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    This is one of my fav movements of em

    As the time slows down they become the main focus eren starts listening her we can only hear her voice with a pleasant soundtrack as she thanks eren she tells him he ain't useless as he thought she gives h courage,hope,a reason to fight when he was hopeless,broken by hannes death.

    surrounded by campanula flowers symbol of gratitude & everlasting love.

    "I need to tell you something"

    as she thought they are gonna die so wanted to cherish their last movement and tell her feelings. from where there was no way ray of hope to take them out of this situation mikasa ribs cracked,eren can't transform,scouts struggling with reiner and all these titans total chaos death surrounding them.

    So she tries to kiss him for the first & last time

    But he stands up not rejecting the kiss

    he acts by his actions telling her & us not to worry as it won't be the last movement of theirs and to fight in every situation they will live on he was moved by her words she was the new reason to fight in that situation to protect her

    'i will wrap that around you now and forever"

    Punching a titan with bare hands just to protect her even tho he didn't knew he had FT power he was ready to sacrifice himself in order to protect her

    Mikasa expressed her feelings through words and eren reciprocated them with his actions


    This will forever be my favourite EreMika moment. The emotion here is so raw and Mikasa’s words to Eren are so genuine and moving. ♥️