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    Xena, the only “girlboss” I know.


    #put Kevin Sorbo in his fucking place

    Indeed, she did.

    Lucy Lawless, the one-time star of Xena: Warrior Princess, has hit out at Hercules actor Kevin Sorbo on Twitter after he repeated a widely debunked conspiracy theory that the rioters who stormed the Capitol were disguised members of Antifa.


    Though the pair starred together in a number of crossover episodes of their two shows […] there is a history of bad blood between them […] Or rather, more accurately, there is a history of Sorbo making disparaging comments about Lawless in interviews in the two decades since both shows ending.

    [In an] interview Sorbo gave with SFX magazine in 2001 […] first, he criticized Xena: Warrior Princess for its failure to conform to “family values” of the sort espoused by right-wing figures in the early ‘00s.

    He said: “In that show, they had two issues that separated it from Hercules: one, it was heavily into lesbianism, as people know, and number two: it was heavily into violence. It was far more violent than Hercules was.”

    Later in the interview, however, he reveals the true reasons behind his bitterness, saying, Xena took all my directors, they took half my writing staff, they took everybody to go and work for that show. They took half my crew! So, you know, it upset a few people, including myself But I just think of it as like, why are you stabbing us in the back? We’re the show that started it!”

    In a 2007 interview with FilmStew, for example, Sorbo complained that Lawless had received a small part in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man film (Raimi had previously produced Hercules and Xena.) The actor said: “I think Lucy got a small part in it because she’s married to Sam Raimi’s partner, Rob Tapert. […]”

    After Lawless had replied to Sorbo on Twitter, a fan brought these interviews to her attention on the social media site, to which she replied, “HAHAHHAHAHHAAA!! oh, Peanuut! You slay me!”

    In a 2010 BlackBook interview, he somehow both implies that the Xena actor may be a closeted lesbian and that she got the role by seducing the male executive producer.

    Asked in this interview whether he was saying Lawless was a lesbian, he said: “I don’t know. She’d never admit one way or another, trust me. She didn’t wanna lose that crowd. She did end up marrying the executive producer, which I think is how she got the role. They had another actress slated for the part.”

    Lawless, meanwhile, has not publicly criticized her former co-star, in interviews. However, Lawless’ progressive politics and Sorbo’s conservative leanings have often seen them at odds on key issues.

    By the way

    The [latest Twitter] exchange went viral, and the resulting love and praise for Lawless and mockery of Sorbo was maybe the highlight of this entire terrible week.

    It certainly proved why Xena: Warrior Princess, which was spun off from Sorbo’s Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, was always the better show. And it made us remember fondly how Xena, which spun off from Hercules, quickly eclipsed Hercules in ratings and has remained a cultural icon and touchstone, especially with LGBTQ+ audiences, while Hercules has faded into obscurity, just like Sorbo.


    This exchange also led to many learning about Lucy Lawless’s tireless advocacy on climate change and her work to save threatened areas. While Kevin Sorbo tweets respect for seditionists breaking into the Capitol who haven’t been arrested, Lucy, who is from New Zealand, has been arrested fighting climate change.


    mormon kids under the age of 18 being told their church is a cult


    mormons 18-24 after they go through their endowment ceremony and receive their new name and secret clothing and learn the secret handshakes and passwords and realize everyone around them has been secretly doing this the whole time and now theyre going to be sent away from their family for 2 years where they will literally not be allowed to be alone for 1 second of the day except to go to the bathroom and they have no idea how to get out of what they just got into


    one of the only perks of being a mormon woman is that i didn’t get my endowment at age 19 and i had a little extra time to mature and be out on my own. that’s all i needed to make a clean break and i got out at 21 before i wouldve gotten my endowment. 


