I think my girlfriend may have some cuckquean tendencies. She's bi and often attracted to girls, but she's had arousing dreams of watching me getting sexual with women she's attracted to, and once had me finger her while I described an experience from her past. Plus, she's really eager to bring another girl in for a threesome, though much of that is her own interest in girls. It's important to me not to hurt her, so how can I investigate to see how far this possibility goes?

          Good question and your concern is commendable. She is a lucky girl but unless you put a ring on her finger she will never be a Cuckquean because Cuckqueanery all hinges on the adultery aspect of relationships. Risking the commitment you made to each other in front of all your families and friends when you legally committed and bound your lives together- by bringing others into the marriage bed. That risk adds to the excitement. This is not an agreement to swing, this is a specific and unique arrangement between a husband and a wife.          Technicalities aside, it really is touching how concerned you are for your girlfriend’s sexual freedom. You seem like a really superb boyfriend. But at this point, all you can do is talk to her, have the conversation. Tell her exactly what you wrote to me. Start your own blog together to share your desires. You might find once she knows she has an ally in you, your sexual world will open up. As always. Be happy & BE SAFE.