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    O Hai

    What a looonnnng absence.

    I hate when blogs do what I just did.

    It has been nearly two years, can you believe it.

    Thank you for your kind messages.

    Been very distracted. We had a baby. Bliss.

    Lots to tell you. Lots of new adventures.

    Real and otherwise.

    Lots of irons in the fire.

    Getting back to all my private messages individually.

    Bear with me.

    Yours cuckqueaningly,



    So Much To Tell.....

    Hello beautiful sexual people. I now am on my way to eight thousand of you gorgeous like-minded human beings. Holy fuck! Apologies for the neglect. College exams, family time and some wicked sexy times have been distracting me. Pinkie promise, you are going to get a deluge of real life experience and some major erotica this week!! Thank you for all the mail and asks, going to get through it all and intend to respond asap. Never be a stranger! Chat/ask me anything.

    Yours as always, Q. X

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    I think my girlfriend may have some cuckquean tendencies. She's bi and often attracted to girls, but she's had arousing dreams of watching me getting sexual with women she's attracted to, and once had me finger her while I described an experience from her past. Plus, she's really eager to bring another girl in for a threesome, though much of that is her own interest in girls. It's important to me not to hurt her, so how can I investigate to see how far this possibility goes?

              Good question and your concern is commendable. She is a lucky girl but unless you put a ring on her finger she will never be a Cuckquean because Cuckqueanery all hinges on the adultery aspect of relationships. Risking the commitment you made to each other in front of all your families and friends when you legally committed and bound your lives together- by bringing others into the marriage bed. That risk adds to the excitement. This is not an agreement to swing, this is a specific and unique arrangement between a husband and a wife.          Technicalities aside, it really is touching how concerned you are for your girlfriend’s sexual freedom. You seem like a really superb boyfriend. But at this point, all you can do is talk to her, have the conversation. Tell her exactly what you wrote to me. Start your own blog together to share your desires. You might find once she knows she has an ally in you, your sexual world will open up. As always. Be happy & BE SAFE.



    I love your old & new blog. I know you get asked this a lot. What is the best way approach another lady to see if she is willing to be my husbands cuckcake? We have experienced this but the other lady is per say not into that. She wanted me (wife) to basically participate. I one time made an excuss to go to other room & could hear my husband pleasing her. That was so hot & I was so wet.

    Hi. It is a good question. We have had a tonne of success on Tinder. But my profile/bio is 100% honest, makes it clear I am happily married and am ONLY interested in girls who want a casual, no commitment thing. I promise them they will be treated right and shown a good time. You may be surprised at how many seriously adventurous girls are out there. See, sure the cuckquean fetish is majorly hot, but the reality of it is hard to explain, cold, to a stranger. Getting a girl into a threesome is hard enough so start there and get your cuckqueany thrills when they happen. Like the scenario you used as an example. Hot!


    This is me making me so horny! Your writing 😍

    Thanks xex-321. Love it. Thanks for taking the time to write. I wrote most my stories in the beginning so check out my archive, July 2014 was a good month! ;) Excited to be moving into reality, but I still have many scenarios burning in my brain, will have to share them soon. -Q

    Hello My KinkyFriends.

    O.o- Look what happened as I was logged in last weekend..... 
    7000 of you sexy-minded people have taken the time to follow m
    Holy Shit & Thank you.

    News: We have been chatting about planning a serious new escapade with someone special, lots to write about, she just gave me permission to share the naked pics she sent us. We have been teasing each other for months now, I will tell you about it soon. 

    Enjoy the weekend. 

    (I have a few posts to catch up on, been a busy few months for me.
    Going to be trying out some new layouts, bear with me.
    If anyone has any suggestions on good readable layouts-inbox me


    4 of 5

    I cleaned up the design and took them out of the originalphoto set.

    So you can pick and choose which definition fits you.

    It seems a lot of us out there like to share :)


    I truly appreciate everyone who reads my stuff.


    I got a request to repost this from htownhwife, one of my first followers and one of the original cuckqueans/cuckcake switches round here. Please enjoy it again!


    2/3 True Story. I didn’t take any photos during that amazing night. We just got right into it, too busy fucking each other to even think of saving the memory until afterward when she had her jacket on and was ready to walk out the door.
    I snapped a pic of cuckcake and I holding hands as we said goodbye. Then cuckcake and my husband kissed goodnight. Holy fuck that was hot- it was all I could do not to drag them both back to bed. They got really into it and french kissed for a good while, they were stepping back into the corner and his hands dropped to squeeze and stroke her clothed ass. I felt jealous. I loved it. Right after she left I was so turned on that I let him fuck my mouth til I gagged. He did take pics of that. I’ll post some later.

    Part 1 Here.