    wait what? can anyone elaborate on this? because I had no idea this was a thing


    basically when youre a mormon kid growing up you realize your church is a little strict but you’re like whatever. i have friends at church because i go to church 6 days a week and everyone around me is affirming that this is the right thing to do and we have special knowledge no one else has otherwise everyone would be like this. so youve gotta go teach them & it’s the greatest thing in the world to be a missionary. also the temple is beautiful and amazing and spiritual and holy and everyone wants to go there. but it’s a secret! :) because it’s holy and sacred

    then if youre a boy and u turn 18 they’re like wow amazing!!! you get to go on a mission and be like all the great men around you!! and now you get to go through the temple! so #blessed!

    and then you go through the temple and all the above mentioned SECRET CULTY SHIT happens (EXPLANATION HEREhttp://mormoncurtain.infymus.com/topic_templeceremonies.html) and youre shipped off to a strange place where everything you eat, wear, go, listen to and do is controlled, and you’re not allowed to talk to your family or friends (except through a once-a-week email) and you literally are being watched by your companion at all. times. 

    some might say “you can leave at any time” but consider that i never went on a mission and i never went through the temple and i still consider leaving the mormon church the hardest thing i ever did. you have no social network outside the church. you are lacking major knowledge and skills. you have to grapple with the fact that you may never see your family again.


    I’m reblogging this again bc I have Thoughts.

    Leaving is such an isolating experience. No one inside wants anything to do with you anymore and no one outside understands the scale of messed up that Mormonism is. Like it’s easy to point and laugh at the ridiculousness, but it’s literally a cult. There’s so much trauma involved and there’s trauma in leaving.

    People on the outside don’t understand how hard it is to leave. I grew up where all my friends were catholic and are no longer religious and they’re like “well everyone hates church, you just stop going” but Mormonism isn’t like that at all. For starters I had to get a lawyer involved to leave and then the ostracization from the entire community that nurtured me growing up was just the cherry on top. It’s effectively being shunned. Everyone you were forced to call sister and brother growing up no longer wants anything to do with you. And you deserve it, because you shouldn’t have fallen for the anti-Mormon lies.

    Leaving The Church was the hardest thing I ever did and my family accepts me so I’m a lucky one. But they still ardently adhere to the institution that hurt me and has resulted in the deaths of people I love. I will never understand.


    “There’s so much trauma involved and there’s trauma in leaving.”

    It’s easy for people looking in from the outside to forget this. Thank you for the reminder. Can anyone recommend resources for young Mormons looking to explore their options?


    Please note: this post will be directly addressed to those hypothetical young Mormons

    If you know you’re ready to leave, use quitmormon.com. It’s run by the guy from reddit who is now famous in exmormon circles for offering absolutely free legal services to anybody who needs help leaving. You can give your church id number if you know it, but it’s not required (I never memorized mine, and I sure wasn’t going to ask for it). He takes care of everything. This keeps TSCC (the so-called church) from getting all your latest info and keeps them from hassling you or harassing you. They have to talk to your lawyer instead. Pre 2015, it felt almost impossible to try to leave, but it’s a lot easier now! The years of picketing General Conference to force an excommunication trial are over!

    Find a support system. Lean on your friends that have never been mormon, any family members who left, anyone you know who left. I’m an exmormon happy to answer any questions, and I’m sure there are plenty others in the notes who would be super willing to be supportive too. Exmormon groups are many and varied now, and it’s best to find the one that vibes for you. There’s a subreddit that’s popular, but I personally used - and I know this sounds weird, since I don’t have kids - a forum called Mormonism & More on the site babycenter.com. It was started several years ago by some mormons who had questions they weren’t allowed to ask on the normal mormon board (because that board required uplifting, mormon-approved answers at all times). It’s since shifted to ex-mormons or people who want to leave but can’t right now because of family situations. Even though the threads were years old, I spent weeks on that forum, reading about what other people had gone through and how they got through it, and to me, that was super helpful.

