<>Big Warning

    If you see a police car or a cop with a speaker looking thing on it, FUCKING RUN. It's known as an LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Device), a device that, when activated, can permanently damage your hearing and cause serious harm. If you're too close, you'll be left in a lot of pain and squirming on the ground permanently deaf. Ear plugs do not work. Unless you have one of those shooting range headphones, you do not stand a chance against them. Again, if you see them pull up, RUN. This is what they look like.

    Stay safe.

    This is serious. I’ve researched audio warfare before and this stuff is legit and will really fuck you up. If you see this, RUN FAST AND FAR FAR AWAY, do not attempt to stay anywhere nearby. This is not a joke.

    Brianna Brochu

    Brianna Brochu

    Brianna Brochu

    Brianna Brochu

    Brianna Brochu

    Brianna Brochu

    Brianna Brochu

    Brianna Brochu

    So can we all just report her


    “Harassed” she attempted to poison her roommate in numerous ways, who as a result was left incredibly sick and traumatized.

    The victim, Jazzy Rowe, has a GoFundMe that I haven’t seen being spread: gf.me/u/j5anmn

    She hasn’t met her goal in 9 months.

    You may not be able to donate, but you better believe I’m judging every single one of you if you don<>t reblog this to atleast spread the word like yall do for all these wyt pipo claiming to need $100k for vet bills or $75k for school supplies.

    As of April 11, 2020, she still hasn’t reached her goal, please boost!!!

    This disgusting behaviour left a girl physically and psychologically ill. On top of medical bills to pay, this young woman was unable to attend school due to illness, and now has to pay for wasted student loans. She worked extra hard to get to college, only to be literally poisoned by an aggressively racist room mate, for which she continues to pay dearly. This is unacceptable.

    Please help Jazzy Rowe recover from this. If you can’t contribute financially, you can still do your part by passing this on.

    We’re a little closer!!

    They call us essential because sacrificial is too honest.

    Never forget: under capitalism, poor people deserve to die. The “invisible hand” strangles them. And keep in mind the nominee for president will keep all the Capitalistic practices and screw over young people whom he has no sympathy for, but Socialism bad. Fuck Biden I hate this country. 

    They are not “heroes” they just want to be paid a LIVING WAGE W HEALTH BENEFITS. They don’t need your thank yous or a commercial they need to be given DIGNITY

    Revolution please

    people talk all the time about “primal instincts” and it’s usually about violence or sexual temptations or something, but your humanity comes with a lot of different stuff that we do without really thinking about, that we do without being told to or prompted to

    your average human comes pre-installed with instincts to:

  • Befriend
  • Tell story
  • Make Thing
  • Investigate
  • Share knowledge
  • Laugh
  • Sing
  • Dance
  • Empathize with
  • Create
  • we are chalk full of survival instincts that revolve around connecting to others (dog-shaped others, robot-shaped, sometimes even plant-shaped) and making things with our hands

    your primal instincts are not bathed in blood- they are layered in people telling stories to each other around a fire over and over and putting devices together through trial and error over and over and reaching for someone and something every moment of the way

    ~“Your primal instincts are not bathed in blood.”

    My god this is beautiful. Such a refreshing change of pace to the constant glorification of instinctual human violence.

    GOD LITERALLY in the early 2000s ppl were so self conscious about their fat asses literally everyone just wanted to have no butt and literally 10 yrs later if u have a flat ass you might as well wear a paper bag over your whole fucking body and it well & truly sucks that womens bodies go in and out of fashion like this like tf are we supposed to do? spend all our time obsessing over the minutiae of our physiques? get plastic surgery every 5-10 yrs to make sure our bodies can keep up & b warped with the trends of objectification? like what the fuck do you want from women ? 

    Because we can all use a bit of good news, here’s how Vietnamese people are dealing with COVID-19:

    <>“western media wont talk about this but the vietnamese government is helping citizens fight the coronavirus by offering free /proper/ meals for people in quarantine areas and free groceries/necessities for a whole neighborhood in lockdown”


    <>“- here people will be placed in quarantine due to travel history, showing symptoms or recent contact with current patients
    - the neighborhood in lockdown is because the 17th patient, possibly a “super spreader”, resided t

    <>“some korean travelers are also in quarantine so they were given korean meals because what if they aren’t used to vietnamese food”

    <>“i ran out of characters but this is also meant to poke fun at how the usa and some european nations respond to this outbreak, both their government and people. anw if you constantly think of countries in the global south with your shallow eurocentric bias then karma will get you.<>

