Queancake's Original 'SHARING HIM'

(nsfw-18+)Female Cuckquean/Cuckcake/Bisexual/FFM. Happily Married & Utterly In love. Follow our XXX adventures here. Real Erotica.

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    2/3 True Story. I didn’t take any photos during that amazing night. We just got right into it, too busy fucking each other to even think of saving the memory until afterward when she had her jacket on and was ready to walk out the door.
    I snapped a pic of cuckcake and I holding hands as we said goodbye. Then cuckcake and my husband kissed goodnight. Holy fuck that was hot- it was all I could do not to drag them both back to bed. They got really into it and french kissed for a good while, they were stepping back into the corner and his hands dropped to squeeze and stroke her clothed ass. I felt jealous. I loved it. Right after she left I was so turned on that I let him fuck my mouth til I gagged. He did take pics of that. I’ll post some later.

    Part 1 Here.

    HI......So.......It happened. My husband fucked a beautiful girl in front of me. Gushing to tell all but overwhelmed by words at the same time.

    I will write every magnificent, sexy, wet detail soon as I can. (It’s gonna be long.)

    For now, here are a few factual details for the few of you who cannot wait and have been blowing up my inbox:

    She was 23, a world traveller, studying abroad, a talented linguist, singer and dancer. She was gorgeous, 5′5″, long black curly hair. Rich brown complexion with dark bambi fluttering eyelashes, plump ruby lips. We matched on Tinder and she and I hit it off so easily. Neither of us had any problem communicating via text and we had lots of intense little chats, it was easy to get each other wet. She liked my stories. She was wholeheartedly bisexual and had threesomes before but she had never been with married couple before. 

    I knew she was seriously interested when she said she kinda wanted to talk to my husband, . His beard was her thing. I asked her to message him during work and tease him. Her first words to him were ‘I heard you like to fuck’ but he was at work and couldn’t get a hard-on, so that was fun. He enjoyed her attention though and I got the benefit of it when he came home ready to pound me. He also began to believe the fact that this was really going to happen. There were never any expectations made of her, but she is a free spirit, she made all the advances and we more than willingly encouraged it, we wanted her so much. 

    We really only had a week to get to know each other before we were due to fly to her city, (purely coincidentally), but during that week, my husband and I discussed all the what ifs, sometimes got carried away imagining her between us and other times, got cold feet and wondered how it could all go wrong somehow. We covered all the scenarios. And ended in a place where we were ready to let it happen if it was meant to be. 

    It was. She was meant to be. She is a brave and rare creature. She met us. We all fell in weed hazed love fuelled by wine and cashew nuts. It really did take many enjoyable hours to go from flirty strangers to friends to lovers. Every now and then bouncing onto the topic of sex and away from it teasingly. Eventually, in the early hours I saw how my husband’s eyes were sparkling, his smile was wide and his body was close to hers on the couch.I knew it was just about to happen. 

    Explicit description  & conclusion coming soon.



    ps, Please note the pic above was taken as an afterthought as she was ready to go home. I am in my robe taking the pic in the reflection. It never occurred to me to take a photo throughout the whole entire session because we were all so into each other. Maybe next time. I do wish I had taken a couple that were more explicit, but the thrill of that kiss still lingers. 

    Hey my adored readers. It has been too long!

    Thought this article might be of interest. Whether it’s a soft threesome or a full blown Cuckqueaning experience, always explore the realities of your fantasy. 

    Lots of new scenarios coming up this weekend. Keep an eye out!

    Be safe, be happy, be horny! 



    I like my husband to have his choice of pussy when we are on vacation. It is so liberating to be able to flaunt our latest cuckcake openly when we get away from our home town. It makes my pussy wet to see the looks we get when we saunter around the locality, my husband with his arm draped around my shoulders, leading our holiday cuckcake by the hand. It excites me to have him take turns French kissing us, in full view of everyone. I like to see other wives and girlfriends do a double take, shifting uncomfortably, when they notice our happy threesome dynamic. They want to look away but instead they are compelled to watch us flirting and kissing and loving on each other. They glance at their own man and I can see them wondering, how it would work for them in their relationship. Some get visibly angry at the thought. I imagine they have been betrayed too much to enjoy the thought of sharing their man. But others, smirk and squirm and bite their lip when they picture themselves in my situation. They are the next horny crop of cuckqueans in the making.