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2022-12-20 04:58:51

    🥰💕 I put a lot of stuff out here in tumblr world for people newer in the lifestyle as far as vetting and red flags and things that focus more on the day to day and mental aspects of a dynamic. During a discussion today, I realized that I don’t post a lot about safety during play which is super important. Some times because I’ve been in the lifestyle for so long and know certain things, I forget that there was a time when I didn’t know these things.

    I know it’s normal when you are starting out to see something on social media that you think looks fun or interesting and you want to try it. What isn’t spoken about often is that you don’t just jump into certain types of play. Consent is obviously always key but practice and education are extremely important especially in certain activities like bondage, impact play, breath play, etc. because there can be permanent damage caused very easily during these activities.

    So the first post I’m going to make concerns one of my faves… impact play. You don’t just decide ok well I’m going to paddle or cane my sub. There is so much that can go wrong. I am going to post this amazing article concerning safe zones in impact play.

    BDSM Basics: Impact Play Safe Zones and Spanking Tips