Hi! How are you? Just want to say that you have a great blog and love the stories that come with it. Love the fact that you share your husband because sharing is caring lol but what made you become open minded?

HI, thanks. also love your blog too! 

I became open minded, I suppose, because my husband and I just reached a point where we had the ultimate trust in each other and unconditional love. This came about through honesty and many years of shared history together. 

When we acknowledged what we had in our relationship, it was easy to free ourselves from the conventional restrictions that come with traditional marriage. We both realise we only have one life to live, we only have limited time on this earth. We might was well explore and enjoy everything as much as we can. This does not mean we are on an eternal quest to fuck others or indulge, or be gluttons. We are simply open to things and experiences, together, it if the right person crosses our paths. I hope that answers how I became so openminded. Thanks for asking.