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    Noble Consort Shen Qingqiu ruling the Inner Palace with an iron fist and outdated Cdrama knowledge


    This is a fan art for the wonderful @isaaccadrian‘s fic To Bite the Hand that Feeds on AO3. I love this fic so so so so so much and you all should check it out. Please read the tags to make sure you are okay with the themes.

    Also please forgive me for my lack of knowledge in costumes (I just made it up)


    finally blizzard entertainment has boiled diversity down to a calculable amount. i can now figure out exactly how much a dark skinned brazilian man is worth compared against a gorilla from the moon.


    i just think this is extremely funny.

    think about it. they'll never have a queer poc because any character that's a person of colour will score enough diversity points for them to not see the need to also make them queer. they took the entirety of human experience and turned it into a collection of meters in order to hit quotas. lucio can't be bisexual because he doesn't need to be, because he does "enough" by not being white. they didn't even think about making lucio be bisexual even though he's a rollerskating dj furry from the future because he brings diversity of "ethnicity" and "culture". this entire system bases the existence of literally every character around how they compare to a cis white straight able bodied male 30 year old.

    this is literally default male deviation female taken to its complete extreme. this is THE most performative wokeness i have EVER seen. i almost wish they weren't undergoing the 780375802 other scandals that are happening right now so i could focus entirely on making fun of this.