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    O Hai

    What a looonnnng absence.

    I hate when blogs do what I just did.

    It has been nearly two years, can you believe it.

    Thank you for your kind messages.

    Been very distracted. We had a baby. Bliss.

    Lots to tell you. Lots of new adventures.

    Real and otherwise.

    Lots of irons in the fire.

    Getting back to all my private messages individually.

    Bear with me.

    Yours cuckqueaningly,



    So Much To Tell.....

    Hello beautiful sexual people. I now am on my way to eight thousand of you gorgeous like-minded human beings. Holy fuck! Apologies for the neglect. College exams, family time and some wicked sexy times have been distracting me. Pinkie promise, you are going to get a deluge of real life experience and some major erotica this week!! Thank you for all the mail and asks, going to get through it all and intend to respond asap. Never be a stranger! Chat/ask me anything.

    Yours as always, Q. X

    (Check my random button if you haven’t already)

    Hello My KinkyFriends.

    O.o- Look what happened as I was logged in last weekend..... 
    7000 of you sexy-minded people have taken the time to follow m
    Holy Shit & Thank you.

    News: We have been chatting about planning a serious new escapade with someone special, lots to write about, she just gave me permission to share the naked pics she sent us. We have been teasing each other for months now, I will tell you about it soon. 

    Enjoy the weekend. 

    (I have a few posts to catch up on, been a busy few months for me.
    Going to be trying out some new layouts, bear with me.
    If anyone has any suggestions on good readable layouts-inbox me


    4 of 5

    I cleaned up the design and took them out of the originalphoto set.

    So you can pick and choose which definition fits you.

    It seems a lot of us out there like to share :)


    I truly appreciate everyone who reads my stuff.


    I got a request to repost this from htownhwife, one of my first followers and one of the original cuckqueans/cuckcake switches round here. Please enjoy it again!


    I AM M.I.A.

    Hi my lovely fellow pervy tumblr-ers. Just so you all know:

  • I have not been abducted/kidnapped/murdered
  • I have not slipped into a coma
  • I have not been arrested/imprisoned for crimes against traditional marriage
  • I have definitely not run out of sexy threesome inspiration. My mind is as turned on and deviant as ever.
  • The truth is simply that I am back at university finishing my degree. I am up to my ears in philosophy until Xmas. I will try and slip in a few stories here and there but I don't expect to write regularly until the new year. (Only a few months away!!) I love all my story-readers and your concerns are truly touching, but I am OK, all my typing fingers are intact and usable and you can expect a torrent of filthy scenarios under your tree by Xmas. -Q 



    Your fantasy cuckcakes in your stories seem mostly younger than you. Would you entertain a cuckcake older than yourself?

    hiya Pervymercutio! Interesting, never really thought about it too much. I really just riff off the gifs and pics that inspire me. The tumblr blogs I follow all tend to disseminate youthful imagery. And because it’s all fantasy, the ideal is a younger girl. Due to the nature of my personal brand of cuckqueanery, the whole situation is easier and more pleasurable to me if the cuckcake is younger, less experienced, or more submissive than I am. (Not at all saying that an older woman can’t be all of these things as well).Also, we both like the ‘cute’ factor and younger girls just have it over older women. It just follows on from our real life, we’re both really youthful and all our friends are younger, it just feels natural to gravitate towards a younger third party. This is not ageist, it just falls to our own personal taste.-Q


    Cuckcake grasps my hair roughly, she uses my tongue, grinding her pussy over my face but I do not mind. Her pussy is delicous. I have already sucked all my husband's cum out, nastily, peeking over at him for approval as my tongue scooped his spunk from his cuckcake lover's cunt My mouth slides over her hole easily, I am getting her sloppy wet, her juice is all over my chin. I'm moaning and humming against her wet flesh using the vibrations and my hot breath to enhance her excitement. I pull a wet finger from my own pussy and begin to play with cuckcake's ass. I know what he wants next...


    Cuckcake drops my panties and grabs my ass like she is asked, but keeps looking over her shoulder nervously, at my husband filming us. I notice her distraction and tell her to chill, reassuring her that our films are always only for our private viewing. I kiss her and crawl up over her body slowly. My husband directs us as he wanders around getting different angles of me, his wife, seducing a strange woman in our hotel room. Our new cuckcake relaxes finally, slowly melting her body against me. She starts making out with me passionately and following my husband's instruction. My husband is so engrossed in filming that he forgets to join in. We have to beg him to put the camera on the tripod and fuck us instead.


    Sometime we plan this scenario but sometimes it happens organically. I just happened to arrive home early and my husband just happened to be fucking the neighbour's wife on the upstairs landing. It seems they were too horny to even make it to the bedroom. I can hear them fucking noisily all the way from the driveway. If they heard the car pull in they must not have cared as she rides him with abandon. She sees me climbing the stairs slowly. My face is blank, waiting for her reaction. She just smiles brazenly and raises her arms above her head making sure to show off her perfect body and that my husband's cock is buried in her up to the hilt. She has no idea that I willingly let my husband fuck whoever he wants so I have to admire her cheek. I can be just as brazen and cheeky as she is and I decide to show her. I drop my dress and panties on the stairs and stand straddling my husband with my pussy level with cuckcake's face. "Lick my wife's pussy" my husband demands. I love how I can rely on him to restore our dynamic when needed and as her hot tongue obediently probes my slit I run my fingers through her hair and throw my head back blissfully.


    I like my husband to have his choice of pussy when we are on vacation. It is so liberating to be able to flaunt our latest cuckcake openly when we get away from our home town. It makes my pussy wet to see the looks we get when we saunter around the locality, my husband with his arm draped around my shoulders, leading our holiday cuckcake by the hand. It excites me to have him take turns French kissing us, in full view of everyone. I like to see other wives and girlfriends do a double take, shifting uncomfortably, when they notice our happy threesome dynamic. They want to look away but instead they are compelled to watch us flirting and kissing and loving on each other. They glance at their own man and I can see them wondering, how it would work for them in their relationship. Some get visibly angry at the thought. I imagine they have been betrayed too much to enjoy the thought of sharing their man. But others, smirk and squirm and bite their lip when they picture themselves in my situation. They are the next horny crop of cuckqueans in the making.