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    2021 | 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards, Los Angeles (September 19)


    I would just like to say that I am very proud of myself for correctly identifying this as Christian Siriano.


    I love this especially because it would look truly pathetic and/or goofy on a thin person. The excellence of the design is that it is about her and her body, you know? Which, of course, Siriano is so appreciative of generally, the reality of bodies. It’s a celebration of her body. So she looks like the embodiment of delight, and also a particular poofy purple flower that I can’t remember the name of. (although I think bigger earrings would have set off the updo better.)


    Never forget that Christian Siriano started on Project Runway like “I can’t design for fat people” and then Tim Gunn was like “well then you’re not very good,” and Christian decided to get good.

    if you’re abled, please watch this


    A tiktok reply to a comment that says, “an ambulatory wheelchair user? 😂😂😂”

    The girl says, “I wasn’t gonna reply to this comment at first, but I decided I should make a video on it, because recently, I’ve gotten so many ableist comments about being an ambulatory wheelchair user, and I really wanted to address it. There are quite literally hundreds of reasons why someone could use a wheelchair. And actually, the majority of wheelchair users are not paralyzed. Over 60 % of wheelchair users are not paralyzed. They use it for some other disability. So just because you see someone who uses a wheelchair get up and walk for a few steps does not mean that they don’t need their wheelchair.

    I use a wheelchair for like, ten different reasons. First of all, I have a condition called hypermobility spectrum disorder, which is very similar to Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, for people who know about that, which basically means that all the connective tissue in my body is extremely stretchy and loose. This means that all of my joints are extremely hyper-mobile and they dislocate very easily. My hips sublux, or partially dislocate, almost every single time I try to take a step. It’s extremely painful, and it literally causes damage to my hip joints. My connective tissue disorder also caused me to develop a condition called POTS, or postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. This makes me pass out basically any time I stand up for more than, like, 20 seconds. So it’s not really safe, because I’ve gotten concussions from it before from passing out and hitting my head.

    POTS and hyper-mobility spectrum disorder also come with extreme fatigue, and I don’t mean being tired, I mean fatigue. My muscles physically get exhausted much easier than other people’s. And, to top it off, I have a neurological condition called functional neurological disorder. Basically, it makes my legs go numb, it causes me to have extreme muscle weakness in my calves and thighs, and some days I can’t really move them that well.

    Disabled people and ambulatory wheelchair users do not owe you an explanation, and you need to understand that. I am sharing this because I feel comfortable with it and because I want to, I want to educate this person. But you have to understand that not every person is like that, and quite frankly, it’s none of your business. Thank you.”

    End transcript.


    “we need to stop the stigma towards drug users and addicts” and “we need to challenge the idea that being sober makes you boring” and “we need to stop acting like binge drinking to the extent you’re doing medical damage is fun and normal for young people” are all ideas that can and should coexist.


    just so we’re clear, the threshold for “binge drinking to the extent you’re doing medical damage” is waaaay lower than you think.

    I work in an obstetrician and gynaecologist’s office. we have to tell patients on a regular basis that they are binge drinking weekly when they think they are simply consuming a normal amount of alcohol on the weekends.

    having more than 3 drinks in a single sitting if you have an estrogen based endocrine system is a binge that is medically significant.

    having more than 5 in a sitting is a medically significant binge for someone with a testosterone based endocrine system.

    every time you do this, it significantly impacts your risk of getting breast cancer, and damages your liver. it takes time to recover from that liver damage. if you’re having a 3-5 or more drink binge on a weekly basis, you are an alcoholic, medically speaking, and your liver is not recovering.

    again: the bar for what binge drinking is, medically, is so much lower than what you think it is.

    alcohol is a really toxic substance and not something you should fuck around with.

    again: if you have an estrogenized hormone system (common for most women), then 3 drinks is a binge. if you have a testosteronized hormone system (common for most men), then 5 drinks is a binge.

    anything above that number, consumed as frequently as weekly or more, and you’re medically a binge drinking alcoholic.

    also, if you’re drinking any quantity of alcohol 6 days a week or more, that’s another threshold at which, medically speaking, you meet the definition of alcoholism. your liver needs more days without alcohol in your system than just one a week to recover and be healthy.

