had one.

    You made me want to strive for your approval,

    Want to become the best version of myself,

    Do whatever I thought would make you smile.

    My purpose was you. Making you happy.

    I was convinced. I'd never felt more complete.

    But when we parted ways, purpose vanished.

    I'm still trying to figure out if it left with you,

    Or just left indefinitely, never to be seen again.

    I'm trying to find it in my own ways, but I can't.

    It pales in comparison to what I had with you,

    Poor substitute for what was my raison d'être.

    I know I should give up looking for what's gone,

    But there's a constant nagging voice I can hear,

    Telling me that there's still hope to be found.

    And although I'd love for that to be true, it isn't.

    It never will be. Stop trying to persuade me.

    Why can't you settle for what I found instead?

    You stand out like a splash of colour

    In an otherwise bleak and drab world.

    A vibrant smear of yellow paint

    Adorning a blank canvas of monotony.

    It's no wonder I only have eyes for you.

    You're the only thing worth admiring.

    I... don't know you. Not anymore at least.

    That person, the one I loved, is long gone.

    I can't accept the fact that you replaced her.

    I'd tell you about her, but you hate hearing it.

    I think you would have liked her. No, I'm sure.

    We could have all been really good friends.

    I think there was room for you before.

    Before you made her leave.

    I miss her.

    ...I miss you.

    I'm holding on to you for no reason.

    Carrying your weight around is painful,

    So I think it's about time I let go.

    But what's to happen if I fall as well?

    Although it hurts, I'm still managing.

    But who knows for how much longer?

    The fear of the unknown persuaded me.

    Not any longer.