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    My wife has always been silent about spankings that might have occurred after we met. She was 16 when we met, and the most recent spanking she has ever mentioned was about a year before we met. She has never denied being spanked later than this, she just changes the subject.


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    I sister was 22 when mom last spanked her. She’d been given a ‘soft grounding’ which meant being home by 10:00 p.m.

    She arrived at 02:00 a.m.

    The next morning she found her self over mom’s lap. AFTER mom’s hand did it’s job mom reached for her hard thin soled slipper.

    MY last spanking was a little later that that as I was a REALLY REALLY late bloomer and was forced by daddy to drive at 20. I was perfectly happy NOT to drive or win a car at all, LOL

    Severe School Corporal Punishment with a Paddle Yes, we all like a little nudity, maybe some corner time, and much of what lives in our fantasies in the spanking world, but as a producer, as well of a connoisseur of spanking videos, what really speaks to me is realism.  I have put together a collection of the most recent, most severe, and most realistic school paddling videos that I have produced this year.  This is school corporal punishment, with a heavy wooden school paddle, administered with the sole purpose of bruising bottoms and changing behaviors.  There is no warm-up, no gentle swats, this is full force school paddling, administered in the exact same manner that takes place in the high school of the South on a very regular basis.  You will see firsthand why so many schools utilize this form of discipline, as it is very effective.  This video runs 1 hour and 20 minutes, with 14 separate paddling scenes, and 12 different naughty girls, each filmed from a face and a butt camera.  While all paddlings are administered over clothing, each girl reveals the damage to her poor bottom after so you can see the results of very real corporal punishment.  This video truly runs on the severe side of spanking videos, with tears in several scenes, so it is not for the fan of fun little spankings.  For those lovers of very realistic school corporal punishment, this is a must for your collection.  This is a full HD video, filmed at 1920x1080, at 3000kbps.

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    What would you do if you found out that your hiking buddy had a super blushy secret and that odd crinkly rustling noise wasn’t just the sound of the leaves and rocks crunching under your feet?

    What would you do if your hiking buddy had to ask you to look out for other hikers for a minute so she could change really quick because she underestimated how much water she’d end up drinking and how long it would take to get to the end of the trail?

    What would you do if your hiking buddy couldn’t quite get the tapes of her fresh diaper on right as she nervously rushed to get changed and had to ask you for help? 🙈