    Does woman like men to wear women's panties

    Um-wtf? But. OK. You took the time to ask so I will answer.Short answer~ If by ‘woman’ you are referring to me, then the answer is: I like my man to wear whatever the fuck he likes. Longer answer~ BUT if it is your thing to wear women’s panties, to feel like a woman or act like a woman or to sniff them or to make you feel comfortable, or sexy, or kinky, or whatever, then blog about it, explore it, celebrate it. Honest answer~ But dude, don’t ask shit like this anonymously, it just makes it all a bit creepy and it should not be. It’s an extremely popular fetish and your community is out there dude. I support all colours on the spectrum - If it is your thing to get off on men in women’s underwear GO FOR IT! Go forth and follow transvestite, cross dresser and undies-fetish blogs, love it!  But don’t bother someone who has never ever mentioned any inclination towards it in nearly 600 posts. There are much better ways to get off round here. FIND YOUR CIRCLE and don’t be odd in my inbox, that’s all I am trying to say!

    A word about being anonymous~ (If you had been brave enough to use your name instead of being anon I could have given you this advice in private, but since you didn’t I have to post it for a while, hopeful that you will read it.)

    Our First Cuckcake

    A while back I teased you guys with the fact that I had finally made my fantasy a reality.

    Here is how it happened.

    1/3 True Story: We met her on Tinder. A beautiful girl. Twenty four years old. She ticked all the boxes, smart, funny, talented-with a seriously wicked voice, no strings attached. She lived in a foreign country we were due to visit.  Also, most importantly, she was majorly down to fuck. We could not decide where to meet. A bar? A restaurant? Should she come straight to our room? So many variables. Would going straight to our room send the wrong signals..? We just tried not to dwell on the details too much, it could have bogged us down. Turns out she caught up with us as we were having dinner, although neither of us had any appetite considering the enormity of what we were planning to do in our marriage. Sharing him after 18 years of exclusivity does not come easy and letting all that go is part of the thrill. When she actually showed up I was both surprised and delighted. She wore glasses, like the perfect geek girl.  She was prettier in person, her eyes twinkled in the candlelight of the restaurant. Her lips were painted magenta and when she laughed they parted to reveal big perfect white teeth. She also did a really cute thing with her tongue where the tip would appear between her teeth sometimes. I became a clumsy idiot, dropping cutlery and clanging my glass against my plate with each sip. My husband as usual was cool as a cucumber and we all relaxed eventually.

    And so it worked out that we were all eager to go straight back to the room to chillax. We chatted and drank and puffed joints for a couple of hours, even after two bottles of wine and multiple mini bar raids I found myself quite sober. It was getting late, we had danced around the subject for hours. I purposely put myself on the chair while the two of them sat on the couch. I enjoyed watching them interacting, I could tell he liked her and it was going to happen but they needed a push. The subject of languages came up and I spoke to him in Irish asking him if he wanted to kiss her, he said yes, immediately. We laughed and translated it for her and she grinned and said ‘So, this is really going to happen.’ From that point on, it was on. He started kissing her. In front of me. My husband who has not put his lips on another girl in 18 years began french kissing the stunningly exotic cuckcake right in front of me. My heart pounded and my pussy really gushed and throbbed with excitement and their bodies pressed together and their arms entwined. I would have been quite happy watching this continue but she broke off the kiss all too soon and invited me to join. I did not mind at all though, I wanted her too. I wedged in between them, he was behind me, caressing my ass as I began kissing her. I forgot how soft girls lips are, her tongue as well, it was gentle but passionate, I loved kissing her. I kissed them both. Her hands began squeezing my tits making me groan. We started pulling off our tops when my husband suggested we get to the bed. I think I got there first, I looked back to see my husband had Cuckcake by the hand as he led her. I felt that was so sweet and that little gesture pleasured me enormously. I think they began kissing again, which was amazing to see and then we all made out. Somehow or another we all ended up naked. 

    Her moans into my mouth were the first indication to me that my husband had just begun to squeeze his dick into her. She was on top of me, kissing me and every time he pushed into her, her entire body would jerk. I was so instantly turned on and queasy all at once but it was an incredible feeling. My husband’s dick was sliding in and out of her wet pussy and she was literally right on top of me, I could feel it, it was actually happening. I kept mumbling to her it that it was so fucking hot and kissing her. ‘I want to see’ I gasped but they both had me pinned, until Cuckcake realised and stopped my husband telling him ‘she wants to see’. I could hear my husband sighing with desire, I got up and kissed him as she rolled over and spread her legs wide open for him again. He kissed her as he slid inside of her, the same way he does with me. He didn’t really look at me, he looked down at her as he hammered away. It’s a blur here. I remember being on my side and watching as I caressed her tits and tried to suck them, but I was town between watching and exploring her body and I don’t know if I can say I did either very well. At one point he pulled out and the condom stayed in, so we wasted one of our two condoms. I know, we did not plan that very well at all!!! We were all so very turned on though, there was no downtime. We were constantly licking and kissing a feeling and touching. I wish I had spent more time exploring her pussy. It was beautiful, dark lips, pink inside, tight. But I wanted my husband to have it the most. He drove her wild when he went down on her.

