To everyone protesting across the country and even other parts of the world, please be safe.

    Some things to know while protesting:

  • Undercover cops will usually wear some sort of cloth with a specific “color of the day” so they can identify themselves when trying to blend into the crowd
  • Literally any type of eye protection. Rubber bullets aren’t lethal but they’re life altering
  • Not everyone is there for the right reasons, unfortunately. Some young adults and teens will use this opportunity to live out some sort of anarchy fantasy like they’re in the joker movie. This is really a game to some of these people
  • (Minneapolis 5-29-20)

  • These jumpy ass police officers are not here for your safety. Tear gas, rubber bullets, etc...They’re just as emotional as the people protesting and they will not hesitate to hurt you out of their own fear and or anger
  • (NYC 5-30-20)

    Black Lives Matter ✊🏾