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    Oh I just love the look on her face here as she sees what’s in store for her and silently questions her master about it, knowing full well that however she feels about it, she’s going to end up impaled on that dildo and locked into that head-cage regardless.


    1613.) “ Das wirst du heute alles tragen wenn du mir dienst sklave D.A.T und nur das ! “


    The perfect outfit for a sexy evening. Really, nothing else is needed.

    Heels and Plug - the new LBD? :)


    The iconic outfit of a modern woman. Were it up to me, I’d never leave home without both these things.


    An over the knee spanking - one of my lighter fetishes. I think spankings are so hot. They should almost be used as a reward, while more severe thrashings used for actual punishment.


    Spankings are most definitely a reward. If this were me, though, I’d be distracted by reading all the book titles beside me - and it looks like she is too. ;)


    Why not? I don’t see any “female-presenting nipples” on display here, strictly speaking. Just sexy shiny latex.


    Tumblr’s Changes


    I see that you have changed your terms of use and will no longer permit adult content.  I guess you find it offensive.  I could write a book in response but I will leave it with a few cogent points;

    1.  Why didn’t you warn all of us in advance that you were going to do this?  Instead, you deleted a vast number of blogs/accounts (my NSFW blog included) with ZERO warning.  The effect of that is that you denied all of us an opportunity to coordinate and find an alternative site so that we would be able to follow each other again.  

    2.  You destroyed friendships.  A lot of them.  Many of us who shared the same adult interests and desires formed close bonds with other like minded adults (yeah, adults with adult interests; adults who NEVER posted kiddie porn; adults who self-policed their blogs to ensure minors did not follow us; ADULTS!!!!!).  We formed friendships.  We talked about our kinks to be sure but we also talked about our families, we cared about each other’s health, we celebrated milestones (birthdays, anniversaries, grieved over lost parents and rejoiced inthe birth of children).  We did what NORMAL people do.  We interacted socially and respectfully  And in doing so, we formed lasting friendships.  Some of us nurtured those friendships over a period of YEARS.  BUT because you gave us no warning before you deleted our accounts and destroyed our connections, we did not have the chance to exchange email address and phone numbers.  So people that we care about – and only got to know because of Tumblr – are now gone forever to us with no warning and no chance to ensure a permanence to our connections.  I’ll never know how my friend Dan is doing after being diagnosed with a heart condition.  I’ll never know how my friends’ babies are doing.  I’ll never know a lot of things about a lot of people that I cared about.  Thanks Tumblr Staff.

    3.  If you are so worried about offending people, think about your “recommendations”.  Even though my blog was clearly marked NFSW and I repeatedly blogged about people under 18 not being permitted to follow me, you “recommended” blogs run by minors.  THINK!!!!!!  

    4.  And while I’m on the subject of your asinine recommendations, on this blog I listed that I’m interested in “Politics”.  I didn’t say that I was a Democrat or a liberal or a socialist.  I simply said “politics”.  So what do I get?  You recommend every left wing, whackadoodle on earth to me.  Guess what?  I happen to be a conservative Republican (leaning towards libertarian), not a socialist or a communist.  Some of the stuff that you have recommended to me, I find highly offensive.  Some of it has been anti-military (guess what, I’m the proud father of a Marine Corps Captain who literally has fought for your liberties).  Some of it has been anti-police (guess what, I support the police and favor law and order).  Some of it has been highly incendiary and offensive.  And these are YOUR recommendations.

    I could go on and on and on but instead I will leave you with a constructive suggestion.  You should IMMEDIATELY reinstate ALL the adult content blogs that you have deleted over the past few months.  (I’m not talking about blogs that posted kiddie porn; I’m talking about adult content blogs.)  Then you should give us at least two months to make alternative arrangements, tie up loose ends, find our connections and exchange emails and phone numbers with those with whom we wish to remain in contact and ONLY AFTER you have done so, then you can delete our blogs.  Why two months?  I know that seems like a long time.  But let’s face it, it is the holiday season.  People are busy with end of year things.  Holiday parties, Holiday cards, shopping and celebrating, vacations, etc., etc., etc.  People are distracted with other things than keeping up with Tumblr’s rule changes and scrambling around to ensure continuity with their on-line friendships and export their content to an alternative site.  Many people don’t even check their Tumblrs over the holidays and may not realize that their accounts are gone or at risk of being deleted and won’t find out until a month from now (after New Years).  Any student of management will tell you that very little gets done at the end of the year (absent a change in law that mandates you do things before year end).  So the chances that anyone would be able to make alternative arrangements in a week or two, or even a month over the holidays is a more perverted fantasy than any of the “adult” blogs have ever displayed.

    Have a Heart @staff and reinstate our accounts and give us proper notice and an opportunity to arrange our affairs and alternatives properly.  While you may not be legally required to comport with due process, good management and good customer relations demands it.

    Please reblog this far and wide. 


    Hear, hear!

    Even as someone who no longer considers herself a regular Tumblr user this announcement greatly saddens me. I’ve met many people through the course of running an adult blog on Tumblr and even have a few lasting relationships that have persisted to this day.

    It’s a sad day indeed when a massive chunk of your community is kicked out the door with scarcely two weeks’ notice.


    This guy tried to have rough sex with me just after I lost my virginity to him. I loved him in a way, and what was supposed to be sexy spontaneity left me confused, very upset and in pain. He mistook my actual pain for pleasure and thought the pained look on my face, and almost crying silence as consensual submission. I do not blame the guy, but us jumping into a relationship too soon without communication and a lack of education about consent on both parts. Am I just in denial or is that fair?

    I think it’s a little of both. On the one hand, jumping into a relationship too soon and not communicating and not talking about consent is a problem. But, on the other hand, he absolutely handled it wrong by just assuming your pain and crying was consent. He should have asked. He should have stopped immediately and made sure that you were okay. He did not handle it the right way. You need to have a conversation with him about how that experience made you feel. And you need to have it as soon as possible.


    Maybe it’s just the cynic in me, but I have to wonder how often when guys say they misread your consent actually had a very good idea of what you felt but chose to ignore it and project their own desire into your body language instead. Because let’s face it, if you knew he actually thought you might have been in pain yet he pushed on regardless, you’d probably never speak to him again. So I wonder whether some twisted survival instinct prompts him to lie.

    I mean, it’s pretty hard to misread tears.