I love your old & new blog. I know you get asked this a lot. What is the best way approach another lady to see if she is willing to be my husbands cuckcake? We have experienced this but the other lady is per say not into that. She wanted me (wife) to basically participate. I one time made an excuss to go to other room & could hear my husband pleasing her. That was so hot & I was so wet.

Hi. It is a good question. We have had a tonne of success on Tinder. But my profile/bio is 100% honest, makes it clear I am happily married and am ONLY interested in girls who want a casual, no commitment thing. I promise them they will be treated right and shown a good time. You may be surprised at how many seriously adventurous girls are out there. See, sure the cuckquean fetish is majorly hot, but the reality of it is hard to explain, cold, to a stranger. Getting a girl into a threesome is hard enough so start there and get your cuckqueany thrills when they happen. Like the scenario you used as an example. Hot!