Hospital Scenes in Anime/Manga

And some general whump, but mostly medical stuff. 

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2020-04-27 17:04:21

    Coughing fits behind an oxygen mask. Reaching up to grab it and hold it slightly away from their face while their body doubles over and deeply erupts in wet coughs that bring up stringy junk they spit out into a tissue. Condensation fills the clear mask

    One harsh coughing fit that sprays a fine sheen of blood droplets on the interior of the mask. The blood mixes with the condensation and runs down the mask like rain on a window

    Whumpee is fitfully sleeping due to the thin clear endotracheal tube coming out of their mouth and taped to their cheek. The wide blue tubes attached to the clear one extend away from the whumpee and vibrate slightly with each infusion of air into their body. Twitching occasionally, eyes darting back and forth under their eyelids, and their fingers tremble where they’re held in their partner’s hand. They start to whimper and gasp softly. The whumpee’s hand reaches towards their face in an uncoordinated attempt to pull the tube. Their partner quickly grabs their arm and pulls it away from the tube which makes the whumpee cry out and struggle harder. Their partner has to almost straddle them with their upper body to pin whumpee’s arms down while nurses run into the room to help calm the whumpee down. One nurse locks calm experienced eyes with the panicked ones of the partner and says this is a good thing because they’re starting to breathe on their own and they’re conscious enough to feel the tube. The Respiratory therapist comes in to remove the tube.

    An oxygen monitor is looped around their finger and programmed to beep when the oxygen saturation drops below 90%. Whumpee is dozing but abruptly wakes up to propt themself up on their elbows and lean over the bed. A series of deep hacking coughs overtakes them and they can’t get a breath. They don’t even hear the beeping but someone must because a nurse rushes in and rustles some equipment from behind the bed. Whumpee is still coughing when the nurse slips a nasal cannula over their face and threads it over their ears. As the coughing abates, so does the beeping and the nurse helps the whumpee to lean back in bed. The head of it is now elevated and the exhausted whumpee sinks back into the mattress and pillow. The nurse tells them to breathe in through their nose and the O2 saturation number rises.