    <>“Muting this now reach me through DM if you need to! Appreciate all the good sentiments<>

    <>“your gov may be shitty but extend your appreciation and support to doctors & healthcare workers on the frontline of this crisis! if you cant wear masks, wash hands often, avoid touching MEN (Mouth Eyes Nose), and avoid crowds (PLEASE). the system is in shambles so be proactiv<>e”


    <>“The Vietnam government makes sure the neighbors of the “super spreader” number 17th has enough food for 14 days. The citizens in quarantine be making friends, cleaning up the place together, giving out roses for women patients for International Women day, even fall in love<> lol~”



    You forgot the dance that went viral on tiktok ! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ctF5aMV05kM

    I saw it all over Insta, too. It’’s fucking great.


    Also, they have developed their own kit, which is apparently easy and cheap to mass-produce and has a fail rate of 0 so far, meaning it produces accurate results every time. The kicker? The test is so efficient that you can receive the results within one hour.


    “t was developed jointly by the Vietnam Military Medical University and tech firm Viet A Corporation.

    It is based on reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR), a technique that combines reverse transcription of RNA into DNA and amplification of specific DNA targets using a polymerase chain reaction (PCR). The kit can detect the new coronavirus in specimens of droplets obtained from the respiratory tract and blood samples.

    Do Quyet, director of the university, said all tests done by the university and Viet A Corporation found the kit meeting World Health Organization and U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention standards.”

    The initial batch is producing 10,000 a day for distribution across Vietnam, but they said they could triple the number if needed. For comparison, 10,000 tests a day is what is being administered in South Korea, with the goal being there to upgrade to 30,000 tests a day as well.

    Seeing how places like Vietnam tackle this crisis with heart, respect, realism tinted with optimism, concern for their fellow humans, and ingenuity, really warms my heart.

    I had someone once tell me while crying that she was so sad that aro people don’t feel love.

    My room is full of my favorite books, my plants, and little knicknacks of all the places I’ve been and things I’ve done. Many of them were made or bought for me. There are cards taped to the walls written with notes of love from family and friends.

    I bought cards this weekend to mail to my long distance friends. Everyone sort of gets down in winter (gotta love seasonal depression) so I think that will help.

    I try to visit my grandparents as often as I can. They’re getting older, and seeing me makes their week. They have an adorable dog. My grandfather couldn’t be prouder of me and is always on my side. I love his stories. My grandma loves to bake me things and sing to me. I tell her I love her. She says “I love you more.” I tell her I know she does. Nothing can compete with a grandmother.

    My best friends in the entire world are always texting me when we’re not together. Sometimes even when we are together we still message each other. It’s sort of funnier that way. Sending memes. Asking how each other is doing. Supporting each other in highs and lows. Not being able to wait to tell that one person that one story you know they’ll love.

    There are ducks at the pond on my campus. They were the first friends I made here. A couple times a week I spend time with them with another friend. It’s usually the best part of the day.

    Any chance I get, I go outside to see the stars and moon, because I never know when it’ll be clear again. I almost cried on Friday after seeing them for the first time in weeks. The moon. Orion. The Big Dipper. The winter hexagon. Venus. Every point of light is special. A cosmic message that you are not alone. I tell the stars everything and I end every meeting with “I love you.”

    I hug my favorite stuffed animals. I take my new medication that makes me feel better than I have in years. I can’t wait to get up and keep working on my passion project, a speculative fiction novel.

    I love my life. I love myself. Other people love me and I love them. I love what I’m doing.

    I am aro. My life is full. It was never incomplete and never will be.

    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again but it is absolutely an example of civilizational inadequacy that only deaf people know ASL

    “oh we shouldn’t teach children this language, it will only come in handy if they [checks notes] ever have to talk in a situation where it’s noisy or they need to be quiet”

    My mom learned it because she figured she’ll go deaf when she gets old

    My family went holiday SCUBA diving once, and a couple of Deaf guys were in the group. I was really little and I spent most of the briefing overcome with the realization that while the rest of us were going to have regulators in our mouths and be underwater fairly soon, they were going to be able to do all the same stuff and keep talking.

    The only reason some form of sign language is not a standard skill is ableism, as far as I can tell.


    For anyone interested in learning, Bill Vicars has full lessons of ASL on youtube that were used in my college level classes. 


    and here’s the link to the website he puts in his videos:


    I present:

    Get Him (2021)

    On their own, they're unstoppable. Together, well... they try.