    Research the culty stuff at your own peril. I liked learning about that stuff for a really long time, because I felt learning about all those secrets (I especially liked learning about the truth of the Book of Abraham) … it helped me feel valid in my choice. It helped me keep in mind that this was something that I had escaped, something that had wanted to hurt me. Missing your abuser doesn’t mean you should go back, it means you should keep moving forward. Missing your cult has the same solution. Lots of people fell for the “we’re totally not a cult!” line by TSCC. Some of them will not offer sympathy. If you want to watch the hidden camera videos of endowments and other temple stuff, I would super super recommend you have a trusted friend watch them with you. And bring comfort food. You’ll probably need it.

    TSCC put out a series of essays on controversial (read: faith-killing, eye-opening, omg how could I have ever supported the people who did this) issues in mormon history. They are the Orthodox LDS pre-approved responses to a lot of the more incriminating accusations that have been leveled at TSCC over the years. They should be hosted on TSCC website somewhere, and would have been posted around or after 2015. They may reaffirm your faith now that you know TSCC’s defense, but they may push you right out the door. (Or break the shelf? Do Mormons still use the shelf analogy, or is that retired now?)

    Lots of mormons become atheists after leaving. Many join mainstream xian churches. Some become witches, some study every religion they can get their hands on, some try to go back and realize all the magic (or holy spirit, if you prefer) is gone. Don’t think you have to know right away. Some people throw away or burn all their mormon stuff, some people keep it to show their kids, but again, you don’t have to make that decision right away. Some people call TSCC a cult after they leave, myself included, but you don’t have to if it makes you uncomfortable or it it doesn’t feel true to your experience.

    Look up religious trauma syndrome. It’s real. The pain you will probably feel is real, the grief you will probably feel is real, and in many ways, you may have to mourn the death of what you were always told Life Will Be For You.

    And learn that the world is not half as evil as TSCC told you. Your coworkers who drink a beer at the end of the day are not evil or abusive. Your friends who wear sleeveless shirts are not evil or promiscuous. You’re allowed to wear short shorts! You’re allowed to drink coffee! You’re allowed to ask questions in a faith community without being silenced or condemned! You’re allowed to not want kids! There’s a lot of unlearning here.

    TLDR? You have options. You have freedom. Find nonmormon friends who will support you. Be kind to yourself.


    People joke about Mormons but this is the first time I’ve seen anything at all directed towards people who need to get out.

    I had a high school friend turned college roommate who left, moved 4 hrs away, and I had to lie to people who showed up repeatedly that he wasn’t home. That’s just the smallest outside perspective of this. They kept coming.

    It is a cult. It operates by manipulating people. My aunt, who also left, converted from Catholicism when she was a single mother in her 20s who needed help. The church gave her a network of tangible support and got her through a vulnerable, scary time in her life–and used that


    Texas Republicans are now trying to pass Bill SB1646, which would remove transgender minors from parents who affirm their gender and support them getting proper transition care.

    I repeat, they are trying to criminalize parents supporting their trans children and make it legally child abuse, and a removable offense

    Source: https://capitol.texas.gov/tlodocs/87R/billtext/html/SB01646I.htm


    Its a lot of legal verbatim but the specific points are underlined


    This bill is a disgusting attack on trans kids and also explicitly says that doctors still will be allowed to perform surgery and give hormonoes to intersex kids, which enables so much medical abuse and nonconsensual treatment. trans and intersex solidarity is so important and bills like this are one of the reasons why. 


    that's some grade A horse shit.


    the bill has been left pending in committee, which means they didn't vote on it yet—and hopefully they won't call it for a vote. they haven't scheduled it yet (and hopefully they won't) but since the State Affairs chair is a co-author, there's still a chance they will. I'm gonna call Powell and Zaffirini tomorrow, who are on the State Affairs committee (where the bill is), and see if there is any real concern of this bill passing.

    Unfortunately the State Affairs committee is pretty conservative (fucking Campbell is the devil herself) but I can update y'all tomorrow on who to target to stop this bill if it seems like it will be called again.


    Just realized that adding a link made my comment invisible. So yeah if youre looking in the notes for more info click here.

    Little did the little garden laid, she closed out all he wept for. 