    I don’t say any of this to shame anyone—to me, alcoholism or substance use disorders aren’t a sign of weakness or moral failing. and most of us genuinely don’t know this stuff.

    rather—I point this out because it’s important to reduce harm, and find ways to live healthier, happier lives. there is a life outside of constant binge drinking. it’s not always easy to find it. but it’s out there. you deserve a life where your emotional needs are met by something other than alcohol, and a life in which your liver is healthy, and the ways you cope and celebrate and find joy don’t put you at increased risk of cancer.


    also–even if alcohol is the only way you can self-medicate, or if you choose to go on with your alcohol usage anyway regardless of other options–you still deserve to know what it’s doing to your body.

    information is key. you don’t have to stop drinking, but the utter lack of education on alcohol + the normalization of binge drinking in current society leads to many people drinking without any idea of what it’s doing to their bodies.

    addicts deserve accurate medical information regardless of what they decide to do with it. for some people, losing liver function is worth the benefits they get from binge drinking, but they can’t make that choice if they don’t know what the consequences are to begin with.


    addicts deserve accurate medical information regardless of what they decide to do with it.

    Opening some medieval manuscript style commissions!

    Portrait: $15
    Half body: $20
    Full body: $30

    Detailed borders add an additional $6
    Extra figures add an additional $10
    Depending on complexity (eg, extra background details, like those seen in the full body example) I may feel a slightly higher charge will be due.

    I can draw your OCs, or real people, and I can even include animals/pets!

    To start the commission process, just send me a DM!

    Payment is to be made prior to my starting the piece
    , through paypal or ko-fi, which I’ll send you the information for privately in our DMs after we discuss what you’d like me to create.

    I reserve the right to refuse a commission if it makes me uncomfortable (and I will not draw anything I find distasteful or that I deem disgusting).

    I don’t know the fine details of determining the country of origin, nor year of a manuscript’s creation based on style/fashion depicted. I don’t know an immense amount about the symbolism, either, but this is all just in good fun, so if you see a real manuscript that charms you, you can send that to me as one of your references, and I can try to imitate it in my way, particularly in posing or colors.   I also ask that you provide some kind of reference for whoever you want me to depict. If it’s your OC, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just a simple sketch and/or picture reference(s) will work just fine.


    "Love taking an 8 minute route that takes an abled 2 minutes"


    Able-bodied people, this is what your world is like. In a new situation it's also usually impossible to even know an alternate route, so the options are like enduring the painful and dangerous illegal barriers or...going home. And for the people suggesting the op report these things- that's a great suggestion but you should also be aware of how often businesses, governments, schools flat out ignore concerns like this.

    If it troubles you, I highly suggest making your own complaints every time you see something like this.

    Do not shop at businesses that break the law. Do not let governments who deny disabled rights go unchallenged. Don't do nothing when your world is dangerous to us.


    getting an office job after years of being a self-employed adhd nightmare was so funny though. like all through college and working for myself i assembled this terrifying patchwork of lifehacks and getting-things-done techniques and none of them ever seemed to work that well or for that long. but then i'm in an office where i have a defined set of tasks that need doing with no creative input on my part and suddenly i seem like a fucking productivity wizard. coworkers marvel at how quickly i work when they ask me to do something. what else would i be doing. we are at work. you asked me to fill out a form. why would it take longer than five minutes. what do you people do all day.


    “Look at how much I can do when I don’t have to decide what to do first” pretty much sums up my transition from university to work life. Anyway now people at work think I’m some kind of SuperEmployee


    I’m very excited for my latest craft experiment, where I rhythmically slap sale rank oil paint onto a canvas and I see how long it takes to dry so that I can finally touch the paint textures I stare at so longingly in museums. 12 hours in, still wet. I am beginning to think this might take longer than I thought which you can imagine is quite a burden, as I am absolutely horned up to rub this paint.