    When cocky ex-military detective Karver Crowe (Reynolds) is kidnapped by ruthless criminals, little do they know they must face the wrath of Karver's CIA husband — the stoic and fearless special agent John Crowe (Reeves) — who will stop at nothing to get him back.

    (Featuring Justice Smith as their adopted son.)

    This is literally the most heart warming story I have read on Twitter so far. I think this is exactly what friends should do, and I feel everyone deserves people like this.

    A barn rasing:  a collective action of a community, in which<> a barn for one of the members is built or rebuilt collectively by members of the community.

    because you cannot, you CANNOT, build a barn on your own, and without it, you will not be able to survive. 

    What a fuckin’ gem of a sentence. “What we did today was a barn rasin” 


    Love in large groups with overhearing force

    Freshman year of college I was in a philosophy class and I was giving some sort of group presentation. The prof asked my group “what do you think is your purpose in life?” And none of them really had an answer while I just said “to make the world a better place for those who come after us” because in my mind that’s just the obvious answer. The prof looked kind of taken aback that I just had an answer on the ready and was like “Why? What’s your motivation?”

    In that moment I realized I was in front of a lecture hall of privileged students. I was surrounded by people who didn’t know poverty or desperation like I had. I clawed my way here on scholarships while they were legacy kids or trust fund babies. In that moment it clicked in my head that there’s this level of empathy that you can only gain when you have absolutely nothing to lose. A level of empathy that only the impoverished have. A level of empathy that screams out that you have to fight to make things better even if it doesn’t benefit you. It’s a concept that you can only really grasp when you have nothing to lose and the kids before me hadn’t known that pain. They hadn’t developed that kind of empathy.

    My only answer that I could give the prof was “Why wouldn’t I?”

    A level of empathy that screams out that you have to fight to make things better even if it doesn’t benefit you.

    all the angry rich people in the notes:

    also to all the people who are arguing that class privilege has nothing to do with empathy, studies show that richer people have less empathy

    i know u dont like to listen to us commoners but… lmao

    This is important.


    It’s not a “loophole” it’s explicit within the text of the amendment


    “Loophole” lmfao like it’s a fucking accident, like it wasn’t purposefully structured to reclaim and expand a source of free labor

    We never outlawed slavery in America. We simply transferred ownership of slaves from individual landowners to the government and large corporations.

    Other fun facts about prison labor corporations:

    -Federal and state-run prisons usually pay their slaves minimum wage; some states, however, like Colorado, pay $2/hour.

    -Private prisons pay $.17-.50/hour. The highest paying private prison is in Tennessee, which pays $.50/hour for “highly-skilled labor.”

    -You think that hasn’t affected wages in the US? You think that hasn’t removed manufacturing jobs from the economy?

    -Companies that contract with private prisons for their slave labor include: IBM, Boeing, Motorola, Microsoft, AT&T, Wireless, Texas Instrument, Dell, Compaq, Honeywell, Hewlett-Packard, Nortel, Lucent Technologies, 3Com, Intel, Northern Telecom, TWA, Nordstrom’s, Revlon, Macy’s, Pierre Cardin, Target Stores. Many, many products that say “Made in USA” were made in prison.

    -Private prisons often have quotas with the states, wherein the states contractually guarantee that they will provide a certain number of prisoners to fill the beds of a private prison, and if they don’t then they owe the private prison millions of dollars. I’m not making this up. It happened in Colorado after they legalized weed.

    -States have a financial incentive to lock up their citizens.

    -All of the above corporations have a financial incentive to see citizens get locked up.

    -This is why Jeff Sessions is going after weed. The prison industrial complex needs slaves.

    -To the shock of absolutely no one, private prisons have even more disparate racial demographics than federal/state prisons.

    -Where do you think they send undocumented immigrants who have been rounded up? That’s right, private prisons. That’s why so many of them are in the South. So they take immigrants who are earning some kind of comparable wage and paying income tax to the government, and put them in prison where the wages are absurdly depressed and the prison pays virtually nothing in taxes.

    -Oh yeah: <>private prisons pay virtually nothing in taxes. Because they technically manage real estate (prison as housing), they get all sorts of tax breaks and subsidies.

    <>Tl;dr the prison industrial complex removes jobs from the economy, depresses wages, cheats the tax system, and ENSLAVES PEOPLE, usually people of color.









    For reference, they’re referring to the clause that goes, “neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”