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    Did you end up finding a good discord server? I’m looking for one too

    I’ve found a few really good ones through searching on Disboard! You can enter something into the search bar and then servers with that tag will pop up. Also if any of my followers have any servers they’re a part of that they really enjoy and are looking for new members, drop it in the replies!! :))


    Hi!I love how much you love dark academia stuffs and classical literature. And I feel embarrassed for asking u this,but I have this quizz about pride and prejudice to answer. Would you like to help me?I'm in the middle of the novel and I don't VIBE with it the story I don't why. And since you love literature I couldn't find another person who can be excellent at this. Pls hope u can read this as soon as possible. And it's ok If you don't want to help <3

    Yes pls private message me if you want and I’d love to help!!!

    “You know, what’s so gorgeous is I’ve had a lot of messages from young girls or women in same-sex relationships that have sent messages saying, ‘Thank you so much for this relationship, it’s so tender, it’s so well done, I feel seen, I feel represented’ and that to me has been the most rewarding thing, that we have created something that the lesbian community has taken to its heart.- Suranne Jones [x]