    You guys sound like you know what you’re talking about but I’m gonna touch it every twenty minutes just to be sure


    I’ve put this canvas to age in the basement like a fine wine, along another recent masterpiece of mine “I put the paint on me hand and I slap the canvas like a bongo”


    Paint slapped on 6/9, as of 6/22 (I mean actually it was a couple days ago but I didn’t fully check the dryness then so I can’t be sure):

    It is rubbery feeling and the peaks of paint move when you flick them. The texture is not at ALL what I expected tbh and it makes me excited to try a different experiment, thick brush strokes, you know, those mad thicc ones that swirl real good

    Here’s an additional shot with my coffee cup for a further sense of scale so people will understand that these canvases are small and therefore stop sending me asks about my supposedly gorilla sized hands, you bastards, you rotten bastards scared of the hands your minds gave me


    I don’t know shit about art but isn’t this like a great example of art that pushes the boundaries of what art is? Like you’ve got your canvas with paint on it, but your reason for putting the paint there is totally different than why most people put paint on stuff. It’s like a study on texture or something.


    Agreed, this is really cool and also I love the fact that you really wanted to touch some paint, so you just went out and bought a bunch of paint and made your own painting for touching purposes. That’s striking me as really really cool right now for reasons I can’t entirely articulate. 


    For reference: Really thick paint on a piece of art is called impasto. Another really fun way to do it is with a painting knife: you can make each stroke SUPER SMOOTH like cake icing, but with visible, touchable texture between the strokes.

    More impasto:

    art by Jan Ironside, who does THICK IMPASTO FLOWERS THAT I SO WANT TO TOUCH


    You LITERALLY sat down to watch paint dry…


    Museums should have stuff like this on display JUST so you can touch it. With a sign like, “Feel me up! I won’t alarm!”


    make good art


    Only thing about thick impasto is that the paint can get a bit sharp sometimes. Like, I’ve cut my hand on dried impasto paint because the paint stroke was that pointed. -.-;


    Every reply on this post is delightful


    sorry this is not relevant at all but ive seen this post many times and EVERY SINGLE TIME “ stop sending me asks about my supposedly gorilla sized hands, you bastards, you rotten bastards scared of the hands your minds gave me” makes me spiral ive never laughed so hard thank you


    Hate the 4 or so days after peeling a bandaid off where you have to wait for the stupid red mark to go away


    That’s what you all said about pomegranates a few days ago. Tumblr doesn’t get to armchair diagnose me with two allergies in the same week, that isn’t fair.


    Stop being maybe allergic to things then /j.


    I’ve gone through my entire life with basically no allergies and I’m not about to start now


    #could also be an adhesive allergy! i am fine with latex but some bandaids man 

    Given that the persistent red parts and dry skin are always in the ‘shape’ of the adhesive part that’s probably it


    “Pomegranate allergy is seen in conjunction with allergies to other foods presenting as Latex Food Syndrome, which is caused by the body confusing the proteins it encounters in food to that of latex proteins to which it is already sensitised.”

    “There are 3 allergens thought to cause allergic reactions in pomegranates, these are called Pun g 1, Pun g 7 and Pun g 14. Pun g 14 is a chitinase protein. This is a plant derived enzyme made by plants naturally to act as a defence against fungal attacks. Chitinase is a protein associated with an allergy to latex.”



    You’re saying it’s possible that my body throws hissy fits over delicious fruit and medical treatment because it’s freaking out over an antifungal protein?





    May I offer moral support?

    I spent my entire life thinking tomatoes were spicy. Turns out, they’re not. I was 36 when I learned that I’m allergic to some kind of pollen that also triggers on raw tomatoes. :S


    At least you get an entirely different depth of flavour from the average burger! XD

    If Lynati is right I might have one single allergy that wants to fuck my life up in multiple distinct ways.


    The irony here is that I only mentioned bandaids because I was using them to secure samples to my skin for a pomegranate test last week.


    One of the most bizarrely cool people I’ve ever met was an oral surgeon who treated me after a ridiculous accident (that’s another story), Dr. Z.

    Dr. Z. was, easily, the best and most competent doctor or dentist I’ve ever encountered – and after that accident, I encountered quite a number. He came stunningly highly recommended, had an excellent record, and the most calming bedside manner I’ve ever seen.

    That last wasn’t the sweet gentle caretaking sort of manner, which some nurses have but you wouldn’t expect to see in a surgeon. No; when Dr. Z. told me that one of my broken molars was too badly damaged to save, and I (being seventeen and still moderately in shock) broke down crying, he stared at me incredulously and said, in a tone of utter bemusement, “But I am very good.”

