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    I just couldn’t pick @luvtoplaydirty 💙…so here’s my explicit 🍑from a few different angles 😆 I cannot lie…this theme day has by far been my favorite since I first started tumblr almost a year ago. And you my friend are such an amazing person inside and out! I have loved being a part of this fantastic day and hopefully we can continue with the JPM sexiness after the rules change next week 😘 Have a fantastic Monday gorgeous! 💋💋@gracielaw99

    💙💙💙 Meowwwww 😻😻I’m so fuckin happy you didn’t decide and shared them all 🔥🙌👖….I’m in luv with every one of the you sexy as fuck woman 🔥😈💋 have an amazing day 🌹

    Oh lady I will always show up for you and this amazing day you have created @luvtoplaydirty Thank you for all of your kind words and support! 💋💋



    Now you know I wasn’t gonna let the last red Friday pass without going out with a bang @unavailablejones ❤️ This post may be deemed explicit…but guess who doesn’t GAF?! 🙋🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️ Thank you for hosting this amazing theme day one last time here in Tumblrville! Till they all come home…💋❤️🇺🇸@gracielaw99

    I would have been personally hurt and offended if you had not joined us here @gracielaw99 but this is not the last week for RED. We still have next week before the purge and I will keep hosting this theme each and every Friday until they shut me down! Now to talk about this submission…you are certainly on Santa’s naughty list with this and for good reason! Mr. Law is looking forward to seeing this present under the tree on Christmas, unwrapping it, and playing with it over and over 😈😏. Thank you for supporting RED Friday, until they all come home.

    Well if you’re hosting next Friday I’ll be sure to show up @unavailablejones 😉 And I do believe you’re right… @mrlaw99 should enjoy this gift quite a bit this Christmas 😜 Thanks for hosting and posting darlin! 💋💋