    One of the hottest moments happened and the one I have replayed in my mind over and over, was when I went to the bathroom to get my vibrator and I just stayed there listening. I heard some kissing. It was quiet first but then it started. The bed creaking. They were fucking again. Without me. And they were not fucking when I left the bed. I cannot tell you how hot that made me, a true cuckqueaning moment where my husband is being intimately pleasured by another woman, fucking her, in ‘our’ (hotel) bed. I am not even there and I absolutely love it. I stayed in the bathroom as long as I could stand it and then crept out, trying not to disturb them. At first all I could see was the corner of the bed jerking. I cold hear her now, making little sounds of pleasure and talking to him softly. I could hear him moaning in ecstacy. I paused before turning the corner fully, trying to catch my breath. My heart pounded in my chest again, I knew when I turned the corner they would be there, him lying on top of her, moving together. I saw exactly that. I need not have worried about disturbing them, they were engrossed in each other. The scene made me bite my lip. Her dark skinned legs clinging to his hips, his ass swinging up and down as he pounds her. I want to just stand there and drink it all in but the urge to touch them is too much and I crawl up behind them, licking and kissing my husband’s ass cheeks as he fucks her. He straightens up and continues to thrust into her, panting. I pry her legs apart and hold them open from behind him. His ass hits my body each time he pulls out and I bounce him back into her. She keeps her legs spread wide apart and I reach around to feel his wet cock sliding in and out of her. He pushes his cock through the tight ring of my fingers and into her, I tell him to fuck her harder and she is agreeing with me. I love that she loves it. 

    Suddenly my husband pulls out, without realising he is trying to avoid cumming I continue stroking him and he empties his load into the condom. It was our last condom! I felt so responsible for ending it too soon and I was overcome with depravity, turned on beyond belief. I grabbed the condom and emptied the fresh cum all over her mound, skirting her clit. I began lapping it up and swallowed. My husband sat back and watched in surprise and cuckcake giggled and agreed I was such a dirty girl. He could not fuck our cuckcake anymore but he could still fuck me and even though he had just cum his hardon was going nowhere. She watched and kissed me as we made love hard and fast. I could not get enough of them. I came finally as he fucked me up against her, when she said to him ‘I can feel you fucking her’ and encouraged him to fuck me harder. 

    I also got some residual pleasure weeks later when I asked my husband what Cuckcake was saying to him, the stuff I could not hear when I came out of the bathroom, right before he came. He said he could not quite remember but thinks she might have called him daddy. Holy shit when I heard that I almost came on the spot. I want to ask her, doubtful that she will even remember, and in a way I want to let them have that moment for themselves. It turns me on knowing they shared that and what was said I will never know. All I know is that it included the word daddy, it was hot and he definitely enjoyed it.

    I have no doubt, if we had more condoms we would have fucked a whole lot more. But as it was, we were on a one day visit to that country and time was short. That was back in September. So, there you have it. Our first experience was a great one. We actually have a friend for life and I hope she knows this. (She’s reading). I did meet her again for lunch when I was back but my business there was too important to get distracted by delicious girls. Although I was sorely tempted, she is such a sweetheart. I am not ruling it out in the future though because there are so many more things I want to do with her and in general. But I will save them for another time.  In short, it was amazing experience made special by the right cuckcake. I feel we got very lucky this time. Still have some more adventures on the horizon. 

    I will be totally honest. Ask me anything you want.

    This is all true, if you want to truly know what is in my mind, read my stories on my blog. ‘Sharing Him.’HERE.



    hey, my girlfriend is bisexual and a potential cucquean. how to go about it to encourage her?

    Well, Mr Mega. (nice name- nice blog btw :) Good question. I used to get asked this a lot, sorry but the answer is very wordy.I am pretty sure not every bisexual is a potential cuckquean, and perhaps, not every cuckquean is even bisexual. It is very hard to slot us all into these roles and labels. 

    In my mind, (I am not claiming to be an authority on the fetish but since you asked), there is a distinction between Cuckqueanery and bisexual/threesome play. 

