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    Mic Is Mine! Masterpost

    Matsuoka Natsumi 14/11/25 Google+ Post English Translation


    いつかのごぼてん!で ゆうさんがなつみかんにやってた壁ドン、 台詞はそのままなつみかんにやってもらった\(^o^)/ One day on Goboten! Yuu-san Kabe-donned Natsumikan, Natsumikan did the lines as it is\(^o^)/

    きゅん💕笑 Kyun💕笑

    She’s a genius.

    ※The girls had to guess which one among Baby, Ueki and Boss was faking to be eating a candy. Meru initially asks them all to “show” the candy on the right side of their mouths (but Baby shows “it” on the left), she then asks them all to move a little the candy in their mouths so that she and her pals could somehow understand if they were faking or not; lastly, Aoitan asks them to show them with their hands the size of their candy, approx. 


    “Do I look like I eat bugs?” (Source)


    The way the frog looked at the guy and the bug! I can’t 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


    I’ve never seen a frog THROW something omg hahaha let alone FOOD


    I keep staring at his second eye wtf, I didn’t even know that was possible.


    Fun fact: It’s not a second eye, it’s a transparent third eyelid! Most reptiles and amphibians have them. Some mammals, like cats and camels have them too!


    That is one pissed off Frog.