Raceplay and Misogyny

18 and up only. Captions about a country where all women belong to white men. This blog is purely fantasy.

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2016-03-31 02:01:16

    Nicki Minaj shakes and jiggles her pathetic ghetto booty for the amusement of white men. Her black body belongs to the Aryan master race and she knows it. She twerks to the beat of white oppression.

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    Nicki is going to get kidnapped by the KKK and forced to dance naked for an audience of white supremacists. She’ll twerk and bounce her huge black ass as they jerk their huge white cocks and hurl racial slurs at her. Then she’ll be chained up and forced to take load after load of aryan sperm to the face, getting painted with sperm. Nicki’s body belongs to the KKK. She’s going to be gangraped, impregnated, and enslaved.


    It only took one bottle of saki for your mom to get drunk enough to start flirting with your white bully. She bent over and wiggled her chink ass for him. Next thing she knew, he threw her skirt up and started breeding with her. She squealed like the gook she is as he shot his hot aryan baby-batter into her little inferior womb. Hope you like your new half-white sibling.

    What a pathetic mindless sandnigger bitch. I would come up behind her as she’s praying and splatter her fat brown ass with sperm. I want to jizz all over her clothes and stain them with cum. This subhuman bitch deserves to be locked in a basement and forced to drink gallons of Aryan jizz every day for the rest of her pathetic life.

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