    The difference (for me) is the commitment involved between a husband and a wife. The vows we have taken to each other, the shared history, the lives we have wrapped up with one another, the risk of igniting something uncontrollable, the boundless trust, the limitless love for one another and of course, the sense of humour. These elements have to combine to set off a true cuckqueaning experience. (Elements of power play, humiliation, bdsm etc can be added and subtracted as desired), but that’s the bare bones of the fetish, as I see it, and enjoy it. 

    (All of this is of course applicable to those who are not married, absolutely, but there is just something extra delicious about playing with taboos whilst wearing a wedding ring. )

    Now, in answer to your original question- How to encourage your girlfriend into cuckqueanery…? You cannot. 

    You can introduce the concept, of course. I have been chatting to a lot of people who are pretty relieved to put a name to their desire. There is so much male-skewed cuckholding out there but so little of the reverse that women can be forgiven for feeling alone in their fantasies. 

    As for encouraging her one way or another, impossible, not fair to her, do not do it. You can only discuss your fantasy with her, because it is your personal fantasy at this stage. Once you open the lines of communication, who knows? She could be/(should be:) totally into it. Read some of my stories with her. She might totally dig it and you two can begin a life of sharing each other. Put her first, above all.

    But a word of warning, do not be in too much of a rush to include others in your relationship. In whatever capacity. There is no going back. You cannot put the genie back in the bottle. The image of your GF/wife with another person will be emblazoned in your mind forever and likewise, she will have many images and emotions to process of you fucking another woman. Are you both strong enough and committed enough to get through that without doing damage to each other? 

    I have said this before, but, you only have one life to live. Plato said ‘An unexamined life is not worth living’, this ancient wisdom is just as applicable to the sexual aspect of our being as well. 

    -hope this helps

    -Q x


    Hi! How are you? Just want to say that you have a great blog and love the stories that come with it. Love the fact that you share your husband because sharing is caring lol but what made you become open minded?

    HI, thanks. also love your blog too! 

    I became open minded, I suppose, because my husband and I just reached a point where we had the ultimate trust in each other and unconditional love. This came about through honesty and many years of shared history together. 

    When we acknowledged what we had in our relationship, it was easy to free ourselves from the conventional restrictions that come with traditional marriage. We both realise we only have one life to live, we only have limited time on this earth. We might was well explore and enjoy everything as much as we can. This does not mean we are on an eternal quest to fuck others or indulge, or be gluttons. We are simply open to things and experiences, together, it if the right person crosses our paths. I hope that answers how I became so openminded. Thanks for asking.

    HI......So.......It happened. My husband fucked a beautiful girl in front of me. Gushing to tell all but overwhelmed by words at the same time.

    I will write every magnificent, sexy, wet detail soon as I can. (It’s gonna be long.)

    For now, here are a few factual details for the few of you who cannot wait and have been blowing up my inbox:

    She was 23, a world traveller, studying abroad, a talented linguist, singer and dancer. She was gorgeous, 5′5″, long black curly hair. Rich brown complexion with dark bambi fluttering eyelashes, plump ruby lips. We matched on Tinder and she and I hit it off so easily. Neither of us had any problem communicating via text and we had lots of intense little chats, it was easy to get each other wet. She liked my stories. She was wholeheartedly bisexual and had threesomes before but she had never been with married couple before. 

    I knew she was seriously interested when she said she kinda wanted to talk to my husband, . His beard was her thing. I asked her to message him during work and tease him. Her first words to him were ‘I heard you like to fuck’ but he was at work and couldn’t get a hard-on, so that was fun. He enjoyed her attention though and I got the benefit of it when he came home ready to pound me. He also began to believe the fact that this was really going to happen. There were never any expectations made of her, but she is a free spirit, she made all the advances and we more than willingly encouraged it, we wanted her so much. 

    We really only had a week to get to know each other before we were due to fly to her city, (purely coincidentally), but during that week, my husband and I discussed all the what ifs, sometimes got carried away imagining her between us and other times, got cold feet and wondered how it could all go wrong somehow. We covered all the scenarios. And ended in a place where we were ready to let it happen if it was meant to be. 

    It was. She was meant to be. She is a brave and rare creature. She met us. We all fell in weed hazed love fuelled by wine and cashew nuts. It really did take many enjoyable hours to go from flirty strangers to friends to lovers. Every now and then bouncing onto the topic of sex and away from it teasingly. Eventually, in the early hours I saw how my husband’s eyes were sparkling, his smile was wide and his body was close to hers on the couch.I knew it was just about to happen. 

    Explicit description  & conclusion coming soon.



    ps, Please note the pic above was taken as an afterthought as she was ready to go home. I am in my robe taking the pic in the reflection. It never occurred to me to take a photo throughout the whole entire session because we were all so into each other. Maybe next time. I do wish I had taken a couple that were more explicit, but the thrill of that kiss still lingers.