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    i dont have any plans yet

    but im very grateful my blog dodged the purge before The Purgening starts, and I will definitely think of somethin before the 17th

    the main things i’m thinking of are pillowfort, twitter, and pixiv as the top three i’m hoping to use (wanted to utilize the latter two more often anyway)

    stay safe yall


    Sorry, did you reblog the post about mental health for others or your intention is that you receive messeges? I couln't guess!

    oh, it’s for others. I wanted to make sure ppl saw it to talk to the op about stuff since conversation bout that kinda stuff is always good

    🌸 Hello! I’m reopening commissions~ 🌸

    I’ve been sitting on this post for a while braining out prices while doing some art amidst this awful bug I’ve gotten and I’ve finally gotten better, and want to start doing these again! I need monies.

    If you are interested and have any questions, please contact me through either Tumblr messenger or at AQLCOMMISSIONS@gmail.com! (ooo nifty new email)

    As an addition, I’m still taking donations for the ko-fi comics if you’d rather support me through those! Everything’s at a tie right now, except leaving #3 with no love. Maybe the others could do??? wHO KNowS~

    Thank you so much for your time! 


    Royal Seduction 6 | Papgore

    Pairing: Papyrus x Asgore 

    Universe: Underfell

    Warning: Explicit Sexual Content, Rape, Non-Consensual Sex, Mentioned Past Rape, Some Explicit Language, Light Bondage, Biting/Marking, Soul Sex, Forced Soul Bond, Non-Consensual Choking, Manipulative Behaviour, Obsessive and Possessive Behaviour. 

    Overview: Asgore decides to try something new in this session with Papyrus. Papyrus is not thrilled. 

    A/N: This got a bit darker than I was originally planning, make sure to read the tags carefully my dudes!

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    y e s 


    Okay, I'm looking at your post about MHA, and in the post, a part reads "My own Diagnosis of Major Depression, PTSD," ect... Did you self-diagnose your own mental health?

    It’s not my post. You can ask @mercy-run​ this question since they made it.