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    you know when you really really like someone bc of who THEY are but you also really really REALLY like them bc of what they unlock in YOU, like, they dont CREATE new facets of yourself or whatever but there’s those parts of you that are easier… to access… bc of this person…

    like maybe its easier to connect with certain interests you have or talk about certain aspects of yourself or maybe its easier to be serious with that person, or easier to be silly, or easier to be kind to yourself, or whatever, when youre around that person… maybe there’s things you forgot were in there and then youre spending time with someone and its like rummagining around the attic! WOW! THAT’S STILL IN THERE, HUH

    When my mother forgets a word, she is the queen of coming up with new words. Words that would take a third National Treasure movie to fully decipher. I was talking to her yesterday, and she said this: ”You know the time for los jibbities is coming up. You must be so excited!” Oh, is it time for los jibbities already? I must have missed it on my calendar. Are we celebrating something? “Of course! We should all be celebrating, shouldn’t we?” OK, so los jibbities is a happy thing. It’s not like something is giving you the heebie-jeebies, which would have been my one and only guess. “Los heebie-jeebies? Now you’re making things up...and this is my show.” You’re right. The time for los jibbities is coming up. Is this a season? “Yes, the season for love. The season for pride.” OK, los jibbities. “Yeah, sound it out.” Los…jibbities. LGBTs! “Sí, mira cuz you’re gay!” “You couldn’t just say pride season? You couldn’t just… *laughs*


    Blonde person with yellow popsicle: can somebody tell me how the fuck you make friends after high school?

    Brunette person with glasses: Show up somewhere regularly. The reason you make friends in high school is because you see the same people everyday. The reason you make friends at work is because you see the same people everyday. If you want to make friends as an adult, go to the same cafe every week, or go to a calligraphy class. If you don’t want to leave the house you can just go to the same twitch stream everyday that’s what I do, and I’ve made friends there. If you are a familiar face in a place where people share your interests, you’ll make friends.


    This is 100% correct. Please follow this advice. Seek out something you find interesting and consistently interact with people who do as well.

    [ID: ten images of pride flags with the word ‘bród’ (pride) and heart emojis in the flag’s colours written on top. Pride flags are: rainbow, queer chevron, orange and pink lesbian, @gayflagblog’s gay man, bisexual, pansexual, transgender, nonbinary, asexual and aromantic. End ID.]

    [ID as Gaeilge: deich pictiúir faoi bratach bród agus an focail ‘bród’ agus emoji croí sa dathanna seo. Is é bogha báistí, aiteach, leispiach oráiste agus bándearg, aerach ó @gayflagblog, déghnéasach, il-ghnéasach , trasinscneach, neamh-dhénártha, éighnéasach agus gan-rómáns na bratach bród.]

    Mí Bród sona daoibh! // Happy Pride Month!


    Sometimes good parents make mistakes.


    There might come a day when you look at your parent who loves you, tries their best, never abused you, and realize that they don’t always know best. And it’s a weird thing to come to terms with. To know you were loved but there were still bad things that they did accidentally. But even if it’s small you’re allowed to struggle with it. You don’t need to have been through the worst kind of abuse to question your parents.


    This isn’t a post about abusive and/or manipulative parents. It’s about things like your mom leaving you with an irrational fear of germs or your dad trying to get you on a diet when you’re a kid because he believes the studies about weight affecting health. Not intentional harm and not abuse. Just garden variety mistakes.

    thinking about “you haven’t met all the people who will love you” and like!!! you also haven’t found all the things that will make you happy!!!! there will always be new authors and musicians and artists whose work you will one day discover and love!!!! there will always be new hobbies and skills for you to learn and feel fulfilled by!!! there will always be new things around the corner that will bring sudden and unexpected happiness!!!!!!!!!!!


    I just really like this tweet


    Things you read in Cecil palmer’s voice


    {ID - four panel comic, followed by the tweet that serves as the inspiration. The tweet is in all caps, by @ SickOfWolves. The comic takes the text of the tweet and splits it across the comic. panel 1 - a computer screen, showing a single, unopened email. caption, “I hope this email does not find you” panel 2 - a desk chair, covered with moss. caption, “I hope your chair has grown over with moss” panel 3 - a desk, with computer, becoming overgrown. light beams in across it. caption, “i hope a pleasant but unobserved beam of light hits your desk perfectly through the collapsed ceiling” panel 4 - a skyline, full of cracked and overgrown office buildings. birds fly overhead. caption, “I hope the silence is deafening. /end ID}