    Who he stood beside now were other people,

    "Hasten!" she cried

    Instantly, the thought seized her, her will must understand soon.

    "Ah heard as mother said, she laughed little." an angel says. "Soldier, when yer out fallen, jump out well 'rived."

    Lovely, yet another unappeared impossibility, shall never again run over her maiden greenhouse.

    Afterwards, the blood that followed, the distressed mother knew that yonder, she could not remain.

    "Mornin' came, that's changed. God's forests boasted farewell, and came where their glowing thorns lay tore." another angel reports.

    In this world, they won.

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    I haven’t seen this make it to tumblr yet but this is only a tiny sliver of the hilarious fallout this guy generated. I never even heard of this fucking tool before but all you need to know about his entire personality is this thread and the fact that he wrote an entire book lecturing black people on how they should be more like him. Edit/wait, you should also know he wrote another book called “the curse of high I.Q.”


    anyway shout out to transhet men and transhet people in general. you're amazing and you didn't "betray" anyone or "abandon" anyone or "become the enemy" - you deserve love, respect, and happiness


    Trans men have been demonized completely by the very community that’s sposed to protect an love them.


    I’m honestly amazed by the fact that lesbians on tumblr got our shit together and (more or less) agreed on the new lesbian community flag, and now it’s becoming actually recognized off of just tumblr to the point where I’m starting to see it used in generic clipart when I’m putting together flyers at work. genuinely used to seriously doubt whether it would break the tumblr culture bubble, but it did and I think that’s so cool

    [ID: various clipart involving the five-stripe Community Lesbian Flag, including women holding the flag, hands holding the flag, women wearing the flag as a cape, and a dress, hat, and coffee mug with the flag colors.]


    if you don’t know, @sadlesbeandisaster made this flag and she is currently struggling financially. here is a link to her carrd, which has places where you can buy lesbian flag merch and donate to her k*-fi (please only use the k*-fi link if you want to donate, her p*ypal was terminated so she’s using a friend’s unnused account for it)


    not related to spn at all, but i would to bring you guys’ attention to the fact that the president/dictator of azerbaijan, ilham aliyev, opened a museum today displaying helmets of dead armenian soldiers and scenes made of clay of dead armenian soldiers that were killed during the 2020 armenian-azeri war.

    anti-armenianism is rampant in azerbaijan and aliyev has made it clear many times that he hates armenia and armenians. but a museum like this? this is new.

    please spread this. i want people to know how fucked up the azeri government is and how anti-armenianism didn’t end after the genocide.


    it’s also important to note that april is armenian history month (and genocide remembrance month) and april 24th is armenian genocide remembrance day.

    it’s fucking deliberate.


    back to this because the following pictures got released.

    free for kids under 6. they’re really taking it as an amusement park.

    the girl is literally strangling the wax caricatural armenian. because yes, in case you didn’t know, ethnic stereotypes are part of anti-armenianism. plus there’s the following screencap which says everything on the way they represented armenians.

    these aren’t the only pictures, btw.

    they’re brainwashing their children into hating armenians.

    but this isn’t even new.

    there’s a video out there of an azeri teacher actually teaching azeri kids to hate armenians. brainwashing them into thinking armenians are their enemies. it’s pretty easy to find, just google ‘azerbaijani kids taught to hate armenians’.

    PLEASE spread this.

    “the war in afghanistan is over,” sure the war in iraq is over, too — except the us maintains a continuous presence. after the suleimani assassination the iraqi gov requested complete withdrawal, and in response the usgov blackmailed iraq by threatening to shut down its new york federal reserve account, where all revenue from oil sales is stored and from where all government salaries are routed. this was just last year


    Calling a canon bisexual woman a lesbian becuase she has a female love interest or is in a wlw relationship is bisexual erasure and biphobic!!!!


    Same thing goes for bisexual men and mlm relationships!!!!!




    Same thing for bisexual people in m/f relationships that people call straight.


    Now reblog this cowards