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2021-04-25 00:26:45

    you have a problem with minor making boundaries on who they want to interact with? like seriously the purpose of carrds is to establish boundaries, like cranky that you couldnt interact with someone?

    i have a problem with minors willingly placing so much incredibly personal information in a single place on the internet where literally anyone can see it and especially with the culture that has normalized this to the point where it is expected and anyone who doesn't want to share that information is automatically viewed as suspicious.

    you have 13/14-year-old kids listing all sorts of information that makes them vulnerable to predators (including the fact that they are 13/14!!! that makes them vulnerable!!) and that can make it easier to narrow down their real life identity. that specific tweet didn't talk about location but i have seen children list their location and what school they go to, and that genuinely terrifies me. i've seen lgbt teenagers making public tweets about how they've been kicked out by their homophobic parents and need a place to stay in a specific city—you are literally broadcasting the fact that you are young and vulnerable and your family isn't looking for you!! ANYONE can see that! that's fucking dangerous!!!

    and the idea that you should list your triggers all in one place is also incredibly dangerous, like i know the point is to let people know what to avoid but what you're actually doing is giving potential bullies or predators a ready-made list of things they can use to hurt and harrass you. all of the things that that person listed as "basic info" is stuff that can be used to target you. it lets other people know you're part of an in-group, yes, but it also puts a target on your back. i've gotten racist hate messages, homophobic hate messages, rape and death threats, and i'm fine because i'm an adult and i'm not online that much, but it still takes its toll and i cannot IMAGINE being 13 and opening yourself up to those things online because everyone is now expected to list their race and sexuality and fucking trauma and medical diagnoses for everyone to see as soon as they click their profile.

    the problem with saying "xyz people dni" is that only the polite and respectful people will actually listen and not interact with you. the people who you should actually be worried about, the people who actually actively want to hurt you, will use the information that you have willingly provided them to target you. do you think putting "terfs and fascists dni" on your carrd is actually going to stop terfs and fascists from interacting with you? if they want to hurt you they will hurt you, expecting them to respect boundaries just because you have publicly stated them is leaving yourself extremely vulnerable.

    make boundaries by using the block button liberally, or like i don't know setting your fucking profile to private. protect yourself by valuing your own privacy and not actively providing people who might harm you with the exact tools and ammunition they can use to do so.

    the idea that i could only be upset by this trend because i ??? want to disrespect people's boundaries???? is so fucking bizarre. i made that post because i am legitimately terrified for these children's safety. not to be all kids these days, but LITERALLY kids these days are sharing their face, their identities, their entire lives, with the entire internet on a public platform without a second thought, and expecting their peers to do that as well, and it has real repercussions.