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2020-07-11 17:53:38

    I’m very excited for my latest craft experiment, where I rhythmically slap sale rank oil paint onto a canvas and I see how long it takes to dry so that I can finally touch the paint textures I stare at so longingly in museums. 12 hours in, still wet. I am beginning to think this might take longer than I thought which you can imagine is quite a burden, as I am absolutely horned up to rub this paint.

    You guys sound like you know what you’re talking about but I’m gonna touch it every twenty minutes just to be sure

    I’ve put this canvas to age in the basement like a fine wine, along another recent masterpiece of mine “I put the paint on me hand and I slap the canvas like a bongo”

    Paint slapped on 6/9, as of 6/22 (I mean actually it was a couple days ago but I didn’t fully check the dryness then so I can’t be sure):

    It is rubbery feeling and the peaks of paint move when you flick them. The texture is not at ALL what I expected tbh and it makes me excited to try a different experiment, thick brush strokes, you know, those mad thicc ones that swirl real good

    Here’s an additional shot with my coffee cup for a further sense of scale so people will understand that these canvases are small and therefore stop sending me asks about my supposedly gorilla sized hands, you bastards, you rotten bastards scared of the hands your minds gave me


    I don’t know shit about art but isn’t this like a great example of art that pushes the boundaries of what art is? Like you’ve got your canvas with paint on it, but your reason for putting the paint there is totally different than why most people put paint on stuff. It’s like a study on texture or something.

    Agreed, this is really cool and also I love the fact that you really wanted to touch some paint, so you just went out and bought a bunch of paint and made your own painting for touching purposes. That’s striking me as really really cool right now for reasons I can’t entirely articulate. 

    For reference: Really thick paint on a piece of art is called impasto. Another really fun way to do it is with a painting knife: you can make each stroke SUPER SMOOTH like cake icing, but with visible, touchable texture between the strokes.

    More impasto:

    art by Jan Ironside, who does THICK IMPASTO FLOWERS THAT I SO WANT TO TOUCH

    You LITERALLY sat down to watch paint dry…

    Museums should have stuff like this on display JUST so you can touch it. With a sign like, “Feel me up! I won’t alarm!”

    make good art

    Only thing about thick impasto is that the paint can get a bit sharp sometimes. Like, I’ve cut my hand on dried impasto paint because the paint stroke was that pointed. -.-;

    Every reply on this post is delightful

    LIghthouse keepers will never be memorialized like soldiers or cops because they didn’t kill anyone (as part of their job) but they’re like, heroes who saved untold lives through discipline and self-sacrifice doing an impossible lonely job and I’m worked up about  it 

    Clinging to a swaying tower in freezing, driving rain, risking death by everything from pneumonia to a fall to a fucking lightning strike to keep the lantern going when you don’t even KNOW if someone is out on the water!! Working! Class! Heroes!

    Love very much the sentiment of this post and also love the specific wording of “didn’t kill anyone (as part of their job)” because what lighthouse keepers did off hours is their own business


    Credit: @pet_foolery

    I think I already reblogged this but im gonna do it again because this is a good reminder on how toxic gatekeeping it.

    I’m reblogging this for the amount of thought that was put into figuring out the necessary configuration for a mertaur wheelchair.

    MMMMM, the LAYERS to this. 

    She’s technically a monster too. She might not look it at first glance and seems mostly human, but it isn’t deniable even despite her looks compared to the other monsters. 

    But she realizes that she is still not like the rest of the monsters either and may not have entirely the same experiences as them, which is why she feels that she might not belong to or deserve to go to the support group. By sometimes passing as human, she feels she isn’t worthy of the space. 

    The sad reality though is even though she’s mostly human in appearance, that tail she has undeniably would still cause her some struggle. Humans are still gonna look at that tail and think she’s a freak. There are probably still accommodations she needs because of the tail that she may still struggle to have access to. Even if it is just the tail, that tail is still enough to other her from humans and cause her problems and discrimination. 

    She should get to belong in that support group even if she gets told she’s not monster “enough”. She still shares some of the same struggles as them that are caused by being a monster, and needs support. 

    This is an excellent demonstration of the flaws in the concept of passing privilege. Bravo to the artist. 

    NOW I will reblog this.

    Husband just told me he’s going to sit in the car because he’s about to yell at someone on the phone and doesn’t want me to be upset by his yelling and I can’t decide if this is a little sad or kinda hilarious.

    Remember that post about how a lot of women are inherently terrified of men shouting, even when it’s not directed at them or with cruel intentions? Good men get that and will uhhhhh apparently sit in their car on a summer day because they just HAVE to roast someone but they also respect women’s feelings.

    “Pardon me, madam. This gentleman must be put to rights immediately. I will take him out of doors for a thorough admonition so as not to upset your delicate constitution.”

    Somebody: If you have trouble remembering things use sticky notes! set an alarm! Make a schedule on a whiteboard, it all works!

    My adhd brain: You don’t need to pay any more attention to that alarm or the sticky note anymore, it’s not new. It’s part of the environment and is just there because. There is nothing standout or noticeable about it so you don’t need to read it.