    I stopped crying on the spot. In the last twenty-four hours or so of one doctor after another, no one had said anything that reassuring to me. He clearly just knew his own competence so well that the idea of someone being scared anyway was literally incomprehensible to him. What more could I possibly ask for?

    (He was right. The procedure was very extended, because the tooth that needed to be removed was in bits, but there was zero pain at any point. And, as he promised, my teeth were so close together that they shifted to fill the gap to where there genuinely is none anymore, it’s just a little easier to floss on that side.)

    But Dr. Z.’s insane competence wasn’t just limited to oral surgery.

    When I met Dr. Z., he, like most doctors I’ve had, asked me if I was in college, and where, and what I was studying. When I say “math,” most doctors respond with “oh, wow, good for you” or possibly “what do you want to do with that after college?”

    Dr. Z. wanted to know what kind of math.

    I gave him the thirty-second layman’s summary that I give people who are foolish enough to ask that. He responded with “oh, you mean–” and the correct technical terms. I confirmed that was indeed what I meant (and keep in mind, this was upper-division college math, you don’t take this unless you’re a math major). He asked cogent follow-up questions, and there ensued ten or so minutes of what I’d call “small talk” except for how it was an intensely technical mathematical discussion.

    He didn’t, as far as I can tell, have any kind of formal math background. He just … knew stuff.

    I was a competitive fencer at this point in time, so when he asked if I had any questions about the surgery that would be necessary, I asked him if I’d be okay to fence while I had my jaw wired shut, or if it would interfere with breathing.

    “Fencing?” he said.

    “Yes,” I said, “like swordfighting,” because this is another conversation I got to have a lot. (People assume they’ve misheard you, or occasionally they think you mean building fences.)

    “Which weapon?”

    “Uh. Foil.”

    “No, it won’t be safe,” and he went off into an explanation of why.

    Turns out, he was also a serious fencer – and, when I mentioned my fencing coach, an old friend of his. (I asked my fencing coach later, and, oh yes, Dr. Z., a good friend of mine, excellent fencer.) (My coach was French. Dr. Z. was Israeli. I never saw Dr. Z. around the club or anything. I have no idea how they knew each other.)

    So this was weird enough that later, when I was home, I looked Dr. Z. up on Yelp. His reviews were stellar, of course, but that wasn’t the weird thing.

    The weird thing was that the reviews were full of people – professionals in lots of different fields – saying the same thing: I went to Dr. Z. for oral surgery, and he asked me about what I did, and it turned out he knew all about my field and had a competent and educated discussion with me about the obscure technical details of such-and-such.

    All sorts of different fields, saying this. Lawyers. Businessmen. Musicians.

    As far as I can tell, it’s not that I just happened to be pursuing the two fields he had a serious amateur interest in – he just seemed to be extremely good at literally everything.

    I have no explanation for this. Possibly he sold his soul to the devil.

    He did a damn good job on my surgery.


    Some god is slumming it on Earth with maxed-out stats helping people and his dive bar of choice is oral surgery.


    it’s been said before and it will be said again but i’m begging you all nicely to restrain yourselves from being so casually aggressive and rude and obnoxious in the tags & reblogs of a complete stranger’s posts. no one wants to know that you hate [tv show that op giffed]. no one wants to know that you hate [character that op drew]. no one wants to hear you being ugly and negative for no reason. say what you want to say in your own post. don’t hit the reblog button. blacklist relevant tags. unfollow or block relevant accounts. log out. shut down. get help.


    Now, I’m not saying romantic relationships are inferior, or that they’re useless, or that you being in one or that you shipping some characters romantically is Bad or something off the walls like that. What I’m saying is that two people (or characters, since we’re talking shipping here) can be just as devoted to each other, love each other just as deeply, mean just as much to each other while being in a platonic relationship. The end point of caring about someone doesn’t have to be romance.

    Friendship isn’t a stepping stone between strangers and romantic partners, it’s a different path. And you can follow that path as deep into the wood as a romantic one if you want, and neither is inferior to the other, they just have different views.


    reblog my aro posts you cowards