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    could you imagine being the fool who played through Toy Box’s world that is detailed as fuck, an<>d sti<>ll saying KH3 was half-assed? I could never

    I do agree. But also we all know that frozen level was pure booboo.

    which goes to show how interesting the difference between Disney teams and Dinsey Pixar teams are

    DISNEY was so overprotective of their IP they ruined the whole world and forced awkward musicals into moments they should not be (Let it go was funny but Do You Want To Build A Snowman felt out of place for me), to the point where the villain who’s known for using electric attacks had to build an ice labyrinth that was so clearly meant for Elsa, which would have been so interesting to explore the idea of a Princess of Heart struggling with depression and anxiety, and if that would effect her light. A VERY interesting idea that was scrapped because Disney prefered Sora climbing up a mountain 3 times to pretect their vision of their characters.

    MEANWHILE, PIXAR over here said “lets design a whole new location thats so detailed and fun to look at and explore, like a hundred UNIQUE toys, lets have a FF-esc IP integrated into those toys. lets have BUZZ get POSSESSED by darkness, putting Woody and every other toy in harms way. Lets have the KH characters have such a big part of the story that Woody basically says “YAHOO, FUCK YOU” to the main vil<>lain. AND FUCK IT, lets have this title be CANON to the films series according the game’s developer!!!

    I call this

    Churches you could conceivably attend when visiting Kentucky!

    Horse Cave Church of Christ & Horse Cave United Methodist

    First up we have this improbable combination of large animals and geographical features.

    Dwarf Baptist Church

    Good for them?

    Big Creek Missionary Baptist Church &...Weed (nearby town name)

    Sounds like a fun time

    Raccoon Primitive Baptist Church

    I would say this was a red flag but I’m honest to god not sure what color this flag is.

    Big Clifty Church of Christ


    Climax Holiness Church & Climax Church

    *inappropriate joke*

    Majestic Church of Christ

    Damn straight!

    Krypton Brethren Church

    Really unnecessarily badass

    Jesus Name Church

    When your homophobic family wants to know where you’ve been going to church and you have to make something up off the cuff.

    Town name Flippin next to Flippin Church of Christ

    and last but certainly not least…nothing I could add would make this better

    I’m not done.

    Hardburly Baptist Church

    You have to be, to fight off the Presbyterians.

    Frozen Creek Old Regular Baptist

    Seems legit!

    Gooslin Bottom Church of God


    Princess Church of Christ

    Different strokes for different folks

    Left Beaver Church

    None sin with left beaver

    Happy Church Clayhole

    I Really Don’t Know What to Say to This

    Beauty Church of the Nazarene

    They also do cosmetology I’m guessing

    Poor Bottom Freewill Baptist Church

    This seems somehow incomprehensibly insulting.

    Wolverine United Methodist Church

    Don’t mess with them

    Meta Baptist Church

    A new and somehow even worse denomination arises

    Don’t worry if you’re not religious, though! Our state also has other attractions, such as:

    Bigbone and Big Bone Lick
    Broke Leg Creek and Broke Leg Falls

    and last but certainly not least

    Gays Creek

    This is Neon UMC erasure:


    It’s beyond me why they don’t invest in a nice neon sign… hipsters would flood the hills for that photo opportunity.

    There is very little Americana I love more than Absolutely Bonkers Small Town Names and The Places In Those Towns Forced To Adopt Them.

    I bought a bunch of bananas and I’ve caught Cleo staring at them every day since

    Update: I took the last one and now she wants to know where her bananas went

    How do you know that she doesn’t just really love that bowl?

    Because when we leave the bananas on the table without the bowl she stares at them with just as much love!!! She ONLY looks at the empty bowl right after we remove the last banana. Then she’s no longer interested

    Tell Cleo that I love her and would die in battle for her.

    My life has been so much better ever since I traded my impostor syndrome to brilliant conman -syndrome. Do I deserve anything in life? Fuck no! Will I grasp it anyway? Fuck yes!

     My art has never been worth shit, but watch me bullshit my way into art school! I am a horrid goblin, but watch me make these people like me! Am I qualified to do this task? Well I sure have the certificates that say that I am! And how did I get those? Who knows! Not me! I am so good at cheating, I don’t have to break a single rule to do it!

     I am brilliant, fast, and absolutely drunk with power!

    Finally a concise, accurate description of what I’ve been doing the past ten years

    any mention of black lives matter has disappeared off my dashboard so i thought y'all might want to know that police stormed a peaceful vigil in memory of elijah mcclain, attacking mourners with pepper spray. families were there. children were affected. this movement isnt over just because it's no longer trendy.

    Things about journalism that tumblr never seems to grasp

  • Headlines have to be as streamline as possible. Aka, they can’t include names unless the article is about a well-known public figure.
  • Those “water is wet” articles do more then explain what you already know, they’re providing evidence and sources that support/explain what you already know.
  • Oh my god, there’s information after the headline.
  • journalists are required to use the word “alleged” or “allegedly” until the person they’re talking about has been found guilty in a court of law