i unironically believe electricity is the closest thing we have to magic in this universe. consider:

  • it's basically what human "souls" are made of (your consciousness is the result of miniscule amounts of electric charge jumping between neurons in your brain)
  • when handled incorrectly or encountered in the wild, it is a deadly force that can kill you in at least half a dozen different ways
  • when treated respectfully and channeled into the proper conduits, it is a power source that forms the backbone of modern society
  • if you engrave the right sigils into a rock and channel electricity into it, you can make the rock think
  • there is a dedicated caste of mages (electrical engineers) tasked with researching it in ivory towers
  • whatever the fuck Galvani was doing with those frog legs
  • look at this and just try to tell me it isn't a kind of summoning circle
  • zzoupz

    the most devastating part about being transmasc is that I'm not quirky anymore, oh I like memes and playing games? I'm just like every other boys now. who the hell cares. I don't like talking about boyfriends and makeups? so does every men, idiot. cunt.


    I see those posts that are like "only BOYS will understand this 😂😂🤣🤣" and I understand it and I can't even make a snarky comeback bc I am a boy. I'm just one of them. pain suffering etc


    Out of all the times i’ve seen this I never paid this any attention until now. WHERE IN THE WORLD DID THE THE GUY WITH TWO DIFFERENT SOCKS ON GO?? HE JUMPED IN THE AIR AND DISSAPEARED????????


    The guy in the black socks knees bend right as the guy with two different socks jumps and disappears... I think he picked him up and ran out of the room 😭

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