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    Bug experts are dropping the common name of a destructive insect because it’s considered an ethnic slur.

    The Entomological Society of America, which oversees the common names of bugs, is getting rid of the common name of the gypsy moth and the lesser-known gypsy ant. The group this week announced that for the first time it changed a common name of an insect because it was offensive. In the past they’ve only reassigned names that weren’t scientifically accurate.

    “It’s an ethnic slur to begin with that’s been rejected by the Romani people a long time ago,” said society president Michelle S. Smith. “Second, nobody wants to be associated with a harmful invasive pest.”

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    “It’s become a sort of purity culture staple to call out Archive of Our Own, because we cannot apparently enjoy nice things.

    […] Some fans argue that AO3 should be actively moderating more of the content posted on-site, even though it has exclusionary tag systems so that you can, personally, tailor and be responsible for your own AO3 experience.

    Don’t like a pairing or tag situation? Hide it and you never have to worry about seeing it! In addition, AO3 does have a Policy & Abuse team that deals with issues like plagiarism, harassment, and violations of its content policies; it’s not the Wild West out there, despite what this new breed of moral panic-mongers would have you believe.

    […] There’s a persistent, and, for me, exceedingly strange swerve these days towards demanding The Powers That Be censor and remove fanworks that some users deem problematic, often with a pearl-clutching sentiment attached that the youth are being corrupted from exposure to unsavory themes, or the mere possibility of exposure.

    These sentiments always remind me of the people who used to assert in the 18th and 19th centuries that the act of novel-reading would corrupt a young woman’s mind, and that (especially) women couldn’t be trusted with so dangerous an activity as reading or choosing their own reading material.”

    y’all, if even uninvolved people writing articles can see that you’re being jackasses, it’s time to own up to your jackassery and knock it the fuck off.


    this is such a fucking blatant and deliberate misinterpretation of the issues at hand. nobody’s fucking angry about fanfiction containing dark content. we’re angry that AO3 allows fucking child porn of real life minors on their site. let me reiterate

    archive of our own proudly hosts child porn. they refuse to take CSEM content down when such content is reported. thats why people are angry. not because some of the fics on there fucking explore dark themes. holy fucking shit


    [image text: #don’t forget ao3 allowing blatantly racist fics. why does everyone forget about this. /end id]

    you’re totally right, the abundance of ~uwu les mis fic set during the BLM riots~ and shit like that is fucking disgusting and needs to be talked about as much as the CSEM material on there does. to summarize,

    AO3 not only hosts child sexual exploitation material and refuses to take it down because it doesn’t go against their terms of service, they also host an abundance of blatantly racist and insensitive material. AO3 is dogshit and if you still support it because ~free speech anti censorship uwu~ then you’re a garbage person

    “I’m just so proud to know a trans woman. It truly makes me feel like I’m doing something right. It’s really true what they say — if you’re gonna call yourself a liberal, you have to do the work, and I really feel I’ve put in the work by tangentially knowing one trans person.”

    hey, so somehow i got published?

    it’s edited by molly tolsky from heyalma which is a really cool jewish feminist site and the article goes into explanation of antisemitic memes, whether we can reclaim them (with a small not like other girls tangent, haha), and the Power Of The Internet (for, you know, evil.)


    Just wanted to put a plug in for one of my new fav websites, Can I Play That?, which focuses on accessbility reviews of video games by disabled gamers. As someone with a dexterity/mobility disability in my hands (carpal tunnel) I NEED games that allow easy and convenient ways to push buttons to do stuff and let me rebind keys at will. I’m now checking Can I Play That? before buying games since their reviews are ++. They include accessibility reviews for deaf/hard of hearing and cognitive disabiliies too.


    I'm not disabled but if I'm not spreading this for my other gamers then what am I doing calling myself a gamer.

