i've been here 23 years and still don't know shit about myself

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    👍😍😍👍 REALLY LOVE IT when You drew Anakin with INVERTED Ahsoka-esque Clothing + the Tiddy and Back Windows cause It's FUNNY yet INTERESTINGLY Intriguing at the same time!! 🤔🤔 Also imagine the WHOLE Clones(ESPECIALLY yet MOSTLY Rex and the 501st Legion) stop what They're doing while staring/glaring/looking at Him wearing It everywhere...


    aaahhhhh thank you friend for such a sweet message!!! love and totally approve your ideas!! this is not much, but i just couldn’t miss the opportunity of drawing the outfit seen from the back this time (RIP Rex and the 501st hahah)

    ““They’ll spend it on booze” is a fixation that bears little relation to reality. The rich spend more on alcohol than the poor, both in cash terms and as a proportion of their income. Indeed the rich spend as much on alcohol and smoking as the poor do on heating and lighting their homes. But the undeserving, feckless poor trope is incredibly useful to those seeking to cut social security support.”

    — Caroline Molloy, The basket police are watching you

    Apparently Trump has now announced he is ignoring CDC guidelines for school’s reopening and will cut funding from schools that do not reopen normally saying that delaying reopening is a democrat scheme. Remember it’s a crime to not send your child to school if it’s open so children will be forced to go in unless their parents are wealthy enough to stay home to homeschool them.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it, again and again: this isn’t about americans being too stubborn to wear masks.This isn’t about ‘American’s are just stupid an<>d selfish’.  Our government is killing us. Don’t call it a suicide. 

    <>Dragons! Everywhere! It’<>s Dragontober!

    You can now get my <>Dragontober zine on the Fairy Trade Coffee Gumroad! For my 2017 <>inktober project, I decided to create <>dragon character designs for all 31 days of October, inspired by the official prompt list. Each dragon is introduced through a small rhyme as well! 

    There’s a PDF version that can be yours today and a physical 36-page zine that ships to Europe and North America!

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    me: my adhd isn’t that bad i’m just a baby who wants to make excuses for my ineptitude–

    me: *remembers how i gave up all of my dreams, and the concept of even ever having goals, at the tender age of 14 because it was so physically painful to attempt anything that required effort and was too hard and after i realized early on that no one believed me and was willing to help when i asked for it, i decided giving up was the only option*