[Profile Picture ID: Mettaton from Undertale resting his chin on his hand and grinning at the viewer. There is a transgender pride flag in the background. End ID]

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    been thinking about this a lot lately


    [ID: Five photos of adult polar bears sheltering their cubs underneath their bodies. End ID]

    (also, because I see the blog that posted this: before anyone tries to 'correct' me by saying "they're actually dogs," just know that people who can't see the images won't be able to get the joke if they don't know what kind of animal is actually shown.)


    ,,, this certainly was a choice is all I’m saying


    [ image id:

     image 1: a screenshot of a spotify wrapped listing genre #4 as “Modern alternative rock”. next to it is an icon of the same text, except it’s rendered as purple letters on a green-yellow background where the letters are so tall, squished, and close together that it’s almost totally unreadable.

    image 2: a non-transparent jpeg of a cartoon frog on a cloudy gray background with “graphic design is my passion” on it in bright red papyrus.

    / end id ]


    [ID: “I met a woman earlier and her two dogs who were the uncle and nephew of each other, and I just think that’s the funniest possible relationship for two dogs who live together to have” /End ID.]


    enters the pope


    He just beat Undertale


    [Image Description: A GIF of a CGI clip. It starts with two people in black suits rolling out a red carpet to a door. The door then opens revealing blinding white light behind it, and the Pope walks out with his arms outstretched. He does a series of gestures with one of the people in suits, which resembles a secret handshake. The Pope then chest-bumps the person and the GIF ends. End ID]


    callout post for my roommates who have decided to start writing lyrics for the hypothetical star wars musical ‘Glup Shitto’ written and dir by lin manuel miranda who also plays the titular glup shitto


    [i.d.: a text from the original poster’s roommate in imessage that reads, “hey fine sir / are you han solo? / wasn’t gonna ask / but then i thought, ‘yolo!’ / all the ladies love me / they cal me glup shitto / and the man-loving fellas / they all shout ‘ditto!’” ditto and yolo are both typed in all caps. op is shown to have reacted to the message with a thumbs down. end i.d.]


    this is how it feels to live in chicago


    [Image Description: A photo taken from sidewalk view of a snowy cityscape. Two hands are raised up at the bottom of the screen as if this is a screencap from a first-person video game, one of the hands is holding a Dunkin' Donuts coffee cup. There is also a health bar, stamina bar, and quest compass from Skyrim edited into the image. End ID]




    [Image Description: A comic with Undertale characters. It starts with Mettaton and Alphys sitting at a table. Mettaton rests his head in his hand and looks unhappy as he says "I'm so happy for Blooky, but it felt like our band was really going somewhere... now I'm back at the bottom again..." Alphys replies "hmm..."

    In the next panel, Undyne shows up, holding a bowl and a wooden spoon as if she's in the process of making food. She chimes in with "C'mon kid, everyone starts small somewhere! Even Papyrus started by washing dishes before becoming a chef!" Alphys and Mettaton both look surprised. Alphys stands up and smiles, stars in her eyes. "Metta-" She says, but Mettaton abruply cuts her off with "No."

    Alphys now has a more serious expression, and says "Mettaton, this isn't like you to give up so easily... It's really tough to make it on the surface, Mettaton... Especially if you're a monster." She moves over so she's sitting next to Mettaton at the table, and continues talking. "I'm not the Royal Scientist anymore, and at most, I can offer you a place to stay. Consider the job at least. If anything, it'll get some money in your pocket..."

    Mettaton looks unsure, but in the next panel he stands up triumphantly, sparkles drawn around his eyes. "You know what? You're right, Alphys! The smallest roles speak the loudest, and if I want to get to the top, I have to start at the bottom!" Alphys looks excited as well and says "That's the spirit!" Undyne gives a thumbs-up.

    In the final panel, Mettaton is dressed in a white-and-orange waiter uniform, holding a pen and a notepad. He's standing next to Toriel and Frisk, who are sitting in a booth at a restaurant. Frisk is coloring and Toriel looks like she's trying not to laugh. Mettaton says "Welcome to Bone Brothers Pasta House! How may I take your order?" and barely visible text text next to him reads "kill me please". End ID]

    [Image Description: A digital drawing of my fursona Spruce, a brown-and-green anthropomorphic pine marten. It is wearing a green shirt with a pine tree design under a grayish-brown jacket, both of those tucked into dark blue jeans. On their feet, it's wearing gray boots with small green wing-shaped symbols on the sides. It also has a necklace with a claw pendant, and two beaded bracelets. It's posed like it is floating, holding a stick in both hands and smiling slightly at the viewer. The background is dark green with a lighter outline around the character. End ID]

    Appears after over a year of inactivity to de-catify my Spruce