    If you're angry with Cyberpunk 2077 and looking to support indie BIPOC, LGBTQA+ creators instead, check out this great bundle on itch.io! It's the same cost as Cyberpunk 2077, and the proceeds are split evenly between the creators! Please think about supporting this and other indie creators instead of AAA studios

    Nearly depleted funds may cause a group of volunteers providing aid to Navajo and Hopi families during the pandemic to halt care package distribution within "a matter of weeks," the organization announced on Monday.

    American Sign Language is the most widely used sign language for those who are hearing impaired or deaf, but Indigenous people used sign languages long before the development of ASL.

    There’s Plateau Sign Language, which is used on the West coast by nations such as the Salish, Inuit Sign Language and Plains Indian Sign Language.

    Martin Heavy Head Jr. is a member of the Blood Tribe of the Blackfoot Confederacy in Alberta, and he grew up speaking Plains Indian Sign Language, though he is not deaf.

    “Generally speaking, people didn’t understand one another’s languages, so there had to be a universal language among the Plains Indians,” Heavy Head said.

    Historically, Plains Indian Sign Language was used by the Crow, Cree, Gros Ventre and Sioux, among other plains nations as a way to communicate with one another when there was no one to translate when the nations came together.

    “When we were going to be making a treaty… it was the language that was used because we didn’t fully understand each other’s languages, but everybody spoke Plains Indian Sign Language,” Heavy Head said.

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    **Please Share!!!**

    Hello, friends of the internet! My name is Rose, and I’m a sophomore American Sign Language Interpreting student. I, along with my project partner Bre @quintin-thefinn , have been working on a Social Justice Action Plan for our ASL 2010: Deaf Culture class, and now it is time to put our plan into action!

    To help us with our project and expand the knowledge of ASL and Deaf culture, please share this list so we can reach as many people as possible! Thank you so much for your time and we hope this list benefits you and many others!


    okay djab wurrung info for those who care:

    directions tree is gone. they cut it down. its dead

    birthing tree is STILL THERE. the birthing tree is a gum tree with a large cavity at the bottom in which generations of djab wurrung have been born.

    as of today (wed 28 oct) the victorian supreme court has banned further works on the site until after a court hearing. this injunction is valid until after the hearing at 2pm aedt thursday 29 october.

    it is not over. we do not know what the hearing will determine but the fact that there will be a hearing at all is testament to the power of the people. now is the time to fight for country harder than ever before. solidarity with djab wurrung first nation. sovereignty was never ceded.

    email via: https://www.melbournefoe.org.au/stop_work_now

    call (if in aus): (03) 9651 5000 state name and postcode, tell them you oppose the works on djab wurrung sacred land


    djab wurrung court hearing update:

    an interim injunction has been declared until the 19 november ie no further works on the site shall continue until the matter is resolved.

    It is NOT OVER. this is short term, please keep fighting!!

    the guardian has published this article about the issue:


    email template: https://www.melbournefoe.org.au/stop_work_now (foreigners can use postcode 3000 for melbourne cbd)

    phone dan andrews (vic premier): (03) 9651 5000 state name and postcode, tell them you oppose the works on djab wurrung sacred land


    A google doc thats been updating with ways to help. Includes email templates/scripts for Dan Andrews, Jacinta Allen and VicRoads and how to support the Djab Wurrung Embassy. 


    [ID: screenshot of text reading, “For some perspective, the Djab Wurrung birthing trees themselves are older than the English language and Notre Dame cathedral. Their use as a sacred place for women’s business is older than Protestantism. The history of the Djab Mara people on their country is dated to be at least as old as when Homo Sapiens first came to Europe. This is an ancient and sacred historical site with vital ongoing cultural significance that the Andrews government and Vic Roads want to destroy to shave 2-3 minutes off of an 8 hour highway. This proposed destruction meets 3 of the 5 Acts of Genocide defined by the UN.” /end ID]

    vote moobloom on this Twitter poll or else ur getting blocked https://twitter.com/Minecraft/status/1312432010431016960?s=20

    Hey! If y’all donate 5 dollars or more to any of the places linked below ill draw you some art! It can either be just a sketch, or as fully finished as I can make it! My art tag is “my art”, please message me proof of the donation and what you would